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and the Golden Council of Shamballa

Channelled through Michelle Eloff©

6th DECEMBER, 2005. Johannesburg, RSA

This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted and the source of the information be acknowledged.

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Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channeling being and a similar process faciltated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channeling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channeling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan,Timing & Purpose. All Questions & Answers from the session have been left in the transcript as we have found the answers too have been of great benefit to our readers.

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of awakening, the blessings of understanding, illumination, and laughter. Greetings, beloved ones.

Greetings, Lord Kuthumi.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved ones, today is one of the great days of celebration. It is the day we activate the platinum gateway and introduce you to the sixth dimensional energy of fluid love. We also wish to take the opportunity to align with all of the lightworkers around your globe who are consciously aware of the activity taking place right now. I ask all of you to consciously open your energy to link up with the fellow light workers globally, so that this energy of fluid love may be anchored firmly within the heart of humanity and firmly within the heart of Lady Gaia. Opening your consciousness as well as your being, your mind, your heart, and the rest of your chakra system to the fluid energy of love will in itself bring about immense change. This change is not limited to you as an individual. It will touch every aspect of your life. Already people are seeing how fluid love is working its magic within the world and within the lives of people. Mother Theresa has been working with all of the lightworkers of your planet for the past 6 weeks preparing for the coming of this energy. Lord Metatron will also be breaking your seal of silence today and building a platinum bridge between your heart and your throat chakra. The platinum bridge between these two chakras acts as a new system of communication, one that will serve you on many different levels and in every area of your life. Perhaps some of you have found that you have been having difficulty with your communication systems in your life, either your telephone, your computer or whatever other device you use.


The reason why a change in communication is of such vital importance is because the communication systems of the old paradigm embody the imprints of old ways of communicating. Much of the old level of communication is enmeshed in illusion. Many of the fabrications created through the old paradigm are still locked within the consciousness of humanity trying desperately to move into a new way of living. Therefore, by building a platinum bridge one is able to utilize the full divine essence of the goddess or the feminine power - whichever you choose to call it – and serves you in better understanding what lies within your heart and how to communicate it. Your world is full of dis-ease because of peoples inability to share the matters of the heart, to get off their chests that which weighs heavily upon their heart. Over the past months many, many people have been finding it difficult to shift ailments over the chest area such as coughing that appears to stay put. There have been problems with the heart, the physical heart itself; and of course the throat chakra, has been something many people have been having difficulty with – I hear some of you clearing your voice -something to say?!.


Beloved ones, the voice of the goddess has been anchored on yet another level, and her voice rises yet another octave, its vibration opening the hearts of men, women and children. All of you, men and women alike, are the voice of the goddess. This feminine aspect of self is emerging from the underworld and brings with her powerful wisdom, knowledge and creative influence. The changes your world is currently facing require innovative creativity; however this creativity must embody the principles of nature as much as it will embody the principles of science. The science of spirit is a very powerful energy, one all of you will learn to utilize. Most of you have already been introduced to the quantum levels of consciousness, and you shall continue to integrate this very powerful vibration, for in mastering the quantum worlds you will understand your ability to co-create with Mother-Father God.

Quantum energy is your fullest potential manifested as your mind expands beyond the barriers that you have created for yourself, the self-imposed boundaries that keep you in a limited expression of yourself. You will emerge to find your divine self liberated, empowered and full of love. The platinum gate offers all of you an opportunity to enter into your personal kingdom of heaven on earth. No soul will be granted permission to enter eighth dimension in its totality unless the sixth dimension has been anchored properly within the heart chakra specifically. The reason why your world has come to fall upon its knees as it has is because of the lack of love. Fear has taken the place of love, and humanity has forgotten the power within each and every soul they share life with and instead of seeing another’s potential and light, people are more accustomed to seeing their weaknesses and their negativity. That is no longer part of your divine plan, for now all of you are coming to a point in your personal awakening where you stand upon the pathways of ascension and you integrate the eyes of Father-Mother God, and in so doing you see life and your fellow travellers through the eyes of God. This certainly does not mean that you will now see life in an unrealistic fashion. It means that where once you saw negativity you now see potential; where once you saw weakness you now see a soul striving to discover more of themself.

The greatest lesson of the sixth dimension is self-love and self-respect. Both go hand in hand. The sixth dimension brings the challenge of self-respect, where every soul will be challenged by their lower ego for the purpose of finding the greater aspect of their divine self within their physical self. Therefore the person you see reflected in the mirror every morning will still look the same; however what you see within the eyes of reflection will change. Where once you believed in lack and limitation you will come to understand that prosperity and abundance is the order of the day and your divine right. The next 3 years will be a time where the greatest changes of your lifetime and the cycle of planet earth will manifest. During this time you will have to move past all the boundaries that have left you feeling disempowered. Your belief systems will be challenged and in so doing showing you that there is much more to the life you have chosen to accept as your lot. We, the Masters of Light are aware of all of you asking in your mind and in your prayers, for guidance to fulfill your greatest potential, to find your purpose and to complete the divine plan. We, the Masters of Light, deliver now unto you the tools to bring this into being.

