2009 ~ a year of choice~

2009 ~ a year of choice~
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Sunday, December 28, 2008 08:01 pm


there is only one
choosing to experience itself
thru the many of itself...

that ONE
is ME

I AM calling myself home

home to that which I AM
pure love

all of \"you\"
are me...

each is being awakened
in its perfect moment

there are none who are above
or below
this one who i write thru
is not above you
she is simply you
extending a seed of remembrance
into your soul...

now is the time I have spoken of
for eon\'s
it is truly a grand time
yet, for each one of me
it is your free will
your choice
as to how you will experience
this next year, 2009

it will be a year of choice...
you will have clearly a choice
to choose for love or fear...

you will choose to either turn
of the t.v. or turn on music
that soothes the soul..

you will choose to believe
that some outside force
will take things away from you
you will choose the only source...
your SELF
to bring your every need

you will choose to walk in peace
or to react in fear...

2009 is a year of choice
and why???

for every choice for love
every choice for peace
will create a world born
of those very thoughts...

i am gathering my sheep...
i am asking you to remember
who you are...
the two worlds are separating...
the world born of fear
and that born of love

you are free to choose
your world...

i am simply watering your heart
with the remembrance of
why you came in this
now moment...

you came
to use your power
to choose for the real world
the world of love

not to dismiss the world
born of fear
but to choose

~to choose differently~

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