'Dust Our Sandals Off'...and come home he giggles...

'Dust Our Sandals Off'...and come home he giggles...
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Thursday, May 17, 2007 08:22 pm

My response to...


Dust the sandals off your boots and come home? Please. How about staying around and pitching in on the Civilization you destroyed! Come on, get real...simply pack up and leave? The US will garner tons of support...ah, gee, shucks may have worked with the stupid 50\'s tv shows...but ya\'ll wrecked a country, a people and poisoned them and theirs for the next few thousand years.

You\'ve got a lot of \'splaining to do! And a lot of work rebuilding those peoples homes. If you think you can simply walk out the way it is now...my support for YOUR troops goes away, and I hope they all get sniped, jumping on the easy way out. What a ridiculous notion. Get out your shovels, plant DU remediating plants (cannabis and whatever passes for comfrey there), rebuild the whole thing...maybe it \'ain\'t\' american to clean up after yourselves, but it should be.

After that you can go through this list... and make ammends. Geesh...I hate stating the obvious, but if my kids acted like your soldiers/commanders/generals/leaders...I\'d go against the no-spanking laws and slap\'em upside the head.

Maybe you could get Bush and Company, all the Haliburton folks and those mercenaries to put down their boy toys and learn to dig ditches, chop wood, carry water, grow food...you know, life stuff. You know, humane stuff. If you cut their pay, re-tooled your troops and hired a few good permaculture designers to make Iraq green again...then, then, it would be okay to haul ass.

What a crock, making a big mess and not fixing it...I seem to recall something about blood being good for the soil...maybe America doesn\'t deserve its youth? Harsh I know, but really...there were 12 year old Admirals in the British Navy...I guess they never played video games. Talk about dumbed down. Peeing on corpses, like I used to spell my name in the snow...