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Signs of the Times


Signs of the Times are not confirmed or validated. They are not ZetaTalk, nor NancyTalk unless comments in brackets. If proven erroneous, a note is placed in the Sign accordingly. Signs of the Times have been documented since May 2003 until the present. A special Synergy of Signs page documents the red dust, crop circles, photos of anomalies around the Sun, and frantic government cover-up attempts that presented

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Cracks in the Coverup – Examples


Navy as Master Timekeeper Down

Signs of the Times #85 (via email to Nancy)

The US Naval Observatory site for sun and moon data ; has been shut down. I tried to access it today, July 3, and it came back and said: \'You are not authorized to view this page. You might not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials you supplied. If you believe you should be able to view this directory or page, please try to contact the Web site by using any e-mail address or phone number that may be listed on the home page. You can click Search to look for information on the Internet.\'

Signs of the Times #78 (via email to Nancy)

The clocks are off for the TV stations. It is mostly NBC. It started last week. But again, last night ‘For Love or Money’ was suppose to end at 9PM. It didn\'t end until 9:12PM. [from another email] I have been charting the stars now for a few weeks to watch for possible rotation slow down. I do this using technical surveying equipment, a transit to be exact. This particular device is accurate to a few seconds degrees of angle on June 25. Right now I am just comparing data from June 25-July 1. The Earth has slowed nine minutes. This is no joke.


Signs of the Times #67 (via email to Nancy)

It is predicted that because SOHO is down, massive satellite failure is possible in the near future. Clearly laying down an excuse in advance [Jun 23]. ; ‘Earth’s first line of defense against massive communication failures is expected to go offline this week, raising the very real possibility that should a giant solar flare occur, the disruptions of media broadcasts as well as consumer and military communications dependent on satellites could rise sharply.’ June 23, 2003 ; ‘The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft expects to experience a blackout in the transmission of its scientific data during the week of 22 June 2003. This is estimated to last for about two and a half to three weeks.’

Signs of the Times #44 (via email to Nancy)

SOHO Experiences High Gain Antenna Problem, June 18, Goddard Space Flight Center ‘After a spacecraft offpoint maneuver late on the morning of June 18 confirmed that the high gain antenna (HGA) had in fact not moved more than a small amount (in comparison to the steps commanded) ... If we are unable to drive the antenna any further back toward the center of its E-W range, we will probably lose high-rate (i.e., scientific) telemetry this weekend or early next week. ... The HGA east-west angle is near the \"sweet spot\" that would allow maximum coverage ... With the help of the NASA Flight Dynamics Facility, we are also exploring the feasibility of changing the orbit in order to optimize the coverage period of the HGA.

Earthquake Sites Down

Signs of the Times #74 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)

Mass shut down of Interior Web Sites ordered, June 30, 2003 ; \'To prevent hackers from reaching $1 billion in American Indian money, which is managed by the department. ... judge Royce Lamberth ordered an Interior Department web shut down, the first being in December 2001. Back in December, nearly all of the Interior Department\'s PCs were disconnected, and all of it\'s sites forced to be shut down. One of these sites was the National Earthquake Information Center, which couldn\'t issue its regular seismic activities report, due to the shut down.\'

Struggling Scientists

Signs of the Times #66 (via email to Nancy)

A good shot of X with a bogus explanation on today [Jun 26]. Quote: On June 21st, the summer solstice, photographer Stan Richard was at the Pine Lake campground near Eldora, Iowa. \"I was watching the sun set when suddenly this \'false sun\' appeared,\" says Stan. What was it? It is almost certainly a fragment of a Sun Pillar,\" explains atmospheric optics expert Les Cowley. \"When the sun has set at ground level, it still shines on high clouds for some time. Here there are probably bands of cirrostratus containing plate-shaped ice crystals, which reflect the sun to form the patches of light. At this time of year, at middle and high northern latitudes, the sun lingers close to the horizon for a long time after setting. When there is a sun pillar like Stan Richard\'s, it\'s fun to watch it slowly creeping along the horizon northwards marking the position of the already-set sun.\"


