(....and another bloke's opinion). Not bad. *LINK*

(....and another bloke's opinion). Not bad. *LINK*
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Wednesday, December 28, 2005 10:06 pm

Lucifer is one of those subjects which seems to invite opinion expressed as dogma. For example Tote asserts:

: The context of Isaiah
: 14 is clear. The context is a comparison between an unnamed
: Babylonian King to the brilliance and destructiveness wrought by a
: celestial object.

As \"clear\" as that interpretation is to Tote, I don\'t agree with it, and consider it to be too literalist and superficialist, i.e., it doesn\'t explain the nature of spiritual or spirit-world attributes, as the entire book of Isaiah is obviously intended.

: The [Jews] since forever understood the designation \"Heyleyl Ben
: Shakhar\" to refer to Noga or Venus.

Besides that being a nice reference to Jewish Qabala, it should be added that the [Jews] like any eschatologist worth his or her salt, didn\'t stop there: They ponder the symbolic meaning of Venus, not merely believing that Isaiah 14 is talking about the second rock from the Sun.

: The 2nd-3rd century AD church heretic, Origen, appears to be
: the first person to assert Lucifer is Satan. That heresy has stayed
: with the churches of Christendom since about the 3rd centry AD.

\"Origin the heretic,\" is that an original view?

\"...Tertullian (Contra Marrionem, v. 11, 17), Origen (Ezekiel Opera, iii. 356), and others, identify Lucifer with Satan....\"

It would be more accurate to say that in your categorically limited access to what early Christians believed or wrote, Origin appears to you to be the first person who mentioned probably-already-widespread Christian identification of Lucifer with Satan.

: As a name of the celestial object, the title Lucifer(latin), was
: appropriated by the lord Christ unto himself.

Are you referring to Lord Christ Maietreya?

\"Lord Maitreya - Cosmic Christ and Planetary Buddha\"

More likely, you\'re referring to the Lord Jesus Christ.

: To say that the lord
: Christ is Lucifer would be correct.

You mean, it would be correct to identify Jesus Christ with the planet Venus, especially since he says as much in the Apocalypse:

: As the Morning Star heralds the
: coming of the rising Sun, the lord Christ is a herald to the glory of
: the God whom he worships.

Thanks, that does help explain the emphasis on Venus being MORNING Star.