A different perspective on the Mayans and 2012...what, me worry?

A different perspective on the Mayans and 2012...what, me worry?
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Oldman Jr
Saturday, February 13, 2010 07:39 pm
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Taken from this week\'s newsletter [ OLD LINK REMOVED ] (Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby)

A significant portion of the world is getting a bit wound up about 2012. What\'s below helps put things in balance...or not...you get to decide.


Those Damned Mayans Again!

I received a number of protests about my condemnation of the Mayans for their barbarous human sacrifices. All took the tone I was stupid, ignorant or misinformed (or all three). One of the creepy things about the Mayan adoration cultists is they believe anyone who differs from their cherished views is wrong and ignorant. No debate. No nothing.

Several accused me of being swayed by the Mel Gibson movie. I knew of no Mel Gibson movie and still haven\'t had the chance to Google it yet. I do not take Hollywood for my reference sources but from historical facts.

The brutal truth, like it or not, is the Mayans were barbarous, crude killers. They slaughtered uncountable numbers in the stupid belief it affected what the gods thought or did. These critical correspondents can\'t face that reality and deny it. Just Spanish conquistador propaganda they claim. OK, what about all the bodies? There are bodies, LOTS of bodies, with the marks of ritual sacrifice.

Worst of all, they slaughtered children. Child sacrifice is well documented and took place on a disgusting scale. The little skeletons are dug up regularly.

The Mayans are gone. They didn\'t make it, I wrote. How smart is that? Guess what the response was to this one? I\'m supposed to accept that the Mayans were so brilliant, they were transformed, vibrated at a higher level and ascended into a new dimension (higher than ours of course). No kidding, two people actually wrote this to me. It comes from a REALLY stupid book by James Redfield called \"The Celestine Prophecy\" (I read less that 20 pages and could tell there would be no revelation of any merit. I was right, it\'s a fraud).

The truth is the Mayans perished and are gone because they didn\'t take care of their children. My view is that any society which does not cherish its offspring will soon die out. The children are the future. Sacrificing children tells us where they were really at and it wasn\'t anything spiritual.

Another argument laid on me was that the Romans were a brilliant civilization and they too are gone (well, not gone because they have Italian descendents). Romans civilized? Yes, they were for a time. But then came corruption and cruelty on a scale earth had never seen before. They held barbarous games, where humans were devoured live by animals for entertainment--men, women and children. They espoused crucifixion, one of the most barbarous means of execution ever invented and they used it on tens of thousands (mostly innocent people). After the revolt of Spartacus the entire Appian Way was lined with crucified victims. Don\'t talk to ME about the Romans being civilized, for all that we speak 60% of their language!

Incidentally, the Romans also practised infanticide (child killing by the parents) on a scale that would stagger our modern values. According to US historian Will Durant, infanticide was so common in ancient Rome that \"birth itself was an adventure.\" Famous writer Tacitus went so far as to condemn the Jews for their opposition to infanticide. He stated that the Jewish view that \"it was a deadly sin to kill an unwanted child\" was just another of the many \"sinister and revolting practices\" of the Jews (Histories 5.5).

The Ancient Greeks probably disappeared the same way. So common was infanticide in ancient Greece that Polybius (205-118 BCE) blamed the decline of ancient Greece on it (Histories, 6).