Signs of the Times #53 (via email to Nancy)

Space Weather News for June 21, 2003, ;, The sun will reach its highest point in northern skies today, June 21st, at 3:10 p.m. EDT (1910 UT). This marks the beginning of northern summer and, at precisely the same moment, southern winter. Solstices are usually poor times for aurora watching. Curiously, though, the weeks leading up to today\'s solstice have been filled with Northern Lights. Since late May auroras have appeared as far south in the United States as Michigan, Washington, Wisconsin ... even Virginia.

WMO report from UN

Signs of the Times #84 (via email to Nancy)

Independent Digital Ltd, 03 July 2003 ; The World Meteorological Organisation signalled last night that the world\'s weather is going haywire. ... extremes in weather and climate occurring all over the world in recent weeks ... The unprecedented warning takes its force and significance ... from an impeccably respected UN organisation that is not given to hyperbole. ... the world needs to be made aware of it immediately. The extreme weather it documents, such as record high and low temperatures, record rainfall and record storms in different parts of the world ... While the trend towards warmer temperatures has been uneven over the past century, the trend since 1976 is roughly three times that for the whole period. ... It is possible that 2003 will be the hottest year ever recorded.


Signs of the Times #83 (via email to Nancy)

Geneva AFP, July 2, 2003 ‘Average temperatures over land areas in the world climbed to the warmest level ever recorded in May, the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) said on Wednesday. The global average land temperature reached 11.2 degrees centigrade, 0.96 degrees above the month´s average, while the combined global land and sea average for May was the second highest since observations began in 1880, according to WMO.\'

Media Slips

Signs of the Times #82 (via email to Nancy)

On the Denver news tonight [July 2] there was something I have never seen before, a report on a crop circle by the conventional media. They only gave it a 20-second spot and the usual reports (farmer blames vandals, but neighbors did not see or hear anyone). It looks like someone is losing control of the media.

Signs of the Times #79 (via email to Nancy)

The Zetas predicted media slips. Tonight within an hour of major TV news, I saw Planet X twice. In a photo taken at Baylor University, a huge red ball was clearly visible in the background. The second photo included the Sun and Planet X. [and from another poster] I was watching the DBacks play last night [July 1] (on TV) in Colorado and the camera focused in on an amazing red to blood red sunset.


Signs of the Times #192 (via email to Nancy)

[Aug 15] Missouri #2 Slowing Report: Local newscaster said that Sunrise was at 6:32 AM which it was. But the pre-printed Farmer\'s Almanac said it was suppose to be at 5:56AM. That means the Sunrise was 36 minutes late! [and from another timekeeper] Sun even with Noon shadow baseline at 1:13PM on Aug 15 in VA -13 minutes LATE. It has not been as early as 13 minutes late since 8/8. Compass reading for true noon at 12:58PM - the earliest by 1 minute I have seen it since I starting observing on 7/7/03. [Note: Global Quake watch noted increased Rotational Surge on Aug 15, the day after the St. Lawrence Seaway rip, and three days after a significant Eurasian Plate adjustment. The Slowing Team, which is primed to notice when serious slowdown starts, noted a surge correlation. ]


Slowing Rotation Countdown!
Started June 13, 2003

Undeniable Evidence of slowing exists. This countdown page has been started, in step with the Red Dust that is predicted to appear almost in step with rotation slowing, to form a baseline. A manual clock or watch, not an atomic clock or watch adjusted by the Navy to disguise rotation slowing, is recommended. Placing a Marker to determine difference per day is recommended, not checking with any published Sunrise/Sunset times controlled by the Navy. Planet X as a gravity influence Bending Sunlight should be taken into consideration. Reports below are taken to be sincere, but some deliberate Disinfo should be expected.

