“Boom Boom Baby, Your the one. “

“Boom Boom Baby, Your the one. “
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Thursday, March 23, 2006 07:21 pm

: OMG,

: Excellent Job!!

: Send me your address via email to contact@bloginservice.com and we\'ll
: get you our a BBS Radio Polo Shirt!!!

Didn\'t you read my post.

OMG is my son Ben.

That was my son Ben \'shit-stirring\'... He saw all of the info on my computer. And heard me talking with the fellow that brought the stone over to show me.

Ben could do with another T-Shirt though.

Maybe he deserves one for being bold. (like his daddy)

My kids are size Lancifer / MadDog.

Come to think of it... ? ... He would be good advertising... He was in the papers again this week. (He\'s in a local Rock / Jazz band) He is the Bass Man... I call him “BOOM BOOM”

I\'ll send you his/my postal address.

“Boom Boom Baby, Your the one. “