"CHAFF" - The Chemtrail Realities *LINK* *PIC*

"CHAFF" - The Chemtrail Realities *LINK* *PIC*
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Wednesday, August 02, 2006 11:13 am

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"Chaff" - The Chemtrail Realities

Anyone who has surfed the net's uncensored pages for any period of time has no doubt heard about chemtrails. There are several schools of thought on the subject, ranging from the mundane republicorp "Ain't no such thing" to the ultra-conspiracy theorist's "It's all a plot of poison huge portions of the population." Figuring that the truth is somewhere in between the extremes usually, I was intrigued this morning to receive a pointer to the July issue of the Idaho Observer which quotes a GAO report. The thinking seems to be that what most of us would call "chemtrails" may really be huge use of military "chaff." Key part of the story:

"Once chaff reaches the ground, it breaks down into particles small enough to inhale. Though military spokespeople insist that chaff is not harmful, the GAO report concluded that health effects are unknown and more studies are needed. "

Naturally, being a curious sort, I went looking for Google results at [+gao +chaff]. Sure enough, there really is a 1998 GAO report that says:

"GAO noted that: (1) chaff is used worldwide in conjunction with military training, testing, and other assigned missions; (2) in fiscal year (FY) 1997, the Air Force reported using about 1.8 million bundles worldwide, Navy and Marine Corps aircraft used more than 354,000 bundles and 593 rolls, and Navy combat ships used about 10,000 large bundles; (3) DOD records indicate that FY 1998 inventories include more than 37 million bundles and more than 141,000 rolls of chaff; (4) the Air Force holds about 77 percent of the bundles, while the Navy and Marine Corps hold all the rolls; (5) the Army has some mission needs but possesses and uses little chaff in peacetime training or testing; (6) while DOD components report that chaff is an effective means of defense for aircraft, ships, and related weapons systems, DOD and other agencies have identified some unintended and potential side effects of chaff; (7) chaff can affect safety by interfering with air traffic control radar; (8) chaff can also affect weather radar observations and the operation of friendly radar systems, especially when vehicles stir up chaff that has settled on the ground; (9) the services have a number of ongoing initiatives to address concerns about the unintended and potential effects of chaff; (10) for example, DOD has entered into or is negotiating agreements with other federal agencies to address issues related to commercial air safety, weather forecasting, and environmental impacts on public lands; (11) also, the Navy has started a program to develop degradable chaff that is estimated to cost about 40 percent more than the current chaff; (12) while intended as beneficial, the Navy has not yet defined the operational and environmental benefits that could result from this program; (13) notwithstanding DOD's actions, some concerns continue to be raised by the public and federal agencies about the potentially harmful or undesirable effects of chaff on the environment; (14) also, some of DOD's studies cite additional areas where questions have been raised about the unintended effects of chaff; (15) DOD has not systematically followed up on these questions or on the recommendations of these reports to determine whether they merit additional review; and (16) DOD continues to retain lead-based chaff in its inventory even though this type of chaff has not been manufactured since 1987 and is reportedly no longer in use.

Naturally, as the word spread about "chaff" use, corpgov went into overdrive, reporting that "chaff" had no serious consequences - and as you'd expect, by 2000 environmental groups were up in arms about it. The Las Vegas Journal-Review reported in 2000 that a Naval Research Laboratories report in particular was questioned:

"The report highlights the Department of Defense's lackadaisical attitude towards human health risks by giving a green light to continued use of chaff while noting that several health questions remain unanswered," Grace Potorti, director of the Reno-based Rural Alliance for Military Accountability, said Tuesday."

Naturally, the military contends that there's no harm to use of chaff. But what surprised me deeply was the amount of "chaff" that was being used in 2000 over the continental US. Specifically around Fallon Naval Air Station, located in Nevada!