Note: August 10 2004 severe Earth Wobble, tilt North sunrise, South sunset in USA.
Note: August 20 2004 demonstrable Earth Wobble, late USA, early Japan.
Note: Sep 1 2004 Earth Wobble Confirmed in Europe, Japan, US!
Note: Sep 20 2004 Day getting longer, not shorter, in Northern Hemishpere.
Note: Oct 31 2004 Swings from EARLY to LATE show Earth Wobble has returned!.

Nov 1, 2004 Notice: In consideration of a heavier interview schedule and more rapid Earth changes, and the expectation that a 270° roll will occur before serious rotation slowing to a stop occurs, this Slowing page will be quiesced until after the roll when rotation stoppage becomes the main focus. Many thanks to the faithful timekeepers, who helped confirm the Earth wobble and tilt, and established the routine that will prove to be a life saver when the time comes to determine serious and steady rotation slowing.

We are looking for the change, the rapid change for any given timekeeper. Those who have been using manual clocks have noted that we are already 15, 20, 25 minutes late, depending on their notes, slower, the atomic clock clicking along and changing so that this is not apparent to people who are looking at their clocks and the constellations overhead and the like. But this is just due to a very gradual slowing of the Earth, the difference between atomic and manual clocks, manual clocks being what the real time would be had it not been updated by the Navy surreptitiously. But rotational surging is also a confusion. You should look for the change for yourself. If you are currently experiencing perhaps a 45 minute delay at noon from your marker, one day it becomes and hour and 15 minutes, the next day it’s another half hour later again. This is your clue that something drastic is happening. We encourage people to report this type of timekeeping to Nancy. It does not matter whether you’ve been doing this for 3 months. Set a baseline at noon, and watch that, where the Sun sets, the shadow falls, every day. You should not be seeing a one or two minute change when those days come that you should worry about, but jumps, such as a half an hour, one day after another. Then the alarm bell should go off.

ZetaTalk: Slowing Determination

Note: Those without an old Farmer\'s Almanac or PC based (unaltered) Planetarium softward such as Skymap to reference are determining sunrise/sunset times the TV, newpapers, or Navy sites, which are adjusted. Thus, NOON markers are more accurate and sunrise/sunset only relative to Navy time. Farmer\'s Almanac now announced as a terrorist tool, by the FBI accordingly.

Note: Relative change, per timekeeper, noted in [brackets] as a guide, since different baselines are used by timekeepers.

