Egads! I think I’m in trouble again . . . *PIC*

Egads! I think I’m in trouble again . . . *PIC*
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Tuesday, July 17, 2007 04:30 pm

Denise, you precious soul! I PROMISE to carefully “edit” anything I post, and every time I post it, for its potential for hurtful sarcasm, or anything else for that matter wherein the words could be read in some other light than the typically playful spirit I really intend. Please - accept this apology.

My most favorite thing about TNT -
Everyone who reads and posts on TNT has something very beautiful in common. Irregardless of our individual personalities and concerns, everyone seems to share a common inner vision for what kind of world this could truly be - if only. On some deeper level we truly are “birds of a feather,” and it’s a very beautiful feather - one that’s much closer to realizing and sharing the one Self of us all than any similar blog or alternative news site of its kind - at least that I know of.

My least favorite thing about TNT –
So few of us have ever met in person. For instance, had we ever met, you’d know that I’m essentially at heart a playful, fun-loving individual, (not to mention a bit of a floozy). “Oh, that Marcus! He’s at it again!” you’d say. (I really get away with murder in public - in person people can see who I am and that it’s all just spontaneous, caring fun. For instance, sometimes I’ll examine the contents of other people’s, (perfect strangers), shopping carts while we’re waiting in line in the grocery store, and make comments about the nutritional quality of some of the things they’re buying. Or - depending on how I “read” someone, I’ll actually take things OUT of their carts, as though I decided to buy them for myself, “Oh, that looks good!” And I get away with this stuff! People laugh! Clerks crack up!)

So, with some greater familiarity in mind, here’s a few actual pictures of me. My beard is whiter now, I’m “heavier,” and missing a few more teeth, but still the same guy. And you should know that my posting of this actual, bona fide pic of myself is no small thing! I anticipate I’ll be getting in more BIG TROUBLE with Linda Loma turning green with envy, since it wasn’t solely for her, (assuming she even IS a “her”) - but then, her being jealous is probably just my over active imagination. So here it is, Denise… & fellow “TNT exploders” - the face behind the harebrained, sublimely refined, (huh?), buffoonery.