"To put the amount of chaff expended by aviators training at NAS Fallon into perspective, I offer these facts: First, only about one-third of the 42,000 annual military flights based out of Fallon use chaff in the course of their training missions. Second, over the last five years, the amount of chaff annually dispensed of over the Fallon Military Operating Area averages about 1/4 ounce per acre. As the report describes, the chemical composition of chaff is essentially the same as desert dust, and the amounts expended into the environment are several orders of magnitude less than EPA standards for dust, vehicle exhaust, power generation and industry. "

To bring things up to nearer current for you, in 1998 the GAO was reporting that increased use of this "chaff" stuff was planned:

"The continuous stream technique, called saturation chaff, may be used by aircraft to cover a large area. By 2005 or 2006, the Army also plans to use saturation chaff to mask vehicle and troop movements. Using a cutter, 360 pounds of chaff from nine 40-pound rolls can be deployed in 10 minutes. Depending on the method and the number of aircraft, such releases could disperse billions of fibers. The B-52 can carry about 750 seven-ounce boxes of chaff; each box contains up to 11 million fibers that can be expelled continuously or in bursts. Most chaff bundles contain millions of fibers. For example, the chaff bundles used most by the Air Force (RR-188) and the Navy (RR-144) contain more than 5 million individual fibers each, and the Navy’s Zuni rocket warhead (RR-182) contains more than 100 million fibers."

So if you're thinking "chemtrails" and want to know where you are most likely to see them, the GAO's September 1998 report includes this handy "chaff/chemtrail" map on Page 6:

(for map, refer to original article in link below)

Notice how Washington DC is not impacted, but most of the rest of the country is? And this is a 1998 map, mind you.

The history of "chaff" goes back to 1954 when it was reported that the government's Chemical Corp pressed the small fiber technology forward:

"Applied research on ground and air munitions showed progress along certain lines. In filling a requirement for practical counter-measures against radar, the Corps developed a nickel coated glass fiber (Agent, Radar Screening, E10) which is approximately 400 times more effective, weight for weight, than chaff. Investigation is being continued to find the most efficient way of disseminating the coated fibers. (SECRET)"

A couple of conclusions present themselves here:

First, "chemtrails" are real, but they are likely, based on the available reports, advanced forms of "chaff".

Dispersal over the USA has been widespread and heavy for at least a decade.

And, the military's use of the "chaff" technology (a/k/a/ chemtrails) is not going away any time soon. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ([ OLD LINK REMOVED ]aff" may have an important role in standoff explosives and concealed weapons detection:

"The Standoff Explosives and Concealed Weapons Detection program will develop a standoff system for the detection of improvised explosive devices (IEDs), suicide bombs and vehicle bombs that have become weapons of havoc and destruction in current urban operations; as well as a low cost concealed weapons detection system. This program will explore various phenomenologies that may permit explosive detections. The first approach will examine chemical approaches such as spectrometry using IR photothermal signature of the explosive compounds, or standoff detection using molecular tags that change physical, electronic, or optical properties upon exposure to emitted vapors. These tags provide specific molecular information on the signature chemicals, thus enhancing specificity in the cluttered environment. They could be deployed as dust or chaff that can be dispersed in the air or sprayed on suspect vehicles, or into larger sensor structures that could be used to integrate the concentration of vapor over time."

Whether current "chaff" operations are already using "chemical tags" for identification is not known. However, what is known is that whether by intent or accident, the reports on the web that "chemtrail residue" contains lots of other chemicals/contaminants, appear to be justified claims.

With electronic warfare and it's opposite, electronic countermeasures (along with electronic counter-counter measures) being a fertile purchasing area for corporate defense contractors, we have to expect that chemtrails/chaff use will continue to increase. Especially if outfits like DARPA are even partially successful in tying "chaff" to real current military problems like improvised explosive devices (IED's) in battle zones like Iraq.

Like depleted uranium munitions, banned by the UN but used by the US, there's no civilian oversight of health consequences of either long term DU or "chaff"/chemtrail use on America's home soil. Yes, we supposedly have oversight in CONgress, but you should have figured by now from the Abramoff scandal that a whispered "Want to buy some pictures?" can push votes around with contempt and disregard for the long term health of us non-elevated citizens.

Morgellon's Longshot?

A reader who read the chaff piece sends this:

"very good report on chaff, nice work!

could be connected to Morgellons disease, people inhaling it, comes out skin, irritates?"

I'll ask!

