2008: Project Lucifer to Ignite Cosmic Chaos

2008: Project Lucifer to Ignite Cosmic Chaos
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Juan Loco
Sunday, July 10, 2005 02:56 am

How many Lucifer Projects are there? In September of 2003 NASA, the private spaceflight agency funded by the public, sent its Plutonium-laden Galileo probe into Jupiter. Now they\'re gonna send their Cassini craft into Saturn.


Apparently in the hope they might inititiate an ignition of Saturn into a second sun and simultaneously cause Titan to be a livable planet. If successful, Earth should be sprayed with hot hydrogen a few months after the July 2008 detonation at Saturn\'s poles. Survivors should emerge from undeground bunkers. Unsubstantiated rumor once had it that the 2008 date was moved forward to 2005.

If 2008 is yet the date of this insane experiment, Projct Lucifer might be thwarted by another largely unknown cosmic event. What is it?

Su Amigo, Juan Loco