a different view point

a different view point
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Oldman Jr
Monday, June 28, 2010 07:52 pm

You know...you have to be pretty damn stupid to give the cops a reason to hate you. The fellow being interviewed didn\'t think of the frustration the cops were feeling...they allowed a bunch of kids to set fire to two cop cars and trash the downtown store windows (costing how much?) while they stood aside protecting the leaders/liars and ended up looking like total fools. You walk into that situation and you\'re a fool. \"Oh Alex, they put me in a cage!\" Yes they did! That so-called secret law was news in the media. It said essentially, \"Don\'t go near the fence!\" \"Oh Alex, I went too close to the fence and they put me in a cage.\" An example of timing being everything. So is location...location...location.

An anarchist punk is not your friend if you are an adult, married with children, have a job, respect other people and their property and use your brain in a rational manner. My impression of them is they\'d just as easily send a brick through your car or home window as into your head. Their antics are designed to fail and you know something...you never know who they are, where they come from, and how many cops themsleves have infilatrated the group and cause shit themselves...do you think perhaps to justify the $1 BILLION plus spent on security? Anarchists are not my role models, their interests are not mine. A lot of Canadians would love to have seen the cops bust some heads open, break some legs, when the destruction was taking place. There was less violence from cops then we usually see in the game of hockey.

Alex is right about the NWO agenda...however...the future doesn\'t always work out in predictable ways. Crooked cops, the scumbags in government and business, etc. all have to breathe air, eat food, drink water...they are up the creek too. I do not feel sorry for them. And yes...Canada is as corrupt as any country.