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Dear Friends,

Once in a while I find that a message given many years ago very much relates to the present period. The following Chapter from “ONENESS REMEMBERED” published in 1990, was received by Jean Peterson. There is also excellent material covering the beginning of Man and the Ascension, in the rest of the book.

Mike Quinsey.

Published by Meridian Light Publishing – U.S.A. ISBN 0-9624931-0-4.


The times upon the Earth Plane flow into a new Beginning. Now, O Man of Earth, is the time to connect with your Brothers of the Higher Frequencies to learn the lessons each was given from All Time as to the relationship of each with the Earth Planet. Man, throughout his time as he freely has created it upon Earth, has given himself permission to focus upon the Life processes of the physical existence of Self. The Earth Planet has been abused in its giving of the staples unto Man to the point that the Earth Mother now has given the fullest energy that is possible. Man must relearn what he knew from the beginning: that the Earth is connected to himself and to all life upon her surface in a chain of giving, in a chain of cooperation, in a chain of togetherness that resonates to the unity of Oneness.

The ability of the plant, animal, Earth Mother, and Man, along with the mineral kingdom and all Life to exist in a linkage of Oneness cannot continue to evolve as you presently have created it. The Planet Earth cannot continue to be a living entity until time and no time as you have created it! Understand that the Earth is a living entity. Understand that the Father Creator will have the Earth Planet exist into timelessness. You will not be allowed to pollute and carry the vibration which presently exists in your frequency into that known as the New Beginning where time will be no more.

The plant and mineral kingdoms upon the Earth Planet know within their structure that Now is the reckoning of Man. How is it that many of your peoples will not acknowledge within themselves that the time has come upon your plane to go Within and know what the plants and minerals which coexist with you already know? How is it that Man of Earth will not, as a whole, acknowledge the supremacy of the God Source as to the ability to give Life in abundance of equality, and in the frequency attunement to all Life existence.

The blades of grass drink of the water of Life given by the Father. They know within their Being their rightful place within the whole. They know of the linkage and cooperation of All Life. They know that the Father provideth their every need. The sparrows within their nests of springtime know the Father and His Love – the One who gives them Life and sustenance, knows of their every experience, and sends Love in abundance. How is it then that Man has forgotten this ability to remember?

From what we have shared within the pages of this book, and from numerous instruments within your dimension, My Beautiful People of Earth, you now must know that the Ending Times are here Now! How is it that you listen to your “evening news” and tune into the happenings upon your planes, and still not recognize that the prophecy given from sources beyond the physical, beyond time, beyond the Third Dimension, is being fulfilled on a moment to moment basis by you, yourselves?

As your days extend into your tomorrows, as you reconnect the intellect with your soul nature, as you remember from all levels of Self that all Life is One, you will create the new frequency that is a requirement to existing within the energy space of that termed Fourth Dimension and beyond. You, as a race, have taken the Earth experience of Man, animal, mineral, plant, and Life in the Third Dimension unto the limitation of that known as the Ending Times. Know this and begin to create within Self the higher frequency knowingness which will lead you into Love for all Life. This will free you of the stagnant energies of the lower vibrational density that you have all collectively formed. Then you may soar as an eagle into freedom of joy, into peace, into Love.

The apples of your plane hang in red and gold ripeness and they offer to Man nourishment, beauty, and a willingness to fulfill their particular part of the Master Plan within Third Dimension. They create themselves from the seed coding within, and in a yearly cycle show an example of Life that is forevermore. From the seed grows new Life. From the core that is discarded by Man, after he has taken the fruit of the tree into his physical form, there is created the opportunity for new Life, new growth, new Beingness. In this same way the transformation energies which you all have identified as painful will translate into a new way of Becoming, a new way of Being/Existing.

The birthing pangs you all feel within the physical vehicle, the energy shifts which you assist in creating at this time will flow into a new tomorrow. You all, who are aware of these energies, assist in planting the seeds within your dimension even as one you know as Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman). He traveled about and created new plant Life as he interacted with Mankind in a linkage to one town to another. So it is that Starseeds of the present day who have linked with energies of the Higher Realms sow the seeds of a Higher Frequency of Beingness within the Third Dimension. There are stories of Starships, of rainbow crystal cities, of Light Beings who propel those Starships, into your dimension to interact with those of Earth who will perceive them. Are those stories true, do you think?

