"Bush in Babylon (Iraq)" book cover shows boy going potty on U.S. Soldier. *LINK* *PIC*

"Bush in Babylon (Iraq)" book cover shows boy going potty on U.S. Soldier. *LINK* *PIC*
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Sunday, September 17, 2006 11:26 am

this author\'s comments about the Pope\'s speech is featured right now at counterpunch.org, and it links to this book by him (see cover below).

Weekend Edition
September 16 / 17, 2006
Papal Insults
A Bavarian Provocation


Was Benedict\'s most recent provocation accidental or deliberate? The Bavarian is a razor-sharp reactionary cleric. A man who organises his own succession to the Papacy with a ruthless purge of potential dissidents and supervises the selection of Cardinals with great care leaves little to chance.

I think he knew what he was saying and why.

Choosing a quote from Manuel II Paleologos, not the most intelligent of the Byzantine rulers, was somewhat disingenuous, especially on the eve of a visit to Turkey. He could have found more effective quotes and closer to home. Perhaps it was his unique tribute to Oriana Fallaci.


The Muslim world with two of its countries---Iraq and Afghanistan-- directly occupied by Western troops does not need to be reminded of the language of the Crusades. In a neo-liberal world suffering from environmental degradation, poverty, hunger, repression, a \'planet of slums\' (in the graphic phrase of Mike Davis), the Pope chooses to insult the founder of a rival faith.

The reaction in the Muslim world was predictable, but depressingly insufficient. Islamic civilization cannot be reduced to the power of the sword. It was the vital bridge between the Ancient world and the European Renaissance. It was the Catholic Church that declared War on Islam in the Iberian Peninsula and Sicily. Mass expulsions, killings, forced conversions and a vicious Inquisition to police the cleansed Europe and the reformist Protestant enemy....

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