Therefore beloved ones let us align our consciousness and begin with the activation. Please close your eyes and place your body in a comfortable position. Take a deep breath in through you nose and exhale through your mouth and allow your body and your mind to relax. Another deep breath in and as you exhale through your mouth become still and at peace. Listen to the water trickling in the background. On the next in breath tense all the muscles in your body and as you exhale allow everything to relax simultaneously.

Imagine yourself in the centre of a magnificent garden. This garden is your sacred space, the place your inner child and adolescent self travel to, to find peace, to experience healing and to generally feel safe. This is the place that you come to often to interact with your guides and the Masters with whom you work. Take a moment to look around the garden. (Long pause) Acknowledge all the creatures and other beings walking around the space. (pause) Breathe in the pure, crisp air, and imagine your body responding to the crystal vibrations. (pause) Using your imagination imagine Lord Metatron alongside you and I, Kuthumi, manifest before you. (pause) We take you each by the hand and begin leading you deeper into the garden to where the portal to the platinum gate exists. (Long pause) Beloved ones, this is the portal into heaven on earth. Some even may refer to this as the pearly gates. Allow your imagination to create an image, one that you will recognize as the sixth dimensional gateway. Just take some time to observe what stands before you. (pause)

Now call upon all your personal guides and angels. (pause) Call upon Lord Maitreya and Lord Metatron, Lord Sananda, St Germain, Master El Morya, Lady Nada, Lady Mary, call upon Lord Merlin, Goddess Ishtar, Mary Magdalene and Commander Ashtar. (pause) Welcome Lord Soltec into your presence, (pause) welcome Lord Yogananda into your presence, (pause) welcome Babaji, (pause) Lord Hilarion, and our beloved Sanat Kumara (pause) . Take a moment to open your energy, if it is your wish and your will, to connect with all the Beings of Light currently in your presence (pause) . All of the Beings move to create a semicircle behind you. (pause) In your imagination close your eyes and become aware of the vibrations pulsating through your body as these Beings of Light focus their attention on you. Allow your body to respond. (pause) Ask your lower ego to step aside and surrender to the great blessing of love you are currently experiencing. (pause) Now become aware of a gentle humming, as all the Beings present begin to hum a vibration that your body responds to. This hum serves the purpose of opening the cell receptors of your body, to release all the illusionary encoded blueprint programmes around fear, lack, limitation, deprivation, sacrifice and non-deservability. (pause) Imagine all of these energies dropping out of your energy system and falling in a heap of ash around your feet. (Long pause) As we speak simply be aware of the humming continuing in the background.

Beloved ones all the energies you are currently dropping from your system will begin to drop from the collective systems of humanity’s consciousness. It is these limiting attitudes and belief systems that have kept you in a state of unconsciousness. It is all these lower vibrations that have resulted in the sixth dimension eluding you in the past. All of you have worked hard and committed to the path of awakening, which is why you are experiencing this initiation and activation upon this day. All of you have been groomed for this day, and you have been receiving training upon the inner planes with all of the Beings who are currently present with you. All of you will be contacted by one or more of these Beings; you will be guided as to what it is you are to do in your personal capacity to ensure the sixth dimension’s fluid love flows unhindered into the ethers of the planet and into the hearts of humanity.

The animal and crystal kingdoms will assist you with this, and each of you are being embraced at this time by a vibration of the animal kingdom and the mineral kingdom. Therefore allow any crystal to manifest in your imagination now, and allow whatever species of the animal kingdom chooses you to manifest in your imagination now. Beloved ones this is the animal and the crystal you need to work with and keep close to your heart in whichever way is possible for you, to ensure that your energy be aligned with the new vibrations of sixth dimension. (pause) Take your attention back to the humming and be aware of your body releasing another level of old paradigm consciousness. As these vibrations pass through your body beloved ones, with your permission we bring a new coding. It is the coding of the sixth and the eighth dimension which Lord Metatron will be responsible for anchoring in your consciousness over the next 66 days. This new code will be inserted in your spine for the purpose of dismantling all the energies attached to the matrix linked to the energies anchored 3000 years ago that brought the closing of the platinum gate into manifestation. If it is your wish and your will to receive this coding from Lord Metatron please give him your permission now. (pause)

