Easy Pickings in IRAQ *LINK*

Easy Pickings in IRAQ *LINK*
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Nancy Lieder
Saturday, June 25, 2005 07:26 am

Iraqi ultras have lethal bomb, admits US

Baghdad, June 23: Insurgents in Iraq have reached a new level of military sophistication by developing a bomb which penetrates heavily armoured vehicles, also known as HUMVEES, US commanders have admitted.

Recent roadside bombs have used a \"shaped\" charge which concentrates the blast, devastating some of the most heavily protected HUMVEES.

Insurgents have also developed a way to detonate bombs with infrared lasers rather than mobile phones, which can be jammed.

The refinements have fuelled a surge in US casualties, with roadside bombs alone responsible for at least 68 deaths since May, the highest toll over a two-month period since the guerrilla war began two years ago.

A shaped charge was believed responsible for last weekґs attack in Ramadi, which was so powerful it melted a HUMVEE and showered the remains of five marines onto rooftops.

The Pentagon warned on Tuesday that their foe would grow more sophisticated and lethal - in contrast to US vice-president Dick Cheneyґs recent assertion that the insurgency was in its \"last throes\".

A summit of more than 200 US military engineers blew up vehicles in the Californian desert last week in an attempt to devise counter-measures, such as more body armour or improving electronic jammers.

The rebels, who often plant fake bombs to study the US response, draw on vast stocks of artillery shells taken from Iraqi army depots after Saddamґs fall.

(Guardian News Service)