Allow us to share a story of time upcoming upon your plane which actually has happened, and many of you will remember it. The transformation energies create a new beginning and there are those upon your plane who have come from a time that you term future. They have traveled “back in time” to assist in the transformation of Earth Being into Light Being. All others of you need to know this and free your energy patterns to flow with the assistance that is being offered you.

Man, as he has created Life unto that of Twentieth Century, has allowed his frequency of energy to exist in the darkness of the illusion of separation from God the Source. The Councils who reside within the Hierarchical Government determined that assistance would be sent into time from Higher Frequency Energies to lend a hand of Brotherhood to those of Earth. This assistance is of the Starseeds who live upon your plane. Understand that the Starseeds Plan is important to the evolutionary plan of the Holy Father, and know it exists in your Now time! This Earth Service does not in any way elevate the Starseeds above or beyond an Earth Vibration of Man. We all exist within the plan as equals unto the Father.

Starseeds energies, throughout time, have mated with the Daughters of Man and have created a hybrid, if you will, of Star Being and Earth Being. Now you all exist as one upon the Earth Plane. The Starseeds have attained a higher frequency within their energy field of Beingness through soul encasement, soul attainment, and the willingness to remember the Source and their connectedness to the Father. They are the ones now upon your plane who lead Man into remembering Self in totality of linkage to all Life. They come in Love to a Planet and her peoples who have grown away from the knowing the unity of the Oneness of Source.

In the present lifetime, those termed Starseeds remember their Home or Higher Frequency Consciousness in which they existed before incarnating to Twentieth Century Earth. They also have retained the memory of the connecting cord to Higher Energies with whom they have worked for eons in assisting Earth and her Lifeforms into a Higher Frequency of Being. Remembrance of one’s soul evolution is recorded in the cellular memory of each soul who originates from the Source. Starseeds have agreed to share their memories with Humanity to show the way back Home to all who have ears to hear. Know when you come in contact with them, Earthmen, for they can be a Lifeline for you into the dimension to come. Remember the equality of all as they connect with you. Remember that they come in peace, they come in Love, they come as Brothers.

As the linkage is remembered by all and the frequency is raised into that of Fourth Dimension, the Starcraft will come in a great wave of energy creation. I, Jesus Sananda, will be within the Great Armada bringing my energy into Third Dimension, as it merges into Fourth Dimension, to share with my Brothers of Earth the new dispensation from the Holy Father for the next 1,000 year cycle. Those of Man who choose to flow with the new energies will link with those known as Starseeds and march into the new dawn of linkage of all Life throughout all Creation unto the most Holy Father.

There will cease to exist the need to pollute the Earth, the need to grow food selfishly in such a way that the nutrients of the planet are depleted. As it is now, the birds of the air eat the grain and are poisoned by the fertilizer Man uses upon the food, and Man is poisoned also as he intakes the food within the physical form. This abomination to Life is transmuting the genetic structure within Man and will be stopped! The air will be cleaned, the water purified. The vegetation will be regrown as to its original coding before Man’s tampering of the genetic structure by his focused attention upon himself and his wants and needs. Man needs to recognize the food chain and its connection to all Life.

As the events of the Ascension occurs for Mankind who have adhered to the Master Plan of the Holy Father, the restructuring of the Earth will be masterminded by the Star Brothers who work with your planet now in Starcraft you term UFO’s. They have attained the level of spiritual evolvement to be given responsibility, by the Creator, of reconstructing the Earth into its original coding given by the Gods who created your planet.

The heralding angels, as written, are those termed Space Brotherhood. They dwell within a dimension beyond your own. Their craft with which you presently are interacting are the mode of transportation into which you will learn to elevate yourselves as you grow into the responsibility that comes with it. Know that the pollution you presently are creating will not be allowed beyond your dimension into others. And by beginning to clean the environment within your own individual living space upon Earth and by extending this concept of Beingness into the whole Brotherhood of Man, you naturally will gain the ability to “time travel” in your terms.

The frequency is changing on a moment to moment basis upon your plane.. This occurs as each individual takes responsibility for each thought and action – a teaching we have shared with you from the beginning of these pages. We extend to you Love for all Mankind, and Love for all Life into all time of forevermore.

Peace Be Unto You. I Am Sananda.

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