Efforts To Silence Ron Paul

Efforts To Silence Ron Paul
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TNT MadDog
Saturday, May 19, 2007 10:45 am

Subject: Re: Efforts To Silence Ron Paul

Re: Efforts To Silence Ron Paul
Gentle People,
It has been said that telling the truth is a dangerous thing. Ron Paul has been telling the truth since he was first elected to congress and it appears the PTB are scared to death of him being able to get his message out. His stellar performance in the debates has them in a tizzy, and now they are trying to find a way to shut him up.
I urge all of you to pass this along to others and to use the contact information below to bombard the RNC with emails, phone calls and faxes regarding their continuing efforts to silence the one man in Washington who takes his oath of office seriously.
Together, we will still be able to make a difference…
Thanks for your help.

Republican National Committee

310 First Street, SE

Washington, D.C. 20003
phone: 202.863.8500

Fax: 202.863.8820

Email: [email protected]
-- The following was taken from: [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]
The RNC neocon asteroid orifices want Ron Paul out of the debate because he is kicking their hind ends. Even if you are for Kucinich or an independent or 3rd party candidate, you should want Ron Paul to stay in the debate.

-- And from the NY Daily News
Don\'t let Ron Paul debate

May 18th 2007, New York Daily News

A top Republican demanded yesterday that Texas Rep. Ron Paul be barred from future GOP presidential debates for suggesting U.S. policy in the Muslim world brought on the 9/11 attacks.

During Tuesday\'s Republican gabfest, Paul said terrorists struck the World Trade Center because \"we\'ve been over there\" and because the U.S. had bombed Iraq for a decade while enforcing no-fly zones.

The long shot candidate\'s comments drew a rebuke from former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and a demand he retract them.

Michigan Republican Party chairman Saul Anuzis agreed yesterday that Paul was out of line and threatened to launch a petition drive to ban the lawmaker.

\"I think he would have felt much more comfortable on the stage with the Democrats in what he said [Tuesday] night, and I think that he is a distraction in the Republican primary and he does not represent the base and he does not represent the party,\" Anuzis said.

Jesse Benton, Paul\'s campaign spokesman, said Paul \"is supporting the traditional GOP foreign policy.\"

\"We haven\'t seen any petition yet,\" Benton said. \"We\'re hoping this is just a little bit of hot air right now.\"

Benton, who said contributions spiked by $5,000 in the 30 minutes following the terse exchange, insisted that Paul would be part of the June 5 debate in Manchester, N.H.

\"We\'re excited about this debate,\" he said. \"I don\'t think anyone\'s seen the petition. Right now, this is just one guy in Michigan.\"
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