-edit- don't have a cold heart... I love you best, *PIC*

-edit- don't have a cold heart... I love you best, *PIC*
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Monday, October 22, 2012 05:22 pm

this tune hits my heart deep I had just bumped into this tall long haired long bearded man at \"the yellow rose\" I said I am going to marry you one day, the hottie said, oh yea cocking his head a bit and shifting his leg healed up with a old wooden cane. :you don\'t even know my name\" I said this doesn\'t matter. I just know, I was out the door with my best friends boyfriend now the godfather of my children He had just gotten dumped by Tassy 11, I was dating his best friend, Both our names Cathy and my nic name Tassy, thus Tassy1 and Tassy 11 came about He came many years later over to our home filled with 3 kids then as he and I took this song and where it said time for a \"Cool Change\" he would insert his voice in where the little river band sung the words \"COOL CHANGE\" we dubbed it on a pioneer with boss speakers they rocked I want to say,




I did marry the long hair hippy with a walking cane, fyi...


22 wonderful years together. he and the Godfather of our kids, along with half of my highschool gang are still with my Yellow Rose Tavern Man, they golf together and ride their harleys together, camp do the manly man dig.






I am still working on acceptance, and understanding I want to thank you all for being patient with me. all my love, and cosmic and drum I heald on to the both of you while meditating today. I needed my spiritual sisters. even though you both were not in physical, it was comforting to know you are with me always. I love you both so much all of you