Trends the week going into the Solstice, June 13 to 19 2003: a shorter day, rather than longer day, was noted in the Northern Hemisphere going into the Summer Solstice; high noon consistently noted as late. Trends the week of/after the Solstice, June 20 to 26 2003: red sunsets; sunrises and high noon noted as late; intense blinding sunlight from double suns. Trends the week of June 27 to July 3 2003: onset of late and blood red sunsets, Navy date/time site offline. Trends the week of July 4 to 10 2003: late noon and sunset increase almost daily but rotation surging. Trends the week of July 11 to 17 2003: sunsets swung earlier then later, noon and sunrise creep steadily later, red dust from horizon to horizon reported. Trends the week of July 18 to 24 2003: later noon by larger steps, erratic sunrise/set, dual suns confusing matters. Trends the week of July 25 to 31 2003: serious rotational surging, as increased quakes and volcanic eruptions occur at the Atlantic Rift grip times. Trends the week of Aug 1 to 7 2003: continuing and increasing rotational surging, major adjustment of the Antarctic Plate. Trends the week of Aug 8 to 14 2003: later noon, increasing rotational surging. Trends the week of Aug 15 to 21 2003: rotation slowing per longitude measure and Earth tilt and orbit disruption! Trends the week of Aug 22 to 28 2003: extreme rotation surging, moon utterly erratic, very late sunsets. Trends the week of Aug 29 to Sep 4 2003: full moon days early, very late noons, with latitude (Earth tilt) effect. Trends Sep 5 to 11 2003: Earth tilting and surging with Moon/Mars aberations noted, measurements late compared to all (even Navy) baselines. Trends Sep 12 to 18 2003: timekeepers with 3 month old baseline finding noon an hour late, Moon wildly off orbit. Trends Sep 19 to 25 2003: noon from baselines set 3 months ago showing an hour late, consistently, earth tilt changes noted and documented, Navy again adjusts their online website re sunrise/sunset times. Trends Sep 26 to Oct 2 2003: extreme surging, meteors increasing, photos show complex incoming. Trends Oct 3 to 9 2003: global surging confirmed with Russian timekeeping! Trends Oct 10 to 16 2003: daily slowing noons starting, up to minutes per day. Trends Oct 17 to 23 2003: Moon off phase, Mars of schedule, Earth Ecliptic bumped up. Trends Oct 24 to 30 2003: more erratic, earlier sunrise, later sunset, changes minutes per day. Trends Oct 31 to Nov 6 2003: Earth Orbit changes causing earlier noons. Trends Nov 7 to 13 2003: numerous counties concerned, participating. Trends Nov 14 to 20 2003: across the board slowing, but slight. Trends Nov 21 to 27 2003: Stasis. Trends Nov 28 to Dec 4 2003: dramatic eclipic rise, strong slowing at sunrise/sunset. Trends Dec 5 to 11 2003: swinging early/late, Earth in Ecliptic rise noted. Trends Dec 12 to 18 2003: early sunrise, late sunset, Earth orbit reversed? Trends Dec 19 to 25 2003: across the board slowing, minutes per day. Trends Dec 26 to Jan 2 2004: confused picture with orbit halt as well as slowing. Trends Jan 3 to 9 2004: orbit halt/reversal/slowing confusing the picture. Trends Jan 10 to 16 2004: N Pole drift toward Iceland. Trends Jan 17 to 23 2004: N Pole dift to Siberia. Trends Jan 24 to 30 2004: despite earlier sunrise/set due to orbit reversal, slowing evident. Trends Jan 31 to Feb 6 2004: N Pole drift to Mongolia, slowing continues. Trends Feb 7 to 13 2004: reversed orbit earlier sunrise/set offsets slowing. Trends Feb 14 to 20 2004: earlier northern hemisphere sunrise/set due to Ecliptic drop. Trends Feb 21 to 27 2004: extreme tilt causing earlier times in north, later in south. Trends Feb 28 to Mar 5 2004: later times being noted as week progresses. Tends Mar 6 to 12 2004: no extreme slowing yet, as the tug on Earth is causing tilting, not slowing. Trends Mar 13 to 19 2004: weary timekeepers noting no serious slowing. Trends Mar 20 to 31 2004: increased tilting after Mar 26 sweep. Trends: Apr 1 to 10 2004: slight earlier trend, due to tilt toward the Sun. Trends Apr 11 to 20 2004: little slowing noticed during time of increasing tilting and leaning. Trends Apr 21 to 30 2004: torque has West Coast early, East Coast not! Trends May 1-10 2004: Sweep 3rd-8th tilt earlier times. Treands May 11-20 2004: times moves from late to early, due to increased tilt. Trends May21-31 2004: tilt toward the Sun causing longer day. Trends Jun 1-10 2004: little change. Trends Jun 11-20 2004: later East, earlier West, increased lean! Trends Jun 21-30 2004: increased lean causing earlier sunrise, later sunset. Trends Jul 1-10 2004: wobbles during sweeps. Trends Jul 11-20 2004: reverse of expected after Solstice.Trends Jul 21-31 2004: severe Earth wobble. Trends Aug 1-10 2004: increasing Earth wobble. Trends Aug 11-20 2004: demonstrable Earth wobble, late USA, early Japan. Trends Aug 21-31 2004: extreme Earth wobble confirmed. Trends Sep 1-10 2004: extreme wobble changes.Trends Sep 11-30 2004: longer day in North. Trends Oct 1-31: extreme Earth wobble return shown in swings from early to late, day after day.

