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Creative Cosmos
Sunday, August 17, 2008 09:44 pm

In one sense there is nothing new under the sun. Truth is as it was and will be. There are many blossoms that represent one aspect of truth and their particular idiosyncrasies will be unique, but that is inherent in the system and nothing to get narcissistically enamored with. Right this moment you can awaken to whatever 2012 will bring and more. There may well be cosmic cycles that bring in different waves of energy, but a true seeker can rise to the ultimate heights anytime anywhere. Every moment is a call to attention. Among those of you who read this, there will be some that will not even make it to 2012. I may not live that long, one never knows. That is why ‘Now’ is the most crucial date.

Rather than get down by horrific happenings you can play off of them to galvanize your lucidity. If any of us live for very long we are going to be faced with things we did not want and curves in the road that we would never have suspected. Lost loves, the struggle to survive, and the quest for our own purpose are inevitable for all but the densest of rogues. Watch out for blockheads because they would rather bring down the world than open their mind. They will punish themselves until suffering ultimately confronts them to release their pride. There are many pathways out of the forest. Never let anyone convince you that there is only one. A bolt of lightning reveals the whole maze.

Collectively humanity is faced with each other and the whole of their history at once through unprecedented advancements in communication. By 2012 it should be generally easier for humanity to perceive on the 4th dimension. This is the threshold crossed as we enter the so-called Aquarian Age. At last heart wins out over mind and the wild horses are tamed. This does not mean that everyone will make it. Some will cling to the old ways, but the new generation comes of age and Love finally gets its place. Dreaming becomes another part of living and all children are taught to trust their intuition and psychic perception. The pace is slowed down and our occupations are less invasive.

From this place amidst the 4th dimension and residing on the 3rd, there is still a path to travel. 2012 will not be an end, just a noteworthy point on our journey of evolution. Obviously if so many people are drawn to wonder about this date, there is something intrinsic causing the interest. Awareness of the astral realm is something to revel in and experience in many ways. Say hi to your loved ones, angels, and colorful characters of the past. Paint landscapes of possibilities and fly toward them in your etheric body. Build a world and tear it down. Create and be like the Creator. Let the Holy Spirit move you as you dance. Laugh at the absurdity of it all then fall through space.

Some day we have to be non-attached to even our dreams. The astral realm of the 4th dimension is a continuum of vibration not a static phenomenon. Much as the ultra-violet continues out of sight, the astral realm rises up to the heavens. Observing the 3rd dimension and the 4th without judgment we carry on towards a singularity of being. This Oneness with all things is 5D enlightenment and renders all past experience into something that was meant to bring you ‘Here’. Now you see yourself in everyone and everything. This brings compassion and removes violence from the equation naturally. It takes no effort to figure out it is in your best interest not to hurt yourself.

We can live in all of these dimensions simultaneously. Freedom from the mind is a must and not reacting to everything is as well. There is no way to slip through space and time if you are constantly buzzing about mundane things. The outer focus is reductive while the inner is expansive. A dispassionate look renders evenness to both realms. Fire is good but obsession can lead to ruin. Ruling out something is impossible when you realize that all things are but a subset of the possibilities. You can’t deny something that isn’t there in some form if only just a concept. Prepare to the point that if the whole world were to disappear you would still be simply watching and maybe even a little amused.

~Christopher Moors