Earth Sway, Radical Weather, Solar Bz South, and Human Irrationality

Earth Sway, Radical Weather, Solar Bz South, and Human Irrationality
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Juan Loco
Thursday, July 21, 2005 10:42 pm

A solar component may explain the present season of anomalous global weather including Earth sway, or wobble, as observed against two celestial fixtures, namely, the NCP and SCP aka Polaris and Sigma Octantis.(NCP=north celestial pole; SCP=south celestial pole)

And anecdotal evidence might infer that the recent and constant spate of southward movement of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field (Bz) may not be limited to radical global weather change, but is actually taking a toll on human biology. I don\'t know what other folk are observing but people everywhere seem exceptionally irrational, agitated. I propose where there is magnetism there is electricity. And electricity is basically electron flow.

Is solar electromagnetism the root cause of disturbance? Are solar electrons, squeezing through Earth\'s protective magnetosphere at high speeds, zapping our biology and creating irrational interaction, or are these electrons damaging brain tissue and affecting the mind? Do these electrons cause plant biology disruptions and famines? Do electrons from the cosmos bombard Earth, heating the planet bidirectionally, from above by changing the atomic structure of atmospheric gases and within by expanding magma and the crust then seeping out through deep fissures in Earth\'s crust igniting combustible materials in their path?

Disregarding the recent theory that if one throws a Juan Loco into a crowd of otherwise unexcitable people he will incite mass hysteria or mob violence, it seems everywhere I go lately, and do NOT interact, I am observing people depressed, or agitated or quarrelsome or downright belligerent. Do solar electron spikes through a weakening magnetosphere cause wars via human agitation? Do solar electrons cause famines via weather change and plant mutations?

Can solar electromagnetics, under certain conditions, precipitate an ephemeral solar switch-off?

Su Amigo, Juan Loco