The activation continues on another level and the new code begins entering into your spine from the nape of your neck. This area is often referred to as the Seat of the Soul. Allow your body to respond in its natural way. Take a deep breath in, exhaling through your mouth and allowing the energy to settle comfortably in your spinal column. (pause) Beloved ones, this new coding will also bring about the spontaneous flush of your spinal fluid. This flush will release all the obsolete codes within your spinal fluid linked to old blueprints that you no longer use. Some of you may experience this spinal flush as a tingling along your spine, some of you may experience discomfort along the spine predominantly in alignment with the chakric points. Many of you may experience lower back ache for the simple reason the spinal flush and the new coding you are receiving will impact dramatically on your self-worth. Those of you who are currently being challenged with major self-worth issues, and finding your challenge to be in the area of finance and survival, Lord Metatron will take you through a very specific initiation where you will have to stand before yourself and acknowledge your worth. You will be shown the value of your soul, and you will be given the opportunity to make the choice as to what it is you will invest your energy in. This will determine the future of your growth and how you will experience life. (pause)

Before you are able to pass through the sixth dimension let us make it very clear to all of you this passing through opens you to the fluid energy of love. This means that the energy will find you wherever you are. It will find its way into the deepest darkest recesses of your psyche. It will find your wounds and will wrap them in its love vibration. Beloved ones you are facing the greatest healing path of your lifetime. The fluid love of sixth dimension offers you the opportunity to embrace every aspect of yourself that has ever been wounded, and those of you who feel you have healed the majority of your wounds, then you will be the ones to carry the fluid energy of sixth dimension to those who are in desperate need of intensive healing. The intensive-ness of this healing energy will be heightened over the next 3 years. No person will be able to run from this opportunity and people who choose denial will find the struggle increasing, for love will not let you alone; it will seek you out and love your old self to death.


Beloved ones if you are to take full advantage of the eighth dimension I urge you to take full advantage of the sixth dimension. Master Jesus now steps forward with Mary Magdalene; both of them place a hand upon your heart chakra asking you to breathe in and as you exhale to focus your consciousness on opening your heart chakra to receive the full impact of the sixth dimensional fluid love energy. (pause) Receiving this energy will continue for the rest of your life. Just be aware of the presence of love. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how it feels or how it should feel; just let it be. (pause) Breathe in deeply and exhale as this energy pulsates through your heart. (pause)

Another deep breath in, exhale fully. Beloved ones I, Kuthumi, move forward, and I have with me a quartz crystal. I now insert this quartz crystal into the portal before us and the platinum gate manifests itself in a form that you can imagine and opens itself to receive you. (pause) Before you step through the gate you must be willing, consciously, to embrace the full power. Remember, to pass through this gateway means you will be an anchor for this energy. Therefore if you are willing to continue upon the path as a leader of light and as an anchor of love, please pass through the platinum gate now. (pause)

Beloved ones, you have entered the platinum dimension. This is the world of love in all its forms, forms you have not even been exposed to, forms that you as yet cannot even imagine. Take a few moments to become accustomed to the energy and its vibrations. (pause) Take a look around you and allow your imagination to guide you as to what this dimension is showing you. (pause) I, Kuthumi, Lord Metatron, and all the other Beings of the Light who are witnessing your current initiation and activation accompany you into the centre of the temple of light that resides within the sixth dimension. This temple of light is the platinum temple of the great goddess, Lady Shekinah, often referred to as the Universal Mother. Now imagine all of us standing in the centre of this temple. (pause) All the Beings of the Light continue with the humming vibration for the purpose of supporting your body in its release and healing. Lord Metatron now moves around to come and stand in front of you. (pause) He is holding a wand made of quartz crystal, amethyst and rose quartz. Lord Metatron is preparing to shatter your seal of silence. If it is your wish and your will to experience this part of the activation then please give Lord Metatron your permission now. (pause) He points the wand to your throat chakra. You notice he takes a deep breath in and holds the wand in alignment with his heart chakra, and as he breathes out a powerful surge of energy pulsates through the wand and into your throat chakra. (pause) This surge of energy shatters the seal of silence in your throat chakra. (pause)

Breathe in deeply, exhale fully. This energy moves into the back of your neck and begins to shatter the small minor seals of silence along the 7 cervical vertebrae in your neck. (pause) These minor seals were set in place during the first 12 years of your childhood; therefore every seal of silence you put in place as a result of ridicule, punishment, or disregard, can now be released, and so you will find more of your voice. Breathe in deeply, exhaling fully. (pause) Lord Metatron now hands you this wand. This is your personal wand. One that you can utilize in visualization to perform healing over your throat chakra or to utilize by making it physically yourself, and with Lord Metatron’s permission he will encode it so you may use it as a tool to assist others in shattering their seal of silence, but only with their permission. No soul is permitted under any circumstance to utilise the wand to shatter any seals of silence without a soul’s permission. Is this clear?


