Email to Hosts April 14, 2016 by Douglas Newsom

A new function has been created because of the OVERWHELMING REQUEST by our Hosts (WE DO LISTEN!!! AND WE DO ACT UPON YOUR ADVICE!!!)

A NEW FIELD has been created in the ARCHIVE DESCRIPTIONS, to pull in INTERVIEW CANDIDATE Information! These are individuals that have submitted their information to BBS Radio to be a guest (but are not currently in the system as a guest). Basically, no host has input their information in the "Add Guest Information" link under HOSTS link (Under the USER MENU). But their information can now be added to your show archive/podcast descriptions (ADD EPISODE INFO link under the HOSTS link Under the USER MENU... new field entitled INTERVIEW CANDIDATE)

The new field called "Interview Candidate" and is located under the "Guests" field. Simply start typing the name of the Interview Candidate (Just like you do for Guests) and select the right name that pops up!

Call us if you have a question!

With our kindest regards,

Douglas and Donald Newsom