6th of December Activation - News *LINK* *PIC*

6th of December Activation - News *LINK* *PIC*
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TNT Maddog
Monday, December 05, 2005 11:39 pm

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow, the 6th of December 2005, is a very important day for humanity. I have included an excerpt from one of my channelings where Ascended Master Kuthumi refers to tomorrow. I am based in Johannesburg, South Africa. I will be channeling at 16h00 our time. Please feel free to join in and align with Master Kuthumi and Lord Metatron who are the main activators of the Platinum Gate. Hold a crystal of your choice and set the intention that it be encoded with the 6th Dimensional Platinum codes, which you can use for personal healing and alignment. Share this info with everyone you know. Let's anchor the first wave of 6D fluid love with a bang! I have also included the 6D alignment prayer that Kuthumi gave us at the Spring Solstice Channeling.

Excerpt from the Abundance Channeling below -

"I must tell you something now – some of you may have heard this, but it is important that you hear it again. The sixth dimensional energy of fluid love is strengthening its influence as we speak, and as from the sixth of December of the current year 2005 the flood gates to the sixth dimension will be open to the whole world. This flood of divine unconditional fluid love must be integrated by all humanity, because the eighth dimensional gates open on the first of January 2006 for the whole of humanity. No soul on earth will be allowed to integrate the full power of eighth dimensional energy unless they have integrated the sixth dimensional energy of fluid love. Sixth dimension is the root system for eighth dimension. It becomes the foundation upon which abundance is created. The reason for the abuse of power as it has been witnessed over the past few thousand years is because sixth dimensional divine and unconditional love was missing. The Great Council of Light of your universe has made the decision that never again will that pattern be allowed to play itself out, and in order for the Golden Age and its consciousness to be held in place for its full reign of light, only love in all its manifestations may be present. Therefore every single structure on your planet currently that does not embody sixth dimensional fluid love will crumble, it will fall. It has to, for it does not embody the true essence of prosperity consciousness; it embodies the true essence of lust consciousness. Lust consciousness is greed, it is the fear of lack therefore greed becomes the motivation to own power so as not to be without. That consciousness no longer has space in the new world all of you are working so intensely to create. Therefore the thread of electromagnetic energy you anchor today is your initiation into the golden level of the sixth dimension.

The platinum gate will open on the sixth of December at which time a very powerful flood of abundance energy will come forth, but humanity needs to be educated as to what to do with it. You all are a part of the programme too, as are all the other groups of light, who shall be activated around the globe."

If you would like the rest of the above channeling please e-mail us michelle@thelightweaver.co.za and ask for the Abundance Channeling, or visit my webiste [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]

The channeling on the 6th will be transcribed and distributed to everyone currently on my mail list.

6th Dimensional Abundance Grid Prayer

"Beloved Father-Mother God and divine Master Jesus, I ask that you facilitate the process of aligning my entire electro-magnetic field, my full chakric system on all levels through all dimensions, parallel and alternate, with the abundance grid within the 6th dimension abundance template currently in creation. I ask that you, mightiest creators of life that exist, bring all my subtle bodies, including my physical body, my emotional body and my mental body of this current timeline and any other timeline, into perfect and harmonious alignment with this abundance grid held within the 6th dimension. I ask that all negative energies of a conscious, subconscious and unconscious nature within my current self and all parallel and alternate selves, be disengaged, dismantled and dislodged immediately under grace in perfect and miraculous ways. I command the divine pure flow of untainted abundant love, joy, peace, harmony, self-worth, self-love, self-acceptance, success in all its forms and every other aspect of abundance which my soul believes is a part of my being come into manifestation immediately in accordance with the highest will of my soul under grace in perfect, harmonious and miraculous ways. I consciously choose to release myself from all fearful thoughts, fearful attitudes, conditionings, perceptions, and attitudes of victim consciousness. I consciously choose to release myself on all levels – conscious, subconscious and unconscious, in this timeline and in all parallel and alternate timelines from the genetic imprints of poverty consciousness, victim consciousness, conditional love consciousness, and lust consciousness that have resulted in me experiencing limitation in this current life and any other life I have lived. I consciously choose to live the divine template that Mother-Father God created for me at the very beginning of my existence and I command this template of divine love, divine light, divine wisdom, divine power, divine knowledge and divine truth become one with me now under grace in perfect, harmonious and miraculous ways. In return I give up all fear. Beloved Mother-Father God I hand you my fears in return for my original divine will and plan."

Much love,

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