Note: a 2003 November Trend showing slowing in webcam photos when compared against Skymap!
Note: Nov 29 2003 Earth Tilt or Rise caused EARLY sunset in Boston and Philly.
Note: Nov 30 2003 Earth Tilt or Rise caused LATE sunrise on East Coast, commensurate EARLY in New Zealand.
Note: Dec 16-17 2003 LATE Sunrise but more normal Noon likely caused by Earth Tilt, S Pole toward Sun?
Note: Dec 18 2003 EARLY Sunrise, LATE Sunset, Earth orbit reversed?
Note: Dec 29 2003 slowing by minutes, Sweeping Arms due Dec 25-30 affect, but no Soltice change, orbit reversed?
Note: Jan 4 2004 EARLY sunrise and sunset, orbit reversal at Sweeping Arms point apparent!
Note: Jan 9 2004 dramatic TILT, N Pole at Iceland evidence from Italy and Worldwide complicates the picture, but slowing matches!
Note: Jan 19 2004 TILT, N Pole to Siberia, thense Mongolia, again complicates the picture, but slowing matches!.
Note: Jan 28 2004 EARLY across the board due to orbit halting and reversed, going into Fall, not Spring, position, Almanac vs Navy differences by up to an hour!
Note: Feb 10 2004 Constellations show orbit reversal, so slowing offset and masked by earlier sunrise/sunset.
Note: Feb 19 2004 sweeping arm Earth dropped in Ecliptic, earlier sunrise/set in northern hemisphere registering, evidence from Italy.
Note: Feb 27 2004 extreme Tilt causing earlier times in north, later in south.
Note: Mar 26 2004 Tilt/Lean again caused earlier times in north (El Paso 3/29), later in south (Victoria 3/26)
Note: Apr 11 2004 Tilt/Lean, Apr 22 again, noted in Philly and Australia, creating temp earlier times, tilt toward the Sun, then later.
Note: Apr 30 2004 Torque Effect has West Coast (Seattle 3/28) early, East Coast (Virginia 3/28) not!
Note: May 11-16 2004 Sweep moves times from LATE to EARLY, due to increased tilting.
Note: July 3 2004 Earth Wobble noted, differences between East and West Coast USA, Japan.
Note: July 20 2004 Longer Day, reverse of expected after Solstice.

The ZetaTalk Newsletter,Issue 157, Sunday, November 1, 2009
Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.


Slowing Rotation

During the last week there will be a slowing rotation of the Earth, such that the day is longer than 24 hours. This will be caused by Planet X grabbing at the Atlantic Rift, which acts like a surface magnet. This grab will be holding the Earth back from its rotation, thus a gradual slowing. During the last weeks the Earth is vulnerable to this slowing because Planet X is coming close, ready for its passage overhead. But gradual slowing also occurred when Planet X was inbound in 2003, a process recorded by various timekeepers in the years before 2003.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/14/2003: In this regard we are looking for the change, the rapid change for any given timekeeper. Those who have been using manual clocks have noted that we are already 15, 20, 25 minutes late, depending on their notes, slower, the atomic clock clicking along and changing so that this is not apparent to people who are looking at their clocks and the constellations overhead and the like. But this is just due to a very gradual slowing of the Earth, the difference between atomic and manual clocks, manual clocks being what the real time would be had it not been updated by the Navy surreptitiously.

ZetaTalk Explanation 1/15/2001: Where the master clock is in the hands of the US Navy, which has been in the center of the secrecy over Planet X and related matters for almost half a century, this is not a difficult feat. All network computers in the world, ultimately, sync with the US Navy master clock, most by the networks dialing in during the night and adjusting. A second here, a second there, and it is always assumed to be the peripheral computers that are off, a bit, when an adjustment is made! Unless an individual is astute, and notices the increased adjustments required to their watches and clocks, they assume they are the problem, not the master clocks that run the world. ECLIPTIC RISE

This gradual slowing stopped after 2003, because Planet X was so close to the Sun, and the Sun\'s rotation is primarily what drives the Earth\'s rotation. Now that Planet X is outbound, and pulling




slightly to the right as it approaches the Earth, tugging on the Atlantic Rift has returned, and has been noticed! With slowing, manual clocks are ahead of automatically adjusted clocks.

