8.1 Antartica Region?

8.1 Antartica Region?
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Johnny Skidmarks
Thursday, October 27, 2005 06:39 pm

Whale beachings again in Australia might be harbinger to more disasters. Another 8.1 around the Victoria coast to Antartica regions?

A friend is EQ Sensitive often accurately reports EQ\'s up to 48 hours before they happen is reporting the possibility of an \"8.0 +\".


: Why do the Gods Steer Storms?

: ....and avoid the English Alphabet?

: Seeing the English alphabet no longer has 26 letters and Meteorologists
: can\'t count beyond 21, it\'s only natural the Greek alphabet is
: introduced to name new and exciting storms and hurricanes, isn\'t it?
: Why not Hebrew? Or Cyrilic?

: Greek borrows from Phoenician-Hebrew consonants. The Greek Alpha is
: Aleph; it means Ox. Beta comes from Beth; it means House. Gamma is
: Gimmel and means Camel. Etc. Are cryptic messages inferred by the
: inadequacy of the English alphabet?

: Why is Apollyon, Avaddon? How is Avaddon a minor player in the field of
: Destruction? Who is his big brother HaMashkheet?

: Does Beta mean Cleaning House? Whose House? South America\'s or North
: America\'s? And Gamma, if it forms? Will it inferr Terror from Camel
: Jockeys? Mmmmm?

: Mystics know that Angels can steer celestial bodies. HaMashkheet for
: instance, is the Hebrew name for The Destroyer. It is the title-name
: of a Spirit being, the Angel of Destruction. The means of Destruction
: is the electricity from a celestial object. The Angel steered, and
: will yet steer, the object of the same name.

: The gnostical Mystics believe they are gods; they love to imitate God\'s
: power....whenever they can. These Mystics can steer Destruction...not
: quite as devastating as a Divine Messenger steering celestial bodies
: of course, but they can steer hurricanes which causes minor
: devastation. The science which moves celestial bodies and hurricanes
: is the same...electromagnetism.

: These maniacal gnostics using their mad-scientist friends unfortunately,
: are moving huge masses of water around and causing pressure points on
: Earth\'s crust. They are ruining not just civilizations, but the
: physical planet. More of these steered hurricanes may result not
: solely in greater Earth sway, but collapse of Earth systems including
: agriculture. But how is Saturn, their object of worship connected to
: agriculture?

: There\'s a Sea Change a-coming. Are you prepared?