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Tuesday, July 22, 2008 12:42 am

Question: Do you believe that thought creates changes in polarity of energy, or that thought can cause energy to change in any way? If you do, then why not think about things that make you happy! Many people want to believe in something more, and this in turn creates something more (within their reality matrix).

If your record can play at the same time as my record; two songs playing at once, each record spinning, one on top of the other, then so to with multiple realities... Cow one, is after all, not cow two....

I like the thought of an other wordly presence. It makes life so much for interesting. It allows for further discovery, and at the very least, an exercise in the expansion of ones imagination (which is the life force of creation-creativity).

: The dumbest stuff I\'ve ever read.
: Even if these stupid aliens exist
: who cares.

: If I was an alien, I wouldn\'t zip around
: in my flying saucer with all my technology
: and preach condescending stupidity instead
: of helping people that are in need.

: Maybe all that technology got to their heads
: and on their visit to earth they forgot to pick
: up a bible.

: If one of their \"beam ships\" landed in my yard
: I\'d put a no parking sign.