A Concise View of the Flu Shot Controversy ... Xcellent Summary!!! ... (A few Video Links included if you have not already seen these.)

A Concise View of the Flu Shot Controversy ... Xcellent Summary!!! ... (A few Video Links included if you have not already seen these.)
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009 04:29 pm

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A Concise View of the Flu Shot Controversy

KISS (Keep it Simple Student)

Subject: What's in the flu shot?
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2009

Hello everyone:

Over the years I have asked many people about their experiences with the flu shot.

Some have said that they got sick immediately after getting the shot and spent several days in bed.

Others have said that they never had the flu until they got their first flu shot.

Still others have gotten the flu in spite of getting the flu shot, and have explained that they must have been exposed to a virus that wasn't in the shot.

Occassionally I come across someone who gets the shot every year and never has gotten the flu.

Most nursing home residents get the shot and yet most years there is a flu outbreak which forces them to close the nursing home to visitors. If the flu shot is effective, then why do so many people get the flu, in spite of getting the shot?

This year has seen a media frenzy on influenza and the so-called H1N1. There are many aspects to be considered:
How safe are the vaccines?
How effective are they?
Why is there a rush to vaccinate everyone for a flu that the World Health Organization (WHO) considers to be mild?
Of the 4.9 billion doses of H1N1 ordered (yes billion!) why has the International Monetary Fund (IMF) guaranteed that all doses would be sold?
And why have most governments, including Canada, made provisions that prevent the vaccine manufacturers from being sued by individuals who have been damaged by vaccines.

If this were a car manufacturer, would we accept driving a car that had been fast-tracked into production, it's sales guaranteed, and the manufacturer free from all liability?

It is a sweet deal for the pharmaceutical industry and a huge money maker. In fact, this could be the start of yearly flu pandemics. The WHO is already promoting the coming equine (horse) and the canine (dog) pandemics.

The Emergency Health Powers Act of 2005 essentially put the WHO in charge of public health when a global pandemic has been declared. Why were we not informed of this violation to our national sovereignty.

And what about Baxter Pharmaceuticals sending out flu vaccine material that was contaminated with live Bird Flu? Was this an attempt to start a pandemic?

Some countries and some U.S. states are talking about mandatory vaccination with fines and imprisonment for those who refuse the vaccine. This threatens the sanctity and autonomy of the human body and our most basic right to protect our health.

Another important issue is why the WHO stopped requiring testing of H1N1 as of July 10, 2009. This means that we will never know the exact number of cases of H1N1. That is why the media uses "suspected" or "unconfirmed" in its reporting.

Another issue that has not been clarified is the issue of whether or not there are multiple combinations of viruses and thus different severity of reactions. We were told that the virus that killed so many Mexicans was a combination of bird, swine, and human virus that many experts have testified could only have been made in a laboratory. In the rest of the world the flu is being called the swine flu or H1N1 and we are told that it is very mild, except in some cases, such as native Canadian aboriginals, for which it has been deadly. Is it the same flu?

And why is an H1N1-like virus included in the seasonal flu shot? Some people have argued that getting the seasonal flu shot actually increases your chances of getting H1N1.

And what about "herd immunity". How does my immune system protect you? How does my getting the flu shot protect you? The best way to get rid of a virus is to let it go through the population and die out on its own. Some people have argued that immunization actually spreads the virus and keeps the individual contagious for up to 6 weeks.

A recent Johns Hopkin study concluded that children who get the flu shot are three times more likely to be hospitalized for the flu. Not only do they get the flu in spite of immunization, but they have a more severe reaction to it.

With all of the concerns regarding vaccination, the mainstream media has focused on doing their best to convince you to get both the flu shot and the H1N1. This is not surprising if you know that the media's function is to sell whatever the phamaceutical industry is pushing through a combination of fear-mongering, disinformation and outright lying. When you hear "experts" in the media you must remember that they are paid by the drug companies and are therefore spokesmen. The media is essentially advertising for the drug companies.

If you want to know about the dangers of vaccines and find out what is really going on in the world, you have to look to the alternative media. This is the only place that you will find true investigative journalism.

