"Bush's Latest Fake 'Terrorist Plot' from the DoD's Own Lincoln Group *LINK*

"Bush's Latest Fake 'Terrorist Plot' from the DoD's Own Lincoln Group *LINK*
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Zany Mystic
Monday, September 18, 2006 06:28 pm

Bush’s Latest Fake ‘Terrorist Plot’ from the DoD’s Own Lincoln Group

Crossfire War - Tehran Plans Nuclear Terror Attack Inside US - Ramadan 9-24!!!!!

by Willard Payne

Crossfire War - TEHRAN WATCH - North America Theatre: Tehran/Washington - New York - San Francisco; al-Qaeda (Tehran) Planning Nuclear Terror Attack During Month of Ramadan Beginning Sept. 24

Night Watch: TEHRAN - AKI reports that Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir, when interviewed over al-Arabiya televison, stated that during his recent trip to Afghanistan he met with Taliban fighters and al-Qaeda (Tehran) members who spoke of a nuclear terror attack inside the United States during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan which begins on September 24. That the attack is being planned by Adnan Al-Shukri Juma, an al-Qaeda agent who had been trained in nuclear technology along with other al-Qaeda members. AKI

Juma\'s role seems to be similar to the role of Mohammad Atta who lead the first hijacked plane into the World Trade Center on 9/11. The Pentagon was also attacked and it is possible Washington - New York are being targeted again. But I suspect Tehran could also direct al-Qaeda to hit San Francisco in order to destroy the engineering services headquarted there, who were invited to Iran the day after the Gulf War ended, and prevent them from serving the Allied war effort.

According to the Pakistani journalist, explosives and nuclear material have been smuggled into the U. S. through the Mexican border. (This sounds like something Chris Bollyn or Tom Flocco would invent, Ed) In September 1997 the CBS program 60 Minutes interviewed former Russian General Alexander Lebed who stated that when the Soviet Union broke up, a lot of suitcase size nuclear bombs were unaccounted for, nearly 200 of them.(These were sold by the CIA’s very own Colonel James Critchfield and Lt. Colonel James Atwood to Pakistani interests, BH) There was no speculation as to were they went but everyone knew, before the interview, that a lot of what the Soviet Union had did indeed go south including Russian scientists who are no strangers to nuclear material and eager to serve anyone who could pay them more than Moscow, in this case Tehran.

The bombs look like a suitcase and they can also fit inside one. They only weigh 60-100 lbs and if you see a man carrying one it will look like he is carrying a suitcase. I believe it was mentioned than in terms of nuclear energy, the bombs were 1 kiloton. They were initially designed to destroy a large enemy military base but if they are detonated in an urban center it could kill 50,000-100,000 people.

Night Watch Information Service , Department of Defense Press Division

Comment: Just think, U.S. taxpayer’s money is paying for this silly shit. This is almost as phony as the “liquid bombs’ nonsense our British friends invented to help out a failing Bush. If this the best our people can come up with, they should go back to work for Wal-Mart. Cleaning the Rest Rooms. BH

Port Security Won’t Bankrupt Us

September 14, 2006
Editorial, New York Times

Michael Chertoff, the secretary of Homeland Security, seems determined to outdo his commander in chief in ratcheting up fears of Al Qaeda whenever he wants to score political points. This week, he raised the specter that if the government starts too many expensive antiterrorism programs it could further a plot by Osama bin Laden to “drive us crazy, into bankruptcy” through overspending on homeland defense.

It was particularly ironic that Mr. Chertoff spun this theory while he was fighting off a measure, up for a vote today, that would help protect our ports against the threat that he himself deems most worrisome — a nuclear explosion within our borders — without government spending.

In testifying before a Senate committee on Tuesday, Mr. Chertoff flailed away at straw men of his own concoction. He warned darkly about the dangers of trying to protect the country from “every conceivable threat” — an idea no one has ever espoused. The issue has always been the need to set priorities, and in that respect, Mr. Chertoff’s department has become a laughingstock. It compiled one list of possible targets that included a petting zoo and a popcorn factory while the government provided only a pittance for our vulnerable subways.

The White House has been warning that Osama bin Laden enunciated a policy in 2004 of “bleeding America to the point of bankruptcy.” But there’s no reason to think the terrorist was hatching a plot to force his enemies to buy too many metal detectors or bomb-sniffing dogs. He actually seemed to be gloating about the economic harm wrought by attacks like the one on the World Trade Center, and the costs imposed on America by military adventures. So far, we have not heard anyone from the administration warning that the invasion of Iraq is going to drive us crazy, into bankruptcy.

When it comes to prioritizing our antiterrorism spending, it’s hard to understand what Mr. Chertoff dislikes about a measure, introduced by Senator Charles Schumer, Democrat of New York, that would require that all cargo containers headed for the United States be scanned at foreign ports to search for a possible nuclear weapon. Mr. Chertoff, after all, put a nuclear bomb at the top of his list of things to worry about, followed by a biological or serious radiological attack. He also agreed that eventually, every container should be screened abroad for radioactive material before it can be loaded into a ship headed for this country.

But he balked at doing it now on the flimsy grounds that some ports might not have enough room to install scanning devices without slowing the flow of traffic and that some foreign governments might not cooperate.

Those sound like the rationalizations of a bureaucrat unwilling to push hard or buck a strong lobbying effort by shippers who don’t want any additional hassles or costs. Terminal operators in Hong Kong have been using such scanners effectively and inexpensively without disrupting traffic. The cost of such scanning might reach $20 a container, a small surcharge on shipping costs measured in hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

When it comes to homeland security, the Bush administration has repeatedly allowed corporate profits to trump safety. That seems to be the problem here, just as it has been when it came to the chemical industry’s resistance to reforms that would help protect against toxic disasters if terrorists ever attacked their plants. Right now, a port security bill is pending in the Senate that would establish three pilot programs overseas to test the feasibility of scanning all containers. But Mr. Schumer is surely right that delay is dangerous and unnecessary. Virtually all containers destined for the United States should be scanned for nuclear or radiological weapons within the next four years. It is not enough to scan the containers after their arrival here, the current administration policy. That could be too late.

Comment: If someone were to draw a thick line in lipstick down the front of Cueball Chertoff’s head, it would be a perfect example of a schmuck with earlops. Another example of a useless Bush buttsucker. BH