‘Black Holes’ are not black.

‘Black Holes’ are not black.
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Sunday, October 08, 2006 12:25 am

‘Black Holes’ are where Space (3D) is ‘sucked in’, consumed, and ‘converted’ into Time.

These ‘Black Holes’ are not black. They are CLEAR.

They only ‘look’ black because there is only ‘Time’ being radiated by them. And all of our ‘sensory equipment’ cannot ‘see’, or sense the time that these ‘Black Holes’ give off. (or ‘radiate’)

Time and Space are equal and opposite.

Hence, with a ‘Black Hole’, the ‘fabric’ of 3D space is converted into Time, and is ‘given off’ in equal proportions to the amount of Space that is ‘consumed’ within the Black Holes ‘parameters’… You cannot see through a Black Hole. That is why it looks black.

‘Where’ this Time ‘goes’ ? Is a futile question.

Time, just is… It is the ‘Formless’ that is often spoken about… But from a 3D perspective, Time is as good as ‘Tick Tock’. You can (sort of measure it), ‘see’ it ‘go by’. And one may experience the Time move quickly, or slowly sometimes. But you cannot put a finger on it.

So if you can see that to produce ‘more’ Time, one has to ‘sacrifice’ some ‘Space’ to create it. It then makes sense why those ‘nutters’ in Geneva are fiddling with that Particle Accelerator.

They are up to ‘no good’ without a doubt.

My guess is that they are attempting to factor in a ‘Time Mechanism’ into their already, up and running ‘Space Machine’ (or mechanism)… And I am not talking ‘Space Shuttle’, ‘Rocket’ or ‘Space Lab’… I am talking about the ‘Space’ apparatus that they ALREADY HAVE.

That is… They ALREADY HAVE what you would call a UFO… EXCEPT !!! … This ‘thing’ does NOT FLY… It is actually an AREA that they can move to another place. WITHOUT THE USE OF A SHELL… as in the outside shell of a vehicle. (I have only seen it being moved around the confines of Earth… but they may be able to go ‘off planet’ with this mechanism/apparatus.)

These guys can move a selected area wherever they want. (as far as I can tell) … Although I have noticed them scratching their heads over some ‘locations’. They non-the less have the ability to move an area like a laboratory, or just a certain size space like an office, around the planet.

I ‘chanced’ upon one of these ‘areas’ of space that had been moved from wherever.
I was within 40 feet of one of these ‘Areas of Space’, and watched intently at what they were doing (for a few minutes) before I was spotted… There was three people in the ‘Area’. One Anglo Saxon looking professor type. And two ‘technician’ looking dudes.

One of the technicians spotted me (I was standing as still as I could… to avoid detection) … Anyway… The next moment. IT (the ‘Area’ they were in), disappeared.

It did not fade out, shrink, or fly off… It just disappeared faster than I have EVER seen ANYTHING disappear.

It was like ‘they’ flicked a switch, and the ‘Area’ that they were in was gone… (back from wherever it was ‘projected’ from I guess).

I am SURE it disappeared in a non-time moment.

Seeing the ‘way’ it disappeared was more startling than actually seeing it there in the first place… It was sooooo quick, that my mind ‘reeled’ because my senses were having a little trouble with the non-time aspect of it all.

I was shaking my head for a while before I could grasp the non-time aspect of it.


They seem to have the ‘space/area’ aspect of travel sorted out. But I guess they are now attempting to integrate the Time mechanism into this technology.

That is why (I guess) they are looking at ‘Black Holes’ with a ferocious and ‘salivating’ attitude.

I suppose you’ve got to give them top marks for trying… An A+ for EFFORT, so to speak.
But I give them a D- for INTENT.

Coz I reckon they are up to no good.

As usual.