E.G of Billie-Jean Maidens Water Assertion

E.G of Billie-Jean Maidens Water Assertion
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Joe Palooka
Wednesday, April 19, 2006 10:40 am

Here\'s a typical Billie-Jean Maidens Water assertion:-
\"I\'ve been to Israel, btw, and have more Palestinian friends than you do\"

Can you \"substantiate\"? Perhaps a \"link\"?

No, you\'re wrong about that. Unlike you, I substantiate my points with
: factual information, and links to corroborating information. A glance
: at my posts in that thread or in most of my posts shows this to be
: the case.

: This isn\'t a level playing field: I offer commentary which is truthful
: to the best of my knowledge, you counter with \"impudent\"
: insults.

: At least we\'re alike in that we sometimes post replies without checking
: for goofy errors in speling gramar, or, puncution,

: * * * * * *

: Separately, it\'s either odd, puzzling, or even alarming that my
: \"fucking\" headlines aren\'t being deleted.

: Suppose the Butch Thompson Trio (those who presumably have moderating
: privileges at bloginservice) have been slain by Mexican pot-growers?*

: National parks\' pot farms blamed on cartels
: Mexican drug lords find it easier to grow in state than import
: Zachary Coile, Chronicle Washington Bureau
: Friday, November 18, 2005

: The official explanation for their absence is that they are extremely
: busy...

: ...But THAT busy? All of them?

: *not a serious theory.