68 67 Hidden Meanings Update 6 The 7th Angel Has Sounded

68 67 Hidden Meanings Update 6 The 7th Angel Has Sounded
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Cosmic Observer
Wednesday, February 22, 2012 06:12 am
Since 2007 and a bit before, I have been proposing to you, that Eta Carina
was the 7th Angel of the Book of Revelation.
The Bible has the 7th Angle casting a vial into the air, and the question
was, when would the energy from Eta Carina, the 7th angel, touch the earth.
It happened today February 15 2012, and here is the information from Hubble
By the way: I just noticed this from Science Blogs
Eta Carinae's 21-Year Outburst: A Cosmic Instant Replay!
ScienceBlogs (blog)
Where that big red circle lives, with arrows pointing at it, lies what 
once was the seventh brightest starin the ancient constellation of Argo Navis: Eta (or η) Carinae. The star is still there, mind you, but it's not nearly as bright as it used to be ... 

The 7th brightest star. I guess that fits right in with the 7th Angel.
With everything that is happening on the earth in 2012 and for those things
anticipated, I feel this is significant.
If you go on the web site at [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]   and scroll down to
the Theater District, you will find over 150 of the video messages I have
done over the years all in different categories.

You can also find the videos at  [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]    or
[ OLD LINK REMOVED ]/hid4555  

All that matters is to get this message out and whatever you can
do to help me would be most appreciated.