More Feedback:

I read your report this morning and wanted to let you know that DC is impacted by chemtrails. I live right in the city and have been watching them lay these trails since 2001 and photographing some of the more dramatic examples in the last few years. While I know without a doubt that "something" up there isn't right, I'm still not sure exactly what's going on. If it's harmful, I guess either TPTB have preventative measures to take or are away from the city whenever the trails are being sprayed. We all know Bush is never here! I haven't seen much spraying lately, though, only the haze from this heat and humidity. Keep up the great work!

I don't doubt it - remember the map was from 1998...

Meantime, Back at the Wars

It's just (point pun here, but what do you expect?) "bullet points" today:

Israel's invasion of Lebanon has pushed it very close to Syria.

Syria's foreign minister doesn't rule out Israel attacking it.

Lebanon is running out of fuel (and we expect food shortly) as they are in the middle of the "squeeze play".

Iraq continues to look more like a civil war than "Iraqi Freedom"

Canada is using bungee-launched drones to patrol Afghanistan

My overview on all this is that wars at this level (and higher) are predictable because in a world economy based on continuously increasing consumption in order to "make a profit" (sort of the prime directive in business), once a transition into a war economy begins, it must by necessity escalate to victory (defined however you will) by one side or the other. Thus, more demonization of America's "enemies" - you'll note we have a lot more of them lately - but that's good for the death merchant/arms business. Speaking of which:

Money in Death

Let me again use a few "bullet points" for you:

The Bush administration has spelled out plans to sell $6-billion worth of arms to moderate Arab countries. Apparently, they haven't figured out that come December, when I expect to see a major attack on Israel, these same Arab held arms would likely be pointing at our brave young men and women who are defending America. Such is the corpgov cynicism and scorn for life if it crosses profits.

Let's see, we also have Hugo Chavez of Venezuela continuing his shopping spree in Russian with what's now $3-billion of arms in his shopping cart.

Russia is doing a land office business in arms sales to China, something that concerns Japan, among others.

Selling arms is a big deal in England too, where they're busy selling things like "components for nuclear reactors" to China. Apparently, the UK's defence types haven't read "Red Dragon Rising." But then again, Hillary's Bill sold China high tech computers that could be used for evil, so it's not like corporations have any sense of shame about selling potential enemies the weapons to attack us.

And that's the point: Corporations are amoral business structures which allow collections of humans (boards of directors) to act in distinctly anti-human ways for only one thing: personal gain. But as the time maps from the web bot project at [ OLD LINK REMOVED ] show, as we enter the "revolution/rebellion" mode globally in September, you won't be able to say you didn't see it coming.

Mexican Fuse Burning

Mexico's interior secretary says the protests by the Obrador supporters are illegal. But that headline, and the story, should not surprise you because he works for Vincente Fox who is pulling all possible strings to get his buddy Felipe Calderon installed as president. 40,000 people now living in the tent city protesters have set up in Mexico City. Thney support Lopex Obrador who is demanding a full recount. Which Fox (/Bush)/Calderon won't allow because it would get in the way of efforts of America's other government (the one not-elected) to tear down our borders with Mexico (see [ OLD LINK REMOVED ] ).

Oily Vice

The Senate has passed legislation to expand offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. The big problem, however, will be finding rigs to do drilling. Extreme hard to find rig time now. And wait till be hit $100 oil this fall!

Poor Held Hostage

A perfect example of republicorp two-faced politics continues to evolve as we notice that Sinate Majority Leader First is linking an estate tax cut for the rich to an improvement of minimum wages for the poor. We have the best lawmakers money can buy, don't we?

Peoplenomics: Frightening Conclusions

This week, I thought it would be useful to try and answer reader questions that were invited last weekend. Why? Partly because the summer doldrums are here; many of the world's markets were just "going through the motions" of bidding up the price of paper for the past two weeks. The other reason is that in this week's Chart Pack, I demonstrate a rather frightening conclusion that I hadn't really fully absorbed previously. The conclusion? That if one applies some simple Elliott Wave rules, then there's a strong case to be made the most of the world's markets will collapse in the next two years or so, and with it, most of the companies in today's indices will likely go bankrupt. (How do you have "negative values" in markets?) It's a startling enough conclusion...but click here for the Chart Pack and you'll see why I am still a bit off-balance from the research. The conclusion is both startling and deeply troubling.