Question: If the Earth\'s rotation will slow down, is there a detectable slowdown now? If so, is the Navy resetting their clocks to match celestial alignment as best as possible? Would these adjustments trickle down to cellphones, digital TV boxes, TV stations, the weather channel, etc? I have noticed that quartz based watches are gaining time around 1-2 minutes per month relative to clocks \"synchronized to the establishment clock\" sources (such as those mentioned above). I do not have enough data to show a deceleration, just enough to know a slowdown is occurring but also assuming the establishment clock is being readjusted. Would the Zetas like to comment on these data?

ZetaTalk Comment 11/1/2008: Any detectable slowing occurred in the months when Planet X was approaching the inner solar system and causing confusion in the Earth. The Earth clicks or synchs with points in the Sun on a daily basis, and thus the reliable 24 hour day. Planet X caused confusion, pulling at the Earth points that wanted to click with the Sun\'s points. But since Planet X is now close to the Sun, from the Earth\'s viewpoint, this confusion no longer exists. Until the weeks before rotation stoppage, there will be no measurable slowing. No notable slowing will occur until the week of rotation slowing, but this does not mean that the Navy team controlling the master clocks are not nervous. They tweak, and then tweak back, and fret.

Chatter on message board, such as the Pole Shift ning, about manual clocks being out of synch with clocks that automatically adjust to the Navy time is on the increase.

Yesterday I was checking the time at and noticed that the analog clock I have on the wall above my computer is about 4 minutes fast. I remember changing the batteries on it about 2 or 3 months ago and I probably set it to the time on the computer. It\'s not one of those clocks that receive the time. It\'s just a cheap AA battery powered clock. I would think it would be running slow, not fast, if the batteries were going bad already.

Our planet Earth\'s rotation has slowed down about 14 minutes, since 2003 when I started measuring the speed rotation of our planet Earth, the last measurement I took was last Summer, Your computer clock is synchronise with the atomic clock manage and controlled by the US navy. They have to adjust in accordance for the purpose of navigation at the open sea.

For the past several weeks, I have been constantly adjusting the time on the clock in my car, my computer, the microwave, range, etc. I thought it was just me.

It is sundown here on the coast of Western Australia. Today, I noticed that my computer clock, my mobile phone clock, and the clock on breakfast TV were out of sync by a significant measure.

Ecliptic Rise


Planet X approaches from the south, and the Pole Shift occurs because the S. Pole is pulled north with the N. Pole of Planet X during the passage. This stress is already evident in that many have noted that the Sun is too far south, rising too far to the south, for the time of year. Possible explanations for this are that the S. Pole has been pulled toward Planet X, creating a different tilt, but the constellations seem to be in their proper place. An alternate explanation is that the Earth\'s plane of the Ecliptic has changed, rising up, putting the Northern Hemisphere into a different slant, and placing the S. Pole more in line with the N. Pole of Planet X, an alignment Magnets Prefer.

October 30

The sun here in Miami is definately too low in the sky for this time of year. [and from another source] A couple of days ago here in Australia I noticed the sun is coming in my back area about 10 to 15 degrees further south. Usually in the middle of summer it comes straight in the middle of my back area. (due West) This is about an hour before sunset when I noticed it and thought to myself, this is different. [and from another source] Was stunned to see the sky almost black at 5:00 PM and by 5:20 PM pitch black here in Wisconsin! This does not occur until late December!