Beloved ones, Lord Metatron now manifests a magnificent golden coloured crystal ball in the palm of his hands. He comes right up close to you and holds this crystal ball over your heart chakra. (pause) Lord Metatron asks you if there is one matter of the heart that you could be completely free of now, what would it be? Please share this with him. (pause) Lord Metatron honours what you have said, and very gently puts the golden crystal ball into your heart chakra. (pause) In your imagination feel this magnificent orb of light within the centre of your heart. (pause) This golden crystal ball is part of the foundation of building the platinum bridge, for gold and platinum, must always work together to embody the balanced energies of masculine and feminine, therefore this golden ball symbolizes the God principle that shall help support your platinum bridge. Merlin manifests alongside Lord Metatron and Merlin shows you a platinum wand and at the end of this wand is a magnificent diamond. Diamond represents truth; therefore you are required to express truth in order to keep your platinum bridge active. Maintaining the energy requires honesty; above all be honest with yourself.

Lord Merlin and Lord Metatron join hands. They now take one of your hands each, and ask you to breathe in deeply and focus on a key word you would like to represent your platinum bridge. (pause) Whewn you next breathe out allow the vibration of this word to form a cloak of energy in your energy field. (pause) Lord Merlin now hands you the platinum wand and Lord Metatron asks you what would you like your bridge to represent in your life as a whole? What will its purpose be for you personally? (pause) Lord Metatron acknowledges what you have said and he holds both of his hands now - one in line with your throat chakra, one in line with your heart chakra, and begins to create your platinum bridge. Allow your imagination to guide you as to how your bridge looks to you. (Long pause) Breathe through the process and allow your body to surrender to the blessing and gift you are receiving today. (pause)

Beloved ones, as that energy continues to anchor itself in your heart and your throat, the next stage of the activation takes place, and this is the part where each of you now receive your seal of acknowledgement as an anchor for the sixth dimensional fluid love. Lord Yogananda comes to stand before you. (pause) He places his left hand upon your heart chakra; he looks into your eyes and acknowledges you as a light worker. (pause) The placing of his hand over your heart activates the planetary anchoring of the sixth dimensional fluid energy of love. Allow your imagination to create an image of this fluid love raining down upon the earth from the sixth dimension. (pause) As this energy continues to pour forth Lord Yogananda moves aside, and Lord Soltec comes to stand before you. (pause) He places his right hand upon your heart chakra and hands you a pink rose as acknowledgement of your title as light worker and he acknowledges your dedication and commitment to serving humanity. (pause) Feel the fluid love penetrating the ethers of your planet. Imagine the vibration seeping into every human being’s body, into every home, and into every corner of the earth. (Long pause) Lord Jesus steps forward and hands you an amethyst crystal; (pause) Lord Sananda comes forward and hands you a red rose. (pause) These 4 beings are your anchoring beings for the planetary sixth dimensional energy of fluid love. They will always be present in your energy field when you are acting as an ambassador of the Greater Councils of Light who are bringing forth guidance and instruction to you so that you may go forth and serve.

Continue to breathe as this very powerful force of energy rains down upon your planet. (pause) Beloved ones, you are the first group of light workers on the African Continent, specifically in South Africa, who are consciously being initiated into this particular template of sixth dimensional energy. All of you, worldwide are being encoded with the sixth dimensional fluid love frequency which means all of you will be able to initiate others into the sixth dimensional field of love energy. You may only perform such an initiation if it is by request from a person. This may only be performed if it is done from a point of sincere and pure love. It will be unsuccessful if it comes from a point of ego. As each of you walk the planet anchoring the sixth dimensional energy you will have full access to the eighth dimensional energy of abundance. Each of you are already beginning to integrate your eighth dimensional archetype. The particular archetype I am referring to is the one you will dance with in the year 2006. It is the archetype presence that will serve with you as a light worker for the duration of 2006 and the duration of the anchoring of the fluid love. From this day forward you will be supported in embracing the love attribute of this particular archetype and integrating it as a tool, as a key and an aspect of yourself that shall continue to serve you and others on your path.

You are now to choose any other place on the planet that you would like to connect your energy with. (pause) This will also serve to anchor the sixth dimensional energy for the geographic location you have chosen. Take a deep breath in and imagine all the sixth dimensional energy rooting itself within the body of Mother Earth. (pause) Acknowledge that the rays of fluid love have met your world. (pause) These rays now caress your body, your mind; they caress your heart and your soul, and every aspect of your being. (pause) Beloved ones you are now to ask Lord Metatron, if it is your wish and your will, to open the dimensional portals to all of your parallel selves, your alternate selves, and multi-dimensional selves, so that they too may benefit from the sixth dimensional fluid energy of love. (pause) Ask now that the sixth dimensional energy of fluid love penetrate all the quantum particles of your energy field. (pause) Set the intention that love be the motivating force in your life. (pause) Set the intention that even when faced with challenge, love will motivate you to find a solution. (pause) If you find yourself being challenged with the old pattern of acting fearfully, call forth Lord Soltec, call upon Lord Yogananda, call upon Master Jesus, call upon Lord Merlin and Lord Metatron, call upon St Germain with his 5-fold flame, and Archangel Michael with his sword of truth, and ask that all the illusionary vibrations of the old behavioural system be shattered and that you be supported in aligning yourself within the core of fluid love again. Mothers, fathers, teachers, sisters and brothers, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and friends of families with children, teach the children about the power of sixth dimensional fluid love. Give them a taste of this. You are the spoon that feeds them. What do you feed them with? Choose the nourishment for their heart and their mind and make sure that the main ingredient is love. (pause)

