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TNT MadDog
Thursday, March 13, 2008 10:48 am

For week of 3/10

Watch your area and compare it to this schedule. Let him know if the schedule is correct.

Pacific Northwest - Fleet 21 will fly over the area on Monday. Spraying will not be asked for on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Oregon will be sprayed the heaviest, with Seattle in the clear. All Spray Activity will be asked to cease the area by Thursday. No spraying is scheduled till after the weekend.

Desert Southwest - Fleet 23 will fly over the Southwest for the week, as scheduled to takeoff from Mccarran International, NV. White, unmarked planes with a red stripe on them. All air force pilots advise that these planes will carry the most deadliest of the gas trail planes. Fleet 23 will spray the entire Southwest on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. A fine
spray on Thursday over Las Vegas, then landing. On Saturday is the plans to send fleet 23 across the Phoenix area to spray to the point of complete overcast. The area will be sprayed to bring the cold front into the area which needs rain by the Weekend.

Northern Plains - Fleet 28 will be flying into the Dakotas Tuesday for a massive spray, into MN, then down to Nebraska. Iowa will need to be sprayed as well Tuesday so late plans to get the fleet out there are being pushed. Fleet 28 will land on Wednesday, and get ready for a major spray assignment over Nebraska, Iowa, Southeastern SD, and Southern MN on
Saturday, continuing into Sunday.

Southern Plains - Fleet 25 will be entering the area Kansas area on Tuesday, with the main spraying over the Texas Panhandle, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma on Wednesday. Arkansas will be scheduled for an overnight operation into Thursday Morning. Spraying will stop, and continue on Saturday, mainly overnight for TX,OK,KS,MO,and AR,
and last over past Monday of next week. Planning on during a major spray on Monday but will release the document for that this weekend.

Midwest - Fleet 10 will spray WI,IN,OH,IL on Tuesday. This should last over Wednesday when plans for Michigan are underway then as well. Lighter on Thursday in all areas, but not as much as Tuesday and Wednesday. WI/MI are scheduled for a spray on Friday, however the rest of the states are not.

Northeast - Lightly starting on Wednesday for PA with the entire Northeast scheduled for attack on Thursday. Heavy coats will be laid down. Depending on the impending storm on Thursday and Friday, another major coating may be needed on Saturday for the entire area to enhance the next storm Saturday Night into Sunday.

Mid Atlantic - Plans for light spraying on Wednesday with a major operation spraying by fleet 17 on Thursday and Friday. This is to create a low pressure system of 992mb by Saturday with strong winds, heavy rains, nd thunderstorms. Public will notice the gas trails on Saturday is the aforementioned operation is to take place to fly the route 562a above the storm layer.

Southeast - Plans for activity in Florida on Tuesday by Fleet 20, with a major spray op. on Thursday. Will not be planning another major operation till next week.

Ontario Weather Service (Kev)