A beautiful tribute on YouTube to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi *LINK*

A beautiful tribute on YouTube to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi *LINK*
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Saturday, February 09, 2008 12:18 am

He has gone, welcomed back to Heaven with open arms, but all that he brought us and taught us is still here. Transcendental Meditation is the key which, when practiced regularly, unlocks the profound potential of the human nervous system, allowing the full and glorious supreme Reality of any individual\'s life to blossom forth. Maharishi has said that the pure knowledge of this easy and simple technique of meditation will last 10,000 years on earth, (this time), due to the availability of video technology. Many, many hours of his beautiful and wonderfully informative lectures have been saved. He was a complete and fully enlightened expression of pure Nature, of pure Knowledge, and of the timeless, infinite Absolute, always full of joy, always giving, and always amazingly brilliant.

Here are a few of his words:

\"We have been talking of thought, speech, and action according to the Constitution of the Universe, according to total Natural Law. Where is the seat of total Natural Law? The seat of total Natural Law is in the self-referral Unified Field, where every point, every point of infinity, has multi-directional, circulatory intelligence.

‘Within the point, you can imagine a big nothingness, absolute abstraction within the point, whirling around itself, humming around itself. An example will be the hollowness of a banyan seed. The banyan seed is quite hollow inside. That hollowness certainly is zero, but in its unmanifest value that zero is infinite dynamism within itself. In Sanskrit, it is called Atyanta Bhava—absolute abstraction, a big zero, hollowness, unmanifest. This is the totality of Natural Law, humming within itself. The hollowness of the banyan seed is humming within itself.

‘By “humming within itself”, I am indicating where we can intellectually locate total Natural Law in its dynamic quality. Where can we find it? In every point of creation, in the absolute abstraction within the point, a big zero, nothingness, in the nature of the unmanifest. The point of infinity is humming the Will of God. It is humming the Will of God. You can imagine a point, point, point—all the points—are humming within themselves.

‘What is happening is that the entire mass of unboundedness is humming within itself. That hum is the hum of total Natural Law. That is “Aham” of the individual: “I am”, “Thou art”, “This is That”, “I am That”, “Thou art That”—Totality. This Totality is so easily brought to one’s conscious awareness. The Totality where infinity is humming within itself is not inertia; the unmanifest value is not inertia. It is infinite dynamism in every point of creation.

‘This infinite dynamism is that intelligence of unbounded scale—unbounded magnitude. This is there in the unmanifest value at the point value in creation. Infinity is made of points; unboundedness is made of points; the galactic universe is made of points, points, everything points. To bring that point to one’s conscious awareness is the practice of Transcendental Meditation. It is easily reached. “Easily reached” means the point value is the essence of all life. It is the source of all life. It is the course of all life—the source, course, and goal of all life.

‘Everything is rushing on to be infinite in magnitude—infinite dynamism with the ability to run the universe. There in that point value the Constitution of the Universe is available. That is available in the first syllable, “A”. Because this is lacking in education, we are now opening schools, colleges, and centres of TM everywhere.

‘The Vedic word “Yoga” means unity. This hum as the unmanifest basis of creation—the hum at the unmanifest basis of creation—is the ultimate level of creation, is the source of creation. Eventually, when we come down to it, it is the source, course, and goal of all creation.

‘It is so simple, so easy for everyone. Not knowing this, one is not gaining advantage of it. God has given us the body, and inside the body is that field of consciousness. The point of consciousness is that intelligence which is the intelligent basis of all creation everywhere. That is the only one thing worth knowing, by knowing which the results of knowing everything will be at our disposal. What we want will be supplied by Nature. How beautifully Dr. Hagelin said that the Unified Field is the only thing to be known. The Vedic expression is, “Know that by knowing which everything gets known.”

‘The journey of gaining Total Knowledge is a very short journey. It is short because it is not long [laughter]. It is short by nature—a point.

‘Now you can imagine a point, where there is nothing. That nothing is Samadhi—evenness of intellect. Everyone likes and reads all the books of Yoga, and translations have been commenting on what Yoga is. But the whole thing is that Yoga is that everything which is hidden from view and which is open to experience. One cannot imagine what it is; one cannot think what it is. It is not through thinking; it is not through contemplation. It is through completely being it.

‘The point of creation, the Light of God within, is a matter of experience. You cannot remain a little far from it or very far from it and say that, yes, you know it. That is imagination. The reality is that because everything is that, you have to transcend everything, and then you are in that field.

‘Transcendental Meditation is the way to perfection—that is all. Now it has various aspects of knowledge, procedures, and programmes in which the teachers have been trained during all this time. They are continuing to be trained everywhere like that. The tradition of teaching has always been there, because in this profession, in this tradition, the teacher enjoys his own transcendental reality. He experiences it morning and evening. During the day, while teaching others, he talks about it and brings it out in his speech, action, and behaviour. It came out to be so good, because it is the basis of everything. It is the basis of all life; it is the supreme basis of all life.\"