Beloved ones let us now focus on sealing all the old grids of dysfunctional reaction to and beliefs of love within the matrix of conditional love and lust consciousness. Imagine a giant blanket wrapping itself around all of these energies. (pause) Commander Ashtar now comes forward. (pause) He is accompanied by Lord Sananda, and Archangel Michael; (pause) St Germain projects 22 5-fold flames around this package you have created. (pause) They call forth the power of the sixth dimensional fluid love energy. Imagine this energy washing over this blanket and transmuting all of the darkness, limitation, pain and suffering of the conditional love and lust consciousness matrixes. (pause) It is time for the world to be set free, to be released of their obsolete belief in lack, limitation, suffering and pain, and you beloved ones are the platinum key to the dimension of freedom. Use your new responsibilities wisely. (pause) Lord Metatron now seals the energy activation in your energy field. (pause) I, Kuthumi, place a mother of pearl coloured cloak over your shoulders. (pause) On the back of your cloak is a personal symbol representing your sixth dimensional initiation as complete. Lord Metatron will continue to work with you for the next 65 and a-half hours so as to assist you in properly anchoring this energy, and will remain by your side for the next 66 days.

Beloved ones, if there is anything else you wish to present to the Beings of the Light currently with you, please do so now. (Long pause)

Beloved ones, Goddess Ishtar and Goddess Isis would also like to confirm that as a result of the platinum gate opening, the first wave of platinum rayed children will now come forth. Over the next few years 2.2 million of these souls will enter your world. They too are keys to keeping the sixth dimensional energy of fluid love properly anchored on your planet. Each of you is, in a manner of speaking, a guardian of the platinum souls and we would like to welcome one of the first platinum souls who will enter this planet, who is present today, even though the child is still in the mother’s womb. Welcome!

Beloved ones, each of you are being seeded with the new energy as we speak. Goddess Ishtar and Goddess Isis are responsible for this. Babaji will take you through the gestative period, therefore for the next 9 months he will be in your energy field to guide you through the stages of growth that you shall undergo. Mary Magdalene and Lord Jesus, the key teachers for 2006, will be present at the birth of whatever it is that comes forth as a result of the seed you are currently conceiving. (pause)

Beloved ones it is time now to give thanks to all the Beings of Light for what you have received today. (pause) Give thanks for all that you shall receive in the future. (pause) Give thanks to the platinum ray and its energy vibration for welcoming you into its presence. (pause) Give thanks to the guardians of the sixth dimension for granting you permission to enter. (pause) Give thanks to all the aspects of your self that have participated in your experience today. (pause) Give thanks for the gifts you have received in the form of your crystals and your wands. (pause)

Take a deep breath in and very gently start drawing your consciousness back to your physical body. (pause) Focus on feeling your physical self in this room. (pause) Take another deep breath in and as you exhale through your mouth, stretch your legs and your arms, rotate your shoulders, straighten your spine and root yourself firmly to the earth. (pause)

Beloved ones the intensity of this energy will stay with you for many days to come. For the next 21 days you will continue to feel waves of this energy moving through your body. Some of you may feel you need a lot more rest than you have needed up until now. We suggest you follow through and give your body what it needs. Some of you may experience discomfort or pain in your joints. This is as a result of the chakric vibrations changing. Each of the joints of your body is an energy entry and exit point. Some of you may be experiencing intense headaches, some earache and some very sore throats. All of this is part of the activation you have experienced today. We are aware that some of you have been experiencing very painful muscles around the area of your heart chakra, the area in alignment with the thymus gland and the neck muscles. This too, is part of what has been anchored today and may continue for a little while afterwards.

Some of you may experience painful feet as if you have been walking on very sharp stones. This is because your blueprint is changing dramatically. Every step you take imprints your personal blueprint on the earth; because that is changing, your body will react. The intensity of the current energies does still have an impact on the body that may at times be uncomfortable. However, the bodies - the physical body, that is - is becoming more and more accustomed to the intensity of these vibrations. Over the next three years you can look forward to your body being able to recalibrate itself in a heartbeat and align itself with the new energies without having to go through the detoxification and shifts you are currently experiencing.

We suggest you drink at least 2 litres of water a day. This will support the flow of energy through your body. Water is vital for the body to anchor these levels of energy. We suggest fruit to support the vital organs of the body in anchoring the new energy within its cells. We also suggest vanilla, cinnamon and liquorice - this you can massage over your body if you are able to obtain it in oil form; if not, eat it! (laughter) You do get organic liquorice by the way.