I have put together a collection of some of the best videos on vaccines and encourage you to educate yourself and your family. Many doctors are now speaking out against vaccines including Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Rebecca Carley, Dr. Lorraine Day, Dr. Russell Blaylock, Dr. Tru Ott, Dr. Rima Laibow and Dr. Mayer Eisenstein. All of these doctors have YouTube videos and information on the internet which you can research. Another doctor who has urged caution regarding the H1N1 vaccine is Ron Paul, c Congressman from Texas and a former pediatrician.

Ron Paul on the Recent Swine Flu Scare Video
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Barbara Loe Fisher, co-author of the book, " A Shot In The Dark" has two excellent YouTube videos, the first on the Swine Flu and the second one on Gardasil and H1N1.

Swine Flu Vaccine: Will We Have A Choice?
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Gardasil & Swine Flu, Inconvenient Truth 08-24-09
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Regina Meredith of the Conscious Media Network also has two excellent videos on the H1N1. The first one discusses how the polio vaccine actually caused polio and the second one talks about solutions to fight influenza and counteract the damaging effects of the vaccine for those who feel they must take it. These are available for subscribers at [ OLD LINK REMOVED ] but there are many free video interviews available on the subject of vaccinations.

There is also an excellent documentary by Gary Null called "Vaccine Nation"
Vaccine Nation - Director s Cut (Gary Null)
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The National Film Board of Canada also has an excellent documentary called "Shots In The Dark". Unfortunately, this documentary was removed from YouTube, but is still available for purchase from the National Film Board.

The bottom line for me is what is in the vaccines. According to the manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline, the seasonal flu shot (FluViral) contains Mercury- a known neurotoxin (in the form of Thimerosal), trace amounts of egg proteins, formaldehyde (a cancer-causing agent) , sodium deoxycholate (detergent) and sucrose.

Common adverse reactions to the shot include red eyes, sore throat, cough, arthralgia (joint pain), swelling at the injection site, fever, chills, malaise and chest tightness.

These are the symptoms you can expect. In spite of listing these adverse reactions, the manufacturer also states that "Flu immunization does not cause illness. It is a coincidence if you develop a cough or cold shortly after having a flu immunization". A coincidence!

More serious reactions to the shot include anaphylactic shock, neurological illnesses (including facial paralysis, encephalitis, etc.), respiratory disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, skin disorders, musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders, etc. There is also a warning that if you have contracted Guillain-Barre syndrome (a type of paralysis) within six weeks of receipt of prior influenza vaccine, you may want to carefully consider the risks versus the benefit. For most people this is a huge risk to take to potentially avoid a mild flu.

The H1N1 vaccine has not yet been approved but I was told by GlaxoSmithKline that they would be making 2 versions, one with an adjuvant (Arepanrix) and one without (H1N1 influenza A 2009 monovalent vaccine without adjuvant). The adjuvant will most likely be squalene, which has been implicated in the serious collection of symptoms reported by veterans and dubbed "Gulf War Syndrome".

We have gotten so far away from a natural way of life and live in a very toxic world. For me, our only chance of survival is to keep our immune systems strong. Vaccines weaken our immune systems and create autoimmune diseases. I would never expect to find health at the end of a needle.

In fact, I believe that there is no such thing as a safe vaccine (the way they are currently prepared) and every vaccine damages the human body to some degree. We have become so accustomed to thinking that everything in life has a risk that when we learn that vaccines carry a risk of death or permanent disability we seem to accept it.

My final video link is to a man who radiates health and vitality--raw foodist David Wolfe. This is the kind of vibrant health that I wish for everyone. I hope that all your health choices are made in love (not fear) and result in greater and greater levels of health and well-being. For this interview go to Conscious Media.com, click on Interviews and scroll down to find David Wolfe.

Please feel free to share this information with anyone you feel may benefit from it. I don't make a habit of letting people know how I feel on different issues, but I felt particularly compelled to inform everyone on the vaccine issue since it is such an important health consideration and there is so little talk of what is actually in the vaccines.

In vibrant health,

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