A Conversation with Kuthumi: 2012 Changes and Power Issues *LINK* *PIC*

A Conversation with Kuthumi: 2012 Changes and Power Issues *LINK* *PIC*
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Tuesday, September 18, 2007 (All day)

A Conversation with Kuthumi: 2012 Changes and Power Issues

Cosmic Lighthouse is pleased to present a new series - A Conversation with Kuthumi. We begin by discussing about the changes leading to up 2012.

Good day to you! This is a new media that we are using. I have been waiting, I feel somewhat excited about this. It will reach many, that is a good thing. It is quite necessary to reach as many souls as possible, particularly in the time of turbulence. You see, many souls are going through just that, turbulent times in their personal lives. Because they happen to face issues and fears, which many do not like. And so it is a difficult time. And the self comes in and tries to steer them away and prevent this from happening. In this situation, often we use people and events, to bring a particular person or situation that must be dealt with back to the person. This is necessary if it is vital they clear an issue before they are able to move on.

Of course, everyone is very busy. There is a lot of clearing, I can tell you, that the planet, the earth, is beginning to clear as well. You are experiencing very strange weather patterns. This is just the beginning. The earth must clear as well. These times ahead of you that you are entering are not to be feared. This is one of the main issues I wish to reiterate through this media. If you fear, the problem becomes so much larger, it becomes difficult. The steps become so large that you do not wish to do anything. You fear, you see. The fear grows. This is not the way. When there is an issue to be faced, proceed slowly, gently, step by step, this will erase the challenging aspects. It is the way, the path, the journey. Many call it a journey, some bantered the word \"journey\", as simply that, a word.

But what is a journey? Journey often entails a great deal of your time. A journey entails good times and some difficulties. No journey is ever completely smooth, without disruptions or difficulties. So it is with your spiritual path, it is a journey, it is a clearing. I define it as a polishing of the soul, a leaving behind of the old ways, the many, many old paradigms which have bound you, your past lifetimes. This in itself has proved difficult for many souls to move on from. They get so used to the familiar, you see. But your change is here. It is not something to be feared. It is something to be accepted with joy, to have this opportunity to clear, to step forward. It is a very great, a very great event. Many of you do not realize this. Some of you are so tied to the material, to the continual rushing here and rushing there, the pressures and the stress of the daily life. When are you going to stop and say, enough!

Many think the world will end - doom, gloom everywhere. It will not end. Do you really believe that myself and so many others have planned and created all these Grids and use all these energies simply to end?

The Lights on the planet are expanding, and we are pleased with this. We are actually enhancing this process. You have heard something of the Grids - I know this one wrote. But the Grids are in place. Those who are aware are able to connect with the electromagnetic energy of their beings to the Grids. This will help in removing your old paradigms, old fears, experiences, phobias. This will help you clear, this is how we help you. We do all we can, and not just myself but others of the White Brotherhood, the Pleiadians, Arcturians. Many, many have joined in this great task. And you hear of this, and you read of this. But I tell you that some Light workers even through reading do not believe this to be so. To those ones, I simply say, connect to your soul. Connect to your Higher Being, your Higher Being knows.

It is indeed exciting times. Your earth time is proceeding very quickly. Many, I hear many in the atmosphere, saying I do not have enough time. Time is going so fast and it is, it will continue to seem this way. Your time has gone faster and will continue to go faster. Until you cross the Golden Age. And what is the Golden Age? Many think the world will end - doom, gloom everywhere. It will not end. Do you really believe that myself and so many others have planned and created all these Grids and use all these energies simply to end? How do you think it will end, in a puff of smoke? No, your world will not end. Your world will change. Yes, it will change. It will last.

You are aware of vibrations, that you are raising your vibrations, the planet is raising its vibration. It can be no other way. For you to go to higher dimensions, you must raise your vibration. The finer the vibration, you see, is able to reach the higher dimensions.. If you stay in a lower vibration, you will not be able to reach the higher realms, to return home, you see. And all this necessitates change, to reach the Golden Age. The Golden Age, you could say, is a raising of the vibration of the planet and mankind as a whole. This is your change. It is the leaving behind of old paradigm. It is a coming back to your full power. There is no doom and gloom. I could say so much, for this brings us on to the subject of manifestation. If you put out doom and gloom, what are you going to get? Doom and gloom, are you not. What you think of, so you create, you see.