Very well, we shall take questions. Are there any questions we can assist with regarding what has occurred today?


Lord Kuthumi, what will my archetype be?


Beloved sister, we cannot affirm that as yet, for it is still in the process of unfolding. We will make such a session available. I do believe we have given this channel a date and time for this already. Please consult with her after we have left.

Thank you.

You are welcome.


Greetings Lord Kuthumi.


Greetings Sister.

I wanted to ask in terms of the new vibration that I’m working with in the workshop if you could give guidance how to support the body to hold that level?

Sister the most important key is creativity. People forget the importance of creativity. It does not mean that a person is limited to drawing or painting or carving or sculpting. It gives people the opportunity to tap into every area of creativity that exists. This encourages the soul integrating the new energy to discover greater aspects of themselves through the creative process. Not only does it anchor the energy more serenely, if we can use this word in this manner, but it also anchors it more firmly within their physical realm and supports the process of anchoring the energy within their home space and their work space. Do you understand?

I understand what you’re saying – it’s more in the time, in the moment, when that energy comes in; it’s so intense that the body has difficulty holding it.

They must be creative in that moment. Creativity could be something like singing in the moment, dancing in the moment, perhaps doing a couple of yoga stretches in the moment or any other creative stretch they can come up with. (laughter)

I get it, thanks.

It is unlimited sister.

OK. Thank you.

You are welcome. Blessings be with you.

Thank you.


Lord Kuthumi, this morning I was in for a real nasty shock. What I did was early in the morning when I went to work and I found this beautiful e-mail message about the loving, embracing words of the beloved masters, and I via email shared it with my colleagues, and the next thing I got an email back which was so absolutely horrid and nasty – it left me completely winded and stunned. What was happening there?


Beloved one, there are many people who choose not to have their space invaded with words of any nature that challenge their own belief systems. This is why we often say give the words of the Masters to those who ask for it. If it is not asked for then remain silent. The way that one is able to share the information and the teachings with others is then to lead by example, and when the student is ready, they will find the teacher. It is understandable your intention came from a point of sincerity, but do not see yourself in a negative light or allow any other person’s negative reaction to something that had a positive intention disempower you. Is this clear?

Thank you so much.

Bless them in love, and trust that their truth will guide them to whatever the next step is on their personal path of truth. Every person has a different concept of truth. Remember this. Is this clear?

Thank you Lord Kuthumi.

You are welcome.


Lord Kuthumi, I was blessed to work with Jack Goodman on Friday. Could you give me a bit more guidance on what was happening there?


I don’t know I wasn’t there!

(much laughter!!)

I went – we worked on some clearing. If you could….

I brought you all the blessing of laughter today, didn’t I?

Yes! (much more laughter)

You are enquiring about the clearing work, sister?

Yes. Whow! I thought I was at the wrong place!!

(lots more laughter)

Let us put it this way, mission accomplished.

Thank you.

You are welcome. Blessings be with you sister.


Lord Kuthumi, I’d like to ask about this crystal that I’m holding in my hand. It was given to me, and also to Janice and Debbie Slomowitz in Egypt by someone I believe was one of our Egyptian guides. I’d like to know what kind of crystal it is and what its purpose is in our lives.


Sister it appears to be linked to the volcanic vibration, therefore it has silica in it as well, as far as we can see on its vibrational pattern. It is part of the key of the initiation that the three of you experienced in Egypt and it is what links the three of you together as soul sisters on the path of awakening. There will come a time in the not too distant future where all three of you will be shown a project of light that needs to be carried out. This particular project may not necessarily last a lifetime, but it will be for the purpose of manifesting a specific anchoring of energy for Mother Earth in the form of earth work or earth healing which will also benefit the inhabitants of that geographic location. Is this clear?

Yes. May I also ask Lord Kuthumi, over this weekend the three of us are getting together in Durban and we feel the need to do activations in various places, including the Lion Park. Could you give some guidance as to where this energy is required?

You will be guided as to where exactly it is you need to go. Do not place any limitations because you may be surprised by where you end up.



Lord Kuthumi, I want to ask what crystals I should be working with to help me find my voice and help to me ground myself.

Beloved sister, for your voice we suggest you alternate with Sodalite, which embodies a more masculine vibration, and Celestite which embodies a more feminine vibration. We suggest utilizing a combination of amethyst, smoky quartz and red jasper to ground you and the process of releasing your voice. Is this clear?

Thank you. It was Sodalite?

Celestite, and then Amethyst, Smoky Quartz and Red Jasper. Good thing I’ve got such a good memory. (Gales of laughter!) You could have had me there! (even more laughter!!)

Thank you Lord Kuthumi.

You are welcome.


Lord Kuthumi, with my Alpacas, is there anything that they specifically need at this time, and we’re going to be shearing in the next few days – is there anything I need to particularly do about that?


