Email to Hosts April 20, 2016 by Douglas Newsom


Regarding the EPISODE INFORMATION content type (to add information to about your individual show archives/podcasts)

The HEADLINE FIELD - Please DO NOT FILL OUT THIS FIELD (change the filed) with text that is different from your show name (that is automatically populated) until AFTER YOUR ARCHIVE AUDIO FILE HAS BEEN UPLOADED. If you do not follow these instructions, the audio file will locate itself in the WRONG FOLDER!

We repeat, please DO NOT change the headline until AFTER your audio file has been uploaded - THEN YOU CAN RENAME THE SHOW HEADLINE to anything you'd like.

If you do not follow these instructions, your show archive page will also have a REDIRECT, which isn't great, because the link URL will change, and the links you are giving out may not work. SO PLEASE, be mindful of the above!

Thank you all kindly,

As you may already be aware of... WE ARE NOW CROSS BROWSER, MULTI DEVICE Compliant. Our website resizes itself, pictures and all, when you resize your browser window.

If you notice something out of whack, don't hesitate to contact us at 530-876-9026!

We are now working on INTEGRATING all prior shows, from many years ago, into the content management system. This may take a month or two, but it is being done currently!


Douglas and Donald Newsom