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Friday, April 04, 2008 03:03 pm

Planet X is just around the corner but it ran into planet Z on the
way here & is now headed for the Orion System. Looks like planet Z
is coming our way & expected to send our solar system like billiard
balls scattered throughout the universe.

The Timors are here to save the planet, put a chicken in every pot
and a car in every garage. They heavily invested in the Saint Germain
fund and will be able to shower cash on the entire planet next week.
Might be the week after, next year or some time soon.

George Noory came to the ECETI Ranch in a secretly arranged meeting,
met with the Ets, fell in love and will not be back for a millennium
or two. They left a clone on Coast to Coast as part of the arrangement.

The Earth Changes have been called off and we are now on time line
537 and all social, economic and physical Earth Changes you are
hearing about did not really happen. You can all have your houses
back. The Indonesia surfing contest was also a big hit. The Hawaii
volcanic eruptions were found to be burning tires by some prankster.
Massive flooding, record snows, the increase in severity and numbers
of earthquakes and volcanoes globally are all part of a perfectly
normal pattern. Just keep shopping. News at 11. Also the UFOs flying
all over the states turned out to be giant 1 to 2 mile geese feeding
on GMO crops. Geese gas has replaced swamp gas to explain away the sightings.

So It is a few days Late

April Fools