"Conversation with SOUL / SELF - through Suzan Caroll *LINK*

"Conversation with SOUL / SELF - through Suzan Caroll *LINK*
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Zany Mystic
Thursday, June 15, 2006 04:01 pm

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June 15, 2006

Through Suzan Caroll

Dear Soul,

My conscious mind is perceiving and experiencing more varieties of reality than I could ever put into third dimensional order. I feel myriad possible worlds buzzing through my mind and bumping against my heart, like someone knocking on a door.

These visions, infinities, and moments, are just as real as the world perceived by my five physical senses. Meanwhile, my five Beta Brainwave senses are quickly becoming obsolete, like buggy wipes and wooden wheels. What I perceive with my physical eyes is increasingly being seen through different eyes.

My ego has had “quite a go of it” stubbornly trying to hold on to a reality that is rapidly being revealed as illusion. With the release of each illusion, another door is opened and more multidimensional sensations from the ONE Flow into my consciousness. I say “sensations” rather than “perceptions,” as I FEEL them through my Soul—through YOU.

When I integrated YOU and OUR multidimensional life into my Root Chakra, I began to feel the breath of Gaia in MY heart and my roots implanted in HER heart. My Inner Warrior than came forward to guard my right to have a happy life.

When I integrated you into my Navel Chakra, you awakened my inner Divine Child to begin a re-birth beyond my greatest expectation. Not that this rebirth has been easy. With the amplification of my emotions and instincts, any small shard of fear, suffering, and limitations has come “front row center” into my life to be forgiven, healed and released.

When you were integrated into my Solar Plexus Chakra, you ignited my “Power Within” to free me of limitation and lingering fear. This inner power has also allowed me to gain a mastery over my thoughts that I have never before possessed.

With your integration into my Heart Chakra, the Bridge to my High Heart was discovered. A stream of your Unconditional Love has flowed across this Bridge ever since. This connection to YOU, has allowed me to breathe with the planet and invoke the unification of ALL my chakras.

Through my Eyes of Soul, which were opened with your integration into my Throat Chakra, I perceive reality as something “I AM” creating. Furthermore, my Crown of the Elohim allows me to see through all dramas and illusions to soothe the “ripples” of dissonance and disharmony in the 3D Matrix.

Since I have allowed you to integrate your Higher Light into every cell and atom of my physical earth vessel I have been feeling increasingly out of control of my life. At the same time, I have gradually and silently been remembering--- something? Or, perhaps, I am remembering someplace, or someone? In fact, maybe instead of remembering these images, I am creating them. Or is it, that remembering is creating and creating is remembering?

With your integration I seem to have downloaded a new “operating system.” I, ego, bravely fought this new system all the way through your integration into my third chakra. But, once you entered my heart, something changed. Suddenly, I could not longer struggle. I just couldn’t work that hard. All along, of course, I have had many, many symptoms of transformation.

I have been so tired, but tired of what? It has all been very confusing. Rules and regulations, which were once cast in steel, slowly became useless and unnecessary. These rules were needed when I lived in fear, but once I started living in love, I developed an inner guidance that was oblivious to external influence.

Is that guidance YOU dear soul, or is it ME? But wait—what, or who, exactly are YOU exactly, and are YOU even separate from ME anymore?

I am so confused. I am no longer who I was. Yet I feel that, as far as I have come, there is further to go than I could have ever imagined before; that is “before” I began to Flow with the Now of your/our multidimensional reality.

I only hope that opening my Third Eye will shed more light on the situation.

Thank you for listening to me.

Dear Grounded One,

You are your SELF. YOU are ME,

for WE are Soul.


Dear Readers,

I thank you, and Gaia thanks you, for your participation in this process of integrating the higher light of your Multidimensional SELF. I will be out of the country for three weeks, so I will not be sending any newsletter until I return. However, my trusty computer will be with me, so that I can still answer your emails, that is, when I have an internet connection.

Before I left, I wanted to share with you the introduction to the integration of the Third Eye. I found this process to be extremely powerful. I will be repeating the process as I send it out, as I always do, as writing and editing is quite different than reading. Also, I find the group energy of so many of us reading the same thing and doing the same exercises at the same time to be extremely helpful in my process of transformation. I sincerely hope that all of you feel the same way.

Thank you for bearing with us while we are re-doing our site and experimenting with different approaches. As I transform, so does my website. I am sure that all of you are experiences similar situation in that, as you change, so does the world around you. It is this change, this return to SELF, which is the Mission of each and every ONE of us. As we return to our SELF, so does Gaia.

Together, as person and planet, we are in the process of creating New Earth,

Have a lovely three weeks, wherever in the world you live,

Suzan Caroll
From California, USA

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