Now, I believe you have some questions. I could talk a lot more but I wish to give you the opportunity to ask your questions. What are your questions?

Q: Many fear the uncertainties of the year 2012 and beyond. What kind of advice do you have to help souls handle such fears?

To proceed to the year 2012 and beyond, the key to this is very simple - LIVE FROM YOUR HEART! Live your life from your heart. TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WOULD BE TREATED. And this itself, you see, is the key. Because if you treat another as you wish to be treated, in whatever scenario you choose to create, you must do so in love. And you would not hurt another, for you would not hurt yourself. Do you see, the simple key. By coming from this aspect, you raise your vibration to the highest level.

It is simple, and yet think, replay it in your conscious mind. And I say to you again, use this key and create any situation you wish to think of, and if you would answer the situation whether it requires an answer or physical need does not really matter. If you would answer as if it were you yourself, you will ensure that you came from love and that you do the right thing, is this not so? So you see, what a different world you would create. How, in that one simple key, the vibration of man would be so lifted. There would be no deceit, no anger, no jealousy, you see. And this is the simple key. Treat others as you would be treated, you see.

I often say, spirituality is not difficult. The basics are very simple. It is mankind who chooses to make it difficult.

And the other thing that would help of course is bringing in Light, bring in Light. If you were to live your life using the key I have just given you, you will automatically bring more Light to you. Again, I tell you it could be no other way. But you see, this is what man must overcome. The old paradigms of greed and jealousy must be left, you must overcome. This is what will take you to the Golden Age and beyond, because that is living beyond your 2012. This is what it will be, a life of peace, of love, of a new beginning, you see. I often say, spirituality is not difficult. The basics are very simple. It is mankind who chooses to make it difficult. The basic truths are simplistic. They have withstood thousands of your years, and they are still as true as we are speaking now as they were centuries ago of your time. It is a simple basic rule - treat others as you would be treated. It is simple, is it not?

When you ask me this question, you no doubt expect a long answer, perhaps a different answer. I have answered with the basic truth, one that requires thought. It is not great philosophy, no long drawn-out things that must be done. They are basics, they are basic truths. Many times you have been told through myself and many other channels working on your planet. You have been told basic truths. Some have been so simplistic that they have been overlooked. It is that some expect great dramas, great long scripts of teachings. That is ego. When there is a need to dress up a basic truth to make it somehow feel more grander, that is ego. The basic truths that have withstood your centuries are simplistic. These are not great big secrets. How can they be secrets when they have been known for centuries of your time? It is only that they have been overlooked through choice, through selfishness, through greed. It is how your very markets, businesses, and banks have been ruling your world. This will change! As mankind and the earth are going through change, this is part of that change. The structure must change also.

Those who run their lives, who make their money, their dollar value, their monetary value their god, will come crashing down to reality. For those who are aware, who are changing their attitudes, their way of life, they are well-prepared, they are watchful. They will see and they will know. But for those who live on materiality and its values, they will come crashing down, they will. For it is a false life, you see. And what they are doing to others, to other souls, you see. It raises so many other issues. It is like a web that starts with perhaps a financial lender. And as it spreads that web out to many, many souls, luring them into his web and then he bleeds them dry. He does not care of their personal difficulties, the ruin of the family, perhaps, the pain. He does not care, he cares only for the dollar, you see. This is the one I speak of. There are many scenarios such as this. Their towers will be destroyed. This will be the new way. There will be no financial system as you know them. There will be no monetary system in the years to come. It will return to how it used to be. To the sharing, sharing what you have, what are the commodities you have working together. This will be the new way, the new system.

Q. How long more will it take before we experience this new way of sharing and new way of life?

You will see the changes coming in your coming year. They will be subtle at first. By your Year 2010, changes will be amongst you, of your financial institutions. The changes will be there. They will make choices. It will mainly affect banking institutions, money lenders, these sorts. It will change. It will start in a subtle way in your current year and there will be bouts, but you will notice if you follow, it will get stronger. Businesses will go bankrupt, banks will collapse. This will be happening, that will be the start.

