Earth under fire..Dr. Paul LaViolette..(video)

Earth under fire..Dr. Paul LaViolette..(video)
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Cosmic Observer
Friday, November 04, 2011 01:26 pm
This program weaves shocking accounts from ancient legends together with stunning scientific data to reconstruct the details of a horrifying tragedy that plagued mankind for endless generations with periods of persistent darkness, frigid cold, searing heat, and mountainous floods, from which only a few survived. Ancient myth and esoteric lore from around the world tell frightening tales of humanity\'s suffering through destruction by fire and flood, legends of catastrophe so extreme and so pervasive that now we tend to discount them as imaginative exaggerations.

Dr. Paul LaViolette thought so too, until he discovered an ancient \"time-capsule cryptogram\" written in the stars that relates a galactic cause of these events. ased on 14 years of doctoral and postdoctoral research, Dr Paul LaViolette explains how this scientifically advanced message combined with ancient esoteric lore alerts us to a cyclical cosmic disaster, one that could reoccur today, virtually without warning.

The story related in Earth Under Fire will be something you will teach your children and your children\'s children for generations to come.


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