" . . . and an introduction to Planet X" *LINK*

" . . . and an introduction to Planet X" *LINK*
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Wednesday, February 15, 2006 11:40 am


This is the first mainstream media article I\'ve ever found discussing the possibility of \"Planet X\" - particularly as related to current earth changes. That portion of the article is entered below, which begins about half way through.

\"Ruining your day, and an introduction to Planet X\"
by Ian Fraser: FRASER\"S RAZOR, Mail & Guardian Online, Feb 15, 2006 -

\"Now that I\'ve shown that a rethink might be useful for your perception of news, war, snacks and cosmetics, let\'s go overboard into some fun fringe thought. Why? Because no one else will. Get your tin-foil hat on, and here goes: this time round, I want to introduce you to a concept known as \"Planet X\".

The idea of a \"Planet X\" is a long-held one -- according to the official view, it comes from the days before the discovery of Pluto. Read Wikipedia and Planet X. However, this phrase has a different meaning nowadays.

Thirty or so years back, according to the writings of Sumerian scholar (and possible nutter) Zecharia Sitchin, he wrote that we should be on the lookout for the return of the planet that he called \"Nibiru\" -- the home planet of the ancient race that created humankind, according to Sumerian legend. (Funnily enough, the ancient texts refer to the hybrid \"thing\", or \"humans\", made by this visiting race as \"The Adam\"). Sounds like a familiar legend, doesn\'t it? Read an Interview with Sitchin.

This alleged mystery planet has become known commonly as \"Planet X\" (for those who don\'t buy into Sitchin\'s work or who prefer to think of it as possibly the \"Wormwood\" mentioned in Revelations.)

Before you laugh, the geeks will have noted that astronomers have been uncovering \"new\" planets on very wide orbits within our solar system up to very recently -- for instance, an MSNBC article titled \'A Mystery Revolves around the Sun\'.

The theory goes that when \"Nibiru\" (aka \"Planet X\") begins to return towards us, we\'ll see a variety of changes within the Earth itself, as new gravitational effects begin to make themselves known. What kind of effects you ask? Weird weather, earthquakes, volcanoes, a heating up of the atmosphere. Gee, pretty much what we\'ve been seeing over the past decade or so.

Science doesn\'t seem to be saying too much about the idea of a \"new\" Planet X (least of all one that might be heading towards us). Note the \"oops\" factor in \'Tenth Planet May Be Bigger Than Expected\'.

As to what the truth is -- who knows? There do appear to be a number of global changes unfolding. For instance, there are no good answers currently about just why the Earth\'s magnetic pole is drifting from the United States towards Siberia. Read Earth\'s Magnetic Field Moving Fast.

And \"something\" is moving around inside the Earth. Whatever \"it\" is, it is big enough to change the shape of the Earth itself and cause the gravity field of the Earth to alter. This is from National Geographic News -- read Why Is Earth\'s Girth Bulging?.

There\'s apparently a major anomaly that has developed in the past three weeks -- involving some ongoing standard \"wobble\" in the Earth called the \"Chandler\'s Wobble\" that has stopped. Read Major Anomaly in Chandler\'s Wobble.

If you want to step off into high weirdness, read a quick intro to Nibiru and then do some reading at Zecharia Sitchin Official Site. See more Nibiru-related material or use the search feature at the left, on the data-filled site of Steve Quayle.

Until the next time, if the weirdness doesn\'t get me.\"