Sharing or shearing?

Shearing – and sharing! But shearing primarily!! And there’s a machine that we’re looking at from Canada that would assist in the processing of the Alpaca fibre. Is that the right machine to go with or are there other machines available?

We do believe there are other machines available, brother, but it does appear that the vibration of this particular one is perhaps the most appropriate of all of them. If you wish to be doing further research regarding this matter by all means please do so; then perhaps that will give you greater confidence in your decision, because it will be an informed one. Is this clear?

Yes, Lord Kuthumi.

Let us also add at this point that your Alpacas are in need of rose quartz – lots of it. If it is possible for you to obtain rose quartz in its raw form, in other words rose quartz that has not been polished or tumbled, it would be best for them. Being the vibration of love it will assist them in anchoring the new energy that they embody within their being. This will also bring a very powerful anchoring of the energy of Lord Soltec on your land, specifically. If it is your wish and your will, and with your permission and that of your family, we will then come forward in the 3rd month of the year 2006 and perform an anchoring of light on your land, with Soltec and your Alpacas. Is this clear?

Oooh, thank you!


I shall speak to my family as well.

Very well, you do this! Blessings be with you.

Thank you very much Lord Kuthumi.


Lord Kuthumi, about 3 nights ago I had a dream that I had codes put into my body. They were in alpha numeric form. Was there any significance to this? Was there something specially happening?


There always is, just in case you didn’t know! (laughter) Beloved sister, this particular coding is related to your experience today. You know you are one of the keepers of the symbols of life, therefore trust what you receive and give yourself space to download the information at its proper time. Is this clear?

Thank you Lord Kuthumi.

You are most welcome.


Lord Kuthumi, we’ve been led to purchase a piece of land in central Drakensberg, and it would give us some indication of what it is for if you could guide us.


Certainly, sister. The Drakensberg area is currently becoming a very important "hot spot", if we can call it this, on an energetic level. In the area of South Africa specifically, the Drakensberg is the Dragon’s Back. It is the awakening of the fire within. The Drakensberg holds many of the ancient codings of the sixth dimensional fluid love energy, and in fact next year we will be doing specific activations at Cathedral Peak and Champagne Castle, as well as Monk’s Cowl. All who connect with the Drakensberg Area or who anchor their energy there as you are doing, are holding the planetary codings of sixth dimensional love for the purpose of transmitting communication between heaven and earth. You will also be called upon at times to serve as conduits for bringing forth sixth dimensional information from the star realms and anchor it on earth. I hope that made sense.

Yes, thank you.

You are welcome.


Lord Kuthumi, I’m trying to get my business lined up with my spiritual path, where I’m needing to go, and I very much believe two of the young people I’ve got working with me are not necessarily on the same path where I need to go. Am I correct in this and if so, what is the best way of not necessarily encouraging them to leave, but to help settle the imbalance that’s there at the moment?


Beloved sister, what is most important (Raff (dog) sneezes…..) – bless you! (much laughter!!) [on behalf of Raff, thank you!] …..most important is you need to acknowledge the reason for your current connection with these two people, therefore the best way to handle a situation such as this is to go into the stillness of your being – meditation. Call upon your personal guides and invite these two souls into your energy space. Call upon Archangel Michael to assist. You are then to set forth the intention that if it is in accordance with the highest will of all souls concerned for your time together to come to an end, that this intention and request be honoured and that the separation between you and these two souls comes into manifestation under grace in perfect and miraculous ways. Once you have set that intention you then need to ask that if there is a soul contract between the three of you that needs completing that it be revealed to you and you can stipulate a specific time period. Ask that you receive this information gracefully and harmoniously. Ask the Masters of Light who work with you to hold the situation in a powerful coning of healing and protection so that all that must be completed can reach its point of completion gracefully, harmoniously and miraculously, leaving all parties free to move forward. Ask that the next level of their path come forward, including your own, so that all parties concerned can move forward peacefully. Is this clear?

Yes, it is thank you.

You are welcome. Let me also add at this point that you are required to do this specific ceremony four times. This anchors it on the physical realm; it anchors it on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Lord Kuthumi, that means four times ….

Four days in a row.

Thank you.


Lord Kuthumi, do you have any message for me?


Beloved sister, Lady Kwan Yin is very active in your energy field at this time. She is assisting you in addressing the underlying issues you are currently facing regarding your personal health. The most important aspect of this entire process for you specifically sister, is to trust. We have told you this before. Simply surrender to that which is unfolding in accordance with the highest will of your soul. Is this clear?

Yes, thank you very much Lord Kuthumi.

You are welcome sister. Blessings be with you.


Lord Kuthumi, recently I’ve experienced a lot of illness with the dogs that I have in my care. Has there been a specific reason for this and what is the best way of coping with it?


