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Creative Cosmos
Tuesday, November 22, 2005 12:08 am

Filters are subverted only by something crafty that grabs your attention and then takes it in a direction not of your predisposition. Seldom does it seem that something delivers the highest of what we hope to find. It is perseverance that allows one to discover that which is worthy of being earned. Even if they were staring at a ticket to the soul many would opt for another ride. Again and again you can hand them the map and not knowing they are lost they will decide to wander away in another direction.

Interested in ghosts? They are probably all around you right now. Stop for a moment and see what pops into your mind. Feel the chill up your spine? If you start sobbing, know it is for some meaningful reason. People would be absolutely stunned if they saw how they looked from the other side. If they tried hard enough, they could remember this perspective and know firsthand the reflection of their own face. Touching the wrinkles, the nose crinkles, and the last tear of the day is wiped away.

Monsters are fun, because they are real and somewhere inside we respond to their familiar terror. Bigfoot and the loch ness monster are 4th dimensional creatures phasing in and out when the veil between the worlds thins. It doesn’t always remain static. Sometimes we are a little denser and sometimes higher in vibration. All levels pulse. Over this threshold the elementals dance, the fairies fly, and the elves bow to wisdom. Be careful of the darker energy sucking entities who say the opposite of what they mean. Flashing smiles, their horrible intention freezes love in its place.

There is a gap between the angelic realms and the astral. An influx point in the middle (the 5th dimension multi-fercating eternal eye pyramid being Ra) transforms the higher into the lower and displays it as a manifestation called creation. Sometimes if our prayers can’t be answered directly they will be relayed through friends to the proper channels. A cosmic switchboard is always in operation monitoring the needs of the innocent and rerouting the appropriate holy entity that is near enough to provide assistance. Hearing the call every time, the spirit warrior bridges the heavens and the Earth with love power.

Whizzing through space the planets provide a symphony of energies to the backdrop of our every day lives. When drinking plenty of water and getting a proper balance of sun, we foster healthy skin and a free passageway for the resonance of galactic energy. Surrounding each of us is an orb of light. It displays everything about you to the illuminated eye. If your flame is burning bright enough, the stars themselves will come to your aid.

C. Moors, Pearly Gates Press