a addon of additional things i see that are obvious to me

a addon of additional things i see that are obvious to me
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Tuesday, January 28, 2014 07:47 pm
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I believe \'Tata\' meanings father in punjabi...


I\'m NOT swallowing all these \'stories\' about suicides being spewed.


Not when we are dealing with MASS MURDERERS at the helm.


Everything that goes on in this world the globalists/cabal lays claim to .... and EVERYTHING WRONG also BELONGS to them !


They use symbols and names to take ownership of EVERYTHING they think they own,, THAT INCLUDES ALL hidden criminal actions !


lets see if i can add a few of the latest symbols that seem to link here...


we have the latest nsa spy crap: birds

with fits with the pope\'s bird ATTACKING bird story...

fish... we have all the stories surrounding the snizraeli hidden attack on fukushima and the resulting poisoning of the pacfic ocean....


dead fish... which btw is also a know way of sending a message of death by the mafia...fish wrapped in paper..also fish relates back to the church of england...need i say more there ?

and we can\'t even forget since it was only two days ago the grammys...hollywood...mafia again

two katys,  perry and the princess,  self admitted black witch katy with her brooms and white princess ??? who\'s tied to the head of one wing of the unholy set of churches... 



the JP morgan building ...mirror mirror on the wall ???

with ALL their ties to the sewer hole ..city of london and the knights templar

oh and the achangel boy here last name is also the same name the devil uses magee...double ee\'s are also replacements for i...magi

oooo ya and lets not forget the dark horse too...Sauron\'s Nazgûl !

boy i could go on forever...Jack, I\'m sure you will add much to this that i\'m skipping over my mind is races with all of it