Those who listen will make adjustments and see. But I tell you, for those who listen, they will already have much Light in their soul, in other words, they will listen to their Higher Self, to the signs that are present. But those who go blindly on, who are of the lower vibration, who choose to cling on with greed regardless of another soul, treading over others, creating difficulties and pain for other souls will lose. They will lose. They will look, they will make adjustments, and they will carry on their path, you see. I speak of those of the lower vibration, those who do not care about other souls, but only of the monetary value they work with. I do not wish that you fear at all, for those who are of the Light or even coming onto their path, their Higher Self will jolt them to awareness and they will take another turn.

Q. The teaching of \"To treat others as we would like to be treated\", like you\'ve said, is not a new teaching. But what is really preventing humanity as a whole to embrace such a way of life?

What an excellent question! Yes, indeed, what is preventing this?. We could look at a number of things. One of those issues is the old paradigms, not just of this life but of previous lifetimes. Because for many lifetimes man have been reduced down to a lower vibration and some still remain in that lower vibration. This is the great task that we have. That vibration also holds souls in their lower vibration of thinking, thinking only of themselves, the one person, you see. And \"what I want\", \"what I can do\" and \"what can I have\" and not caring for others, you see. This spreads out into all facets of their daily lives - how they treat others, how they speak to others, what they expect of others, you see. And often they can be very demanding.

It is only when a person begins their spiritual journey and begins to learn, that they see and the change begins. But it is the old ways, the old paradigms of past lives, and of this lifetime also which prevent this. And those who are in power, who cling strongly and stubbornly to power, also come into this category because they care only for power. And what is this emotion of power? It is a lower vibration. It is not being aware, it is not coming from the heart. If you are coming from the heart, you think of love, you think of how others feel, you will speak with respect, you will help when you can. You see the difference?

So this is what is holding those who do not choose to step onto the path of higher learning. It is a power. Now, that power can be on a one-to-one basis in a relationship in your daily life,. That power could be a person of authority or a business owner, or even one in charge of a country, of a government. There are many levels of this, you see. It is the selfishness, the power aspect is very large, and extends its tentacles far and wide.

Even within lightworkers there are some who must overcome issues of power.

There are many levels of power. You could have power over another, wanting to control another. This can be done in many ways. Powers can be abused in a subtle way, or in a larger way where you could say, \"I am bigger than you, you will do what I say\". And that could apply to a person or a country, you see. There are many aspects of power. Even within lightworkers there are some who must overcome issues of power.

I can talk a long time on the issues of power because there are so many facets to it. May I say to you, that all of these facets which deal with power, are held on a lower level, a lower level of vibration. That is why I say the key to your Golden Age is so simple. When you stop and you think of that one law, that one overall universal law which applies to any situation, whether physical, or whether of communication. It is like looking at black and white. It is not polarity, do not confuse it with polarity. For power is a choice, power is a choice!

This may surprise you, there are a number of lightworkers right around the planet, who we work with, and reach a very high standard, and do great work, helping many souls, and yet fall into an entrapment of ego. The ego quickly grows to power. They realize, \"I have power\", you see. We are aware of this and we test them. We test them. But on all levels you see there is an issue of power.

Now I have just said to you about power being on lower vibration, and then I have gone on to tell you of the lightworkers who are also tested on the issue of power and indeed some have fallen into the trap of the issue of power. And as the lightworkers are tested, if they cannot change and become aware, if they use that power continuously to hurt other souls, they too will fall into a lower vibration. This is true. And if you, like some who have chosen this path, you can observe a very slow demise, because power is a lower vibration. And it is very sad, and there will be extreme anguish and many tears on their return home. And they gnash their teeth that they have chosen this. But it is a choice, you are on a planet of choice.

It is to be aware of the tentacles of power, how would you use power? Many incarnate to learn just this lesson - those who are born to great wealth, and I have spoken of this. And many will look and say, \"why not me, why did I not have this wonderful easy life, with wealth, and all that that brings, the prestige?\" They are tests, and as I said, some were life lessons and decisions and that is why they incarnate into such a life which some think of as an easy life. This is not always so. Again, it is up to the soul\'s choice. Will they use their abundance, their wealth and prestige that comes with it, will they use it wisely. Or will their ego self steps in and pull them down to the tentacles of power, you see. There are many, many unseen lessons which many of you are just beginning to realize.

