$86 Million in U.S. AID Went to HEZBOLLAH. How's THAT for Funding BOTH SIDES of an Armed Conflict? Where was the "All-Powerful" AIPAC...? *LINK*

$86 Million in U.S. AID Went to HEZBOLLAH. How's THAT for Funding BOTH SIDES of an Armed Conflict? Where was the "All-Powerful" AIPAC...? *LINK*
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Sunday, June 20, 2010 05:51 am

...somebody must have stuffed their beanies in their mouths, but then they\'re always full of sound and fury...signifying NOTHING.  With friends like THAT and the U.S. Congress -- who needs enemies?  All this under Dubya\'s watch, so I can only Imagine what\'s really happening under OBAMA.  According to the writer of this article --  \"AIPAC is billed as “the pro-Israel lobby,” but here’s what it really is:  the American-Liberals-Shove-it-Down-Israel’s-Throat Committee. Yes, AIPAC really stands for the Appeasement forced on Israel (by liberal American naifs) Public Affairs Committee.\" -- I guess it\'s kind of like so many people actually believing that Dubya was pro-Israel.  American Zionists -- Jews and Christians -- who believed in Bush or AIPAC, should be saying, \"Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice -- then just shoot me \'cause I\'m too stupid to live.\"  With the continued support of OBAMA, the U.S. Congress, Egypt, Iran and Syria, I\'m sure HEZBOLLAH and HAMAS will do just fine -- not only in Israel, but all over the world...

New Lebanon Industry: Jihadi Tourism; How Much US Aid $ Went to Hezbollah’s Anti-Israel “War Museum”?

By Debbie Schlussel
June 18, 2010


As I told you in 2006, Hezbollah received hundreds of thousands of dollars in US AID money and other U.S. taxpayer funds, which went straight to the terrorist group to “distribute and rebuild infrastructure.”  As I also told you, in 2000, when he was a U.S. Senator, Fred Thompson’s campaign manager, Spencer Abraham and  current Michigan Republican candidate for Congress, Paul Welday, got a whopping $86 million in US AID money for Hezbollah  “to rebuild infrastructure in South Lebanon.”  Neither of these huge sets of U.S. money giveaways were ever tracked...

Hezbollah has had some time to refine its skills in memorialization. Not long had the dust settled on its 2006 conflict with Israel than it opened a temporary exhibition in honor of the group’s “victory” in Dahiya, its south Beirut power base. There the presentation was rough and the propaganda raw.

“Rough” and “raw”? That’s a nice way of saying what I know from my Lebanese intelligence sources, which is that there were photos of desecrated, tortured Israeli soldiers’ bodies and the like. That’s what they enjoy looking at.

At Mlita, slick informational plaques dot the way, explaining, in Arabic and English, the significance of certain places and pieces of equipment. Water coolers provide refreshment.

Here’s where we chopped up and tortured the Israeli soldiers, including cutting off their penises and stuffing them into their mouths (yes, Hezbollah did that). Now, enjoy your refreshing halal lemonade.

Visitors from all sects have come to the museum, but predominant among them have been Shiite supporters of Hezbollah from southern Lebanon.

“The resistance developed and grew to challenge the most powerful army, the Israeli army, which was once described as an unbeatable myth,” said Yassir Abboud, a 53-year-old Shiite, visiting from the southern town of Marjayoun. “This is not a museum. This is a place built with blood and sand.”

Yes, Mr. Abboud tells us the truth about Hezbollah’s unquenchable thirst for blood. Hey, at least, he’s honest.

So, how much U.S. tax money went to this?   We’ll never know for sure. But the millions we gave the group allowed it to spend other funds for this monument to one of Islam’s latest attempts at a Final Solution...