One must understand that animals are affected by all of the energies within the physical space they inhabit. They are also affected by the energies of their owners; therefore these animals will have been processing the volatile energies within the ethers of their physical place of inhabitance, and also processing many layers of your healing path and journey. There have been nine levels specifically of release that have taken place. This particular release has been related to past incarnations on your part, and past time lines connected to the earth and what occurred geographically in the past, nine cycles ago. The best way to support this is to be conscious of creating an energy of harmony and peace, interacting with the nature spirits of the earth you inhabit. Communicate with the animals. Call forth St. Francis of Assisi; ask for the assistance to bring harmony and balance, and be open to receive guidance as to what needs to be done in addition. Another suggestion is to place quartz, rose quartz and amethyst crystals in their drinking water. You are also to place rescue remedy in their food, and it appears they are needing protein. We suggest trying Spirulina. Is this clear?

It is clear, thank you.

You are welcome sister. Beloved ones we shall take two last questions.


Greetings Beloved Kuthumi, I have a question to ask of you. I was doing a healing session yesterday with some people from the Congo, and I had a feeling that there was a lot of negativity around them, and then last night I had an horrific experience where I absolutely felt that something very dark and very negative was pressing in on me, and I called on Archangel Michael and I managed to dispel that feeling. What exactly was that?


Beloved sister there has been very dark energy attached to that particular area. There is also a lot of activity in Mother Earth’s body around that area geographically because of the war, the violence, the hatred, and the negativity, and in fact that energy is within the fibres of those people’s energy fields, therefore wherever they go that energy is with them and naturally those who are open to receiving healing and recalibration will be drawn to ones such as yourself like a moth to a flame, so they can be released of the heaviness and the darkness - another reason why all lightworkers need to ensure they have protected themselves on a daily basis, and even throughout the day if necessary. Is this clear?

Quite clear, thank you. A last question Master – the lady over there mentioned those dreams that she was being encoded. I’ve also had dreams of Chinese and Japanese and African symbols scrolling down as if on a huge gigantic scroll. Would that also be part of these encodings?

Yes, it would be sister.

And for what purpose?

That only you and your guides will know. All of you have a specific job description, if you could call it this, and I do not have access to all of the akashic records of your job descriptions, and of course some information is on a need-to-know basis and right now you don’t need to know!


Thank you Lord Kuthumi.

You are welcome. Let me add that your guides will reveal this to you at the proper time, this I assure you.

Thank you very much.

You are welcome.


Master Kuthumi, I have a serious problem with judgment and criticism with regards to a previous partner that I had that has taken away from me a vast amount of my abundance and is still doing so, and I have a problem with charging him with this responsibility and I’m at loss for what to do.


Brother, clearly this particular process is about taking back your power and reinstating your boundaries. When one has experienced levels of betrayal such as this, one must first of all acknowledge that what has unfolded is not entirely a system outside of themself. There is a system within the self that contributes to such an experience. Look at yourself and address the areas within yourself that feel victim; that feel disempowered, and go through the process of reclaiming your power. Brother it is an intense process and we can see many, many layers of healing required and issues that need to be addressed to bring this particular issue to a conclusion, therefore we have a suggestion for you and that is to work with a facilitator, one who will be able to assist you in getting to the core of the issue in such a way that you understand the situation and through this feel empowered to take the necessary action to bring to a close the pattern currently causing you to feel disempowered and limited. We suggest a gentleman – he is in our audience today. Brother you know who you are. (laughter) Would you please be so kind as to introduce yourself to our brother who has asked the question?

I shall do.

Thank you! Brother I trust this will be the process you need. It is what your soul and body is showing us at this time. Is this clear to you?

It is, thank you.

You are welcome, and blessings be with you.

Beloved ones we wish now to bring this transmission to an end and to assist each of you in holding your energy within the core of this very powerful yet very gentle energy of love. Be gentle with yourself over the next 24 hours. Your body is still downloading an immense amount of energy, even though your initiation is complete. Do not expose yourself to any negative environments; try and be still, be calm and at peace.

We have brought forth this powerful energy today so that you and the rest of humanity can benefit from the power of love and witness it's magic manifesting all you need in your life. The gates to true abundance are open, it is up to you how you will use this energy. Do not be afraid of the power. Lack is simply a habit, one you can easily change with perseverance and consistent affirmation of prosperity in whichever form you choose. Apply this practically and you will see your mind respond to the new habit. You will be astounded by what you are capable of creating.

And so it is beloved ones, that we embrace you in the full essence of the platinum gateway and the sixth dimensional energy of fluid love. May the fluidity of this energy carry you along its ways so that the flow of your life may come to meet you harmoniously and gracefully.

Trust in the many invisible arms that hold you, and know that not ever do you walk alone, for we are all one, and we are with you always and in all ways. May the light of Mother-Father God shine brightly on the pathway before you, and may every step you take be a steady one.

I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom, and I greet and bless you in love. Adonai.


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