October 29

Sunday morning Oct 26 in Idaho we set the clocks back one hour. The sun had been starting to show its light at 6:30-ish, so after the time change it should have started rising at 5:30-ish. Guess what. Last Monday morning it was completely dark until 6:40, when the sun should have started its rise at 5:30-ish! (Yes, I re-checked the clocks and the TV and internet all showed the correct time). Wednesday morning in Idaho it was completely light outside by 6:00 (sun started rising at 5:30). This is too weird after having been dark until 6:40 just two days before. Everyone I told about this has just poo-pooed it and thinks I am imagining things (actually my brother drives to work every morning at 5:30 and also noticed this strangeness).


October 27

My students and I conducted a sun-dial experiment one week prior to the \'official\' time zone change and we are nearing the end of the first week after the time change. Last week we discovered that at high noon the sun was at 80 degrees and did not reach 90 degrees until 1:00 PM [would be noon, after the time change]. Since the time change the high noon readings were at 110 degrees and the 11:00 AM readings were at 90 degrees, an hour early. [and from another source] On the day or so after we changed the clocks per DST, the sun in New Orleans which I watch set on a lake every fricking night nearly, moved way down the bridge that we watch it set over. To the left, being south.


October 24

Also, the Sun has moved here in Kansas. It is more north, or we have tilted in a different direction, or are being pulled south more. [and from another timekeeper] Today, Friday, Oct 24, in El Paso, the Sun rose due East of the City. This is a 10 degree movement North on the horizion since the 22nd.


October 22

The sun is rising and setting way too far south here in Atlanta, GA, and it just seems too odd. [and from another source] This past week the Sun has risen 110 degrees on the El Paso horizon each of the three mornings I have recorded the time and measured the sunrise position along the Hueco Mountain ridges using my magnetic compass. Sun is rising far to the S of where it did in May and June. [Note: In early October, the Sun was suddenly rising much to the South, per many reports.]


October 6

I took my compass to my sunset site in Richmond, VA. The Sun set due West, 30 degrees from where it set the last time I observed it - probably in late August. [and from another source] We went to look at the sunset, in Wisconsin, and found a 20 degree swing south from where observed on Sep 23.


October 5

I don´t ever think I´ve seen the sun set so far to the S West here in Alberta. My house faces dirrectly to the west and I get the setting sun in my front window every day and I swear that its not in the right place for this time of the year. I have lived in this house for 7 years and I swear it has never been that far south.


October 4

The sun has moved 4 sun widths to the south in a few days, while rising!


October 1

I drive the same route to work everyday about the same time. I always have a good view of the sun. Now, just a few weeks ago at 6:20 AM in the morning, the sun was about 5 to 7 degrees above the horizon and was slightly left of my position. I was travelling almost due East. Two days ago at the same time the sun was just breaking the horizon and was almost dead on in front of me. I wouldn´t think the position would have changed that much in two weeks. [and from another source] From The Netherlands in western Europe, in one weeks time the sun moved almost 20 degrees to the left of the place where it was setting the week before. [and from another source] I can see it has moved very far south very quickly. It is at a mid November location. [and from another source] We golf on Sunday mornings in Wisconsin. Three weeks ago, huge sunrise in correct location (E, NE). The very next week the sun rise was easily 30 degrees further south. When it did, everyone commented on how different the course and greens looked and we all agreed it was because of where the sun was coming up. Drastic change in one week. Very November like. Since then, temps have dropped with highs now in the 40´s and 50´s. Average for now is 67.


Earth Wobble
May 11, 2004


A timekeeper on the Slowing TEAM also noted a distinct Earth wobble on May 11.

Showing the variance in the shadow of my lamp:
5/10 - lamp shadow at 2 inches and 3/8 from bottom of page.
5/11 - lamp shadow at 1 inch from bottom of page - indicating a dramatic shift of Sun SOUTHWARD
5/12 - lamp shadow at 1 inch and 1/8 from bottom of page - indicating a movement of the Sun NORTHWARD


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