6 More British Memos - GROWING Leaks *LINK*

6 More British Memos - GROWING Leaks *LINK*
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Nancy Lieder
Tuesday, June 14, 2005 06:45 am


Bombshell As Six More British Documents Leaked

06/13/05 - - Six new secret British documents have been leaked and are provided below. These were retyped from the originals to protect the source, RawStory.com has verified the authenticity .

Iraq options paper: Full text

The following, titled \"IRAQ OPTIONS PAPER,\" was prepared and dated March 8, 200. It presents possible courses to war. Continued

British foreign secretary Straw says case for Iraq is weak

he following is purported to have been penned by the British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw--U.S. equivalent of Secretary of State--concerning a possible war in Iraq. Straw indicates the case for war is weak; that the Iraq situation has remained unchanged; and that the United States would not have gone to war without September 11. Continued.

Condi committed to regime change in early 2002

The following, is purported to be written by Blair foreign policy advisor David Manning, indicates that now-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was committed to \"regime change\" in early 2002. It also outlines some problems a postwar Iraq might face. Continued

Iraq: The British legal background

The following was said prepared as an Iraq legal background for war. It is not dated. Continued

ґWhat has changed is not the pace of Saddamґs WMD programsґ

06/13/05 - - This memorandum, said from Blair political director Peter Ricketts and dated Mar. 22, 2002, indicates the challenges that an Iraq war would face. It indicates that it would have been carbon copied to then-Secretary of State Colin Powell and President George W. Bush. \"The truth is that what has changed is not the pace of Saddam Hussein’s WMD programmes,\" the document says. Continued

ґThe need to wrongfoot Saddam on the inspectorsґ

The following is said from Christopher Meyer, British ambassador to the US from 1997 through February 2003, and dated in March of 2002. Strikingly, the document speaks of a \"need to wrongfoot Saddam on the inspectors\" and suggests British intelligence and diplomacy draws a great deal on articles written by Sy Hersh in the New Yorker. It also describes a meeting with then-Deputy Secretary of Defense, Paul Wolfowitz. Continued.