Q. So am I right to say that power is not necessarily a bad thing, it\'s just how you use it?

Exactly, you are very correct. Exactly, that is true, that is true! You can have power, you can be in charge of a company, you can have a comfortable financial income, you can look after your employees, treat them with respect, treat them well, and they will in turn will give you more in terms of their working ability, because they know that you respect them. And so that again will increase your wealth, as you are using your power wisely, you see. You look after your employees in your business, you are very fair. That doesn\'t mean you are being taken advantage of, no! But all of your business dealings will be conducted with respect, in a fair manner. You will not cheat or tell lies to get ahead.

You are quite correct, and in this example I have given you see, is power used in a correct manner, where everyone benefits. But so often the greed steps in and they think, \"oh, I can have more, I can make more, I don\'t have to pay as much money to my employees, I will make them work longer and harder and I will have more money\". You see the temptation? That is the key, that is the test - will you be happy with what you have and continue to make money in a correct and just manner. Or will you become the tyrant and allow greed to overcome you. Simple, you see, it really is very simple, and yet it happens sadly too often.

Q. Could you shed some light on the forthcoming earth changes leading up to the Year 2012?

There will be some earth changes in weather and land. However, as more Light is activated, the effects will be lessened. Those souls who are of the Light and the way of the heart will be looked after. The souls who return Home will be nurtured in the different way which they need. They will not be cast aside. They are still souls, after all. But the ones who remain will know paradise, as you call it. They will have their peace. And this, can I say to you, on this subject, this is what we, and yourselves, are all working toward. The workers of Light, the teachers, even yourselves as a form of teaching, you see, your articles, making them available. Many workers with many different gifts, working towards one complete goal of, let us say, the Golden Age. You see, they create it.

Through the journey of higher learning, step by step, they are clearing their previous lifetimes. They are clearing the emotional body. They are understanding the wisdom of coming from the heart in all its many aspects. They are learning a new respect for their fellow man. All this is part of your journey, part of your learning. You are playing a part in it. You are partaking in service to mankind because you are assisting in the process of earth\'s evolution. And many are doing this in various ways, many various ways.

And I can tell you further that as you proceed on your path, on your journey, you learn. You come from a place of inner peace. You meditate. And as you strengthen your Light and your light-body, you can go to higher and finer vibrations, and you feel that peace. And as you meditate more, the vibrations of that Light, that high vibration, filters down, down to your subtle body, down to your physical. It rejuvenates you, it heals. It brings with it a sense of peace. And after you return to your consciousness, you feel such a deep peace, you see, you feel an inner flow of the high vibration and that is because you have brought a flow of the vibration from the higher realm back with you. And as you go higher, it is that higher vibration that can stay with you, sometimes for up to two of your earth days, where you will just feel so peaceful. You will reject any lower vibration of negativity because you feel such a flow.

It\'s really so simple - treat others as you would be treated. That is the key to your Golden Age. It is the one universal law above all others!

So what I am saying to you, as you proceed further on your path, you choose the peace, you want more of it, you see. And so it snowballs and it grows, and you enrich your being, your soul. And your soul will in turn feed you, your physical body, you see. If only those of the lower vibration could feel that. They cannot feel that until they are on their path. It is not possible with their vibration, you see. You cannot go from a lower heavy vibration straight to a very fine higher vibration. You can raise your vibration but only to a certain level, you see. The further you proceed on your spiritual path, the higher levels you are able to reach. You are always going higher and higher, you see. And you reach the outer extremities of your First God, of that Entity, of that vibration. And you call that your feeling of Bliss, I believe, is the new term. And because it is so wonderful, you want more. The more you come from your heart, the more you live in truth and fairness to others in your daily lives, the more of that Bliss you will experience, you see.

Some say.. they talk of a consciousness when you do something wrong, and that voice in your head, it nags at you, and says, \"you know you shouldn\'t have done it\". And it doesn\'t feel right and that little voice continues to nag. That is your Higher Self, it is reminding you, you have done wrong, what you did was not right. You have a choice - you can make it right, whether that involves an apology, admitting the wrong you have done, whatever the scenario. Or you can shut that voice out and try and ignore it. You always have a choice. In this instance, it is between your Bliss and lower vibration, you see. That is what your whole incarnation is about, at this time on your planet. It is the choice, it is the letting go of the old. That is why never before in your history, have there been so many Beings of Light. I speak of Light, not of religion. There is a difference, the Light, coming from the heart, living by truth and fairness. It\'s really so simple - treat others as you would be treated. That is the key to your Golden Age. It is the one universal law above all others!

I am Kuthumi.

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