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Friday, July 09, 2010 12:25 am

The ocean can look after oil at those depths quite nicely.  The side effects harm sea life (killing the crackers, red necks and hardcore folks down south as well) and kills off a bunch of elderly, QUICKLY.  Why doesn\'t any radical at a University steal a frickin benzene (or other VOC) \'sniffer\' and check the air?  Surely SOMEONE in the US has one of these devices?  Ah, no one answers my emails on this issue (thanks Rense, AJ, et al...I should try Drew Raines tomorrow!).  The last vestiges of data the EPA released on that issue showed above normal levels for a SAFE WORKING ENVIRONMENT.  WTF does that have to do with constant inhalation for MONTHS?

Using a @rumormillnews.com email at times opens doors.  Sorry, that\'s what I wanted all along.  Heck George Ure uses my posts now and then, I have what most people lack...time and the ability to investigate with that time.  NADA this time!  Paul Stamets can have that oil on the beach cleaned up in a year and a bit.  Not timely, but not so bad.  No one wants to do the \'difficult\' task of taking a simple sniffer, or sniffer chip anywhere near the coast.  Why?  I\'ll tell you why.  IF word gets out to EVERYONE that the air is toxic, Gulf Real Estate is kaput for a decade.  What does that do?

The hair on my arm is standing up because this site crashes my Firefox all the time?


What does a collapse of Gulf Real Estate (think of that!, cogitate!) do?  It CRASHES THE REAL GOOSE THAT LAID THE GOLDEN EGG for the Globalists...the DERIVATIVES MARKET!  WHO, WHERE, HOW, WTF?  Who \'owns\' the deed/title for all those properties?

NO ONE KNOWS.  Maybe some Bank in Holland owns that bit and some dude in Pakistan owns next door kind of thing!


SIMPLE.!  It\'ll all fall to shambles overnight, not  slowly and lingeringly like it is \'supposed\' to with the Globalists making money off of the slow suffering of the toxified, the \'clean up\', Cap and Trade and a rise in fuel prices.  If word gets out...really gets out...just how bad the air is.

The sheople will stop chewing their sheople grass and rampage-stampede!  They will sharpen knives, hone guillatines, make sure their powder is dry, and look for bankers.  No one thinks the \'upper\' middle class is \'rich\' anymore...that\'s what the Ptw were hoping/planning for. A bunch of dolts thinking \"it\'s that guy with the pool\" or whatever.  But too many people know better and their are too many sources for the aware to point people towards.  Hence the \'Kill Switch\' on the Internet...you are all backing up really poignant things with your used printers right?  Why used?  So no one can trace the little yellow dots that you can\'t see but \'they\' can.

There is a very bright light at the end of the reallty short tunnel.  The derivatives market collapsing will do in banking as we know it.  But it really only hurts the bankers and those whom feed off the left overs.  There is a Bucky Fuller quote I\'ll just paraphrase, forgive me it\'s late, which goes something like \'if all the lawyers and bankers went away overnight, leaving the capacity of manufacture and such, we\'d quadruple our wealth in 24 hours\'...or words to that effect.  Really, we\'d have to IMO institute a form of Social Credit for use inside of whatever countries remained or became newly formed (like really...love ya\'ll but stay on your side of the Rockies please!) with a commodities heavily weighted towards precious metals for use in International trade.  Whoop-dee-do.  We can do that.  The rest of it all, I\'ll leave til later I suppose but my opinion on those matters are better voiced where I live.  As politics is meant to be.