2008 Fall Equinox: September 22, 2008 through Barbara Hand Clow *LINK* *PIC*

2008 Fall Equinox: September 22, 2008 through Barbara Hand Clow *LINK* *PIC*
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Zany Mystic
Friday, September 19, 2008 11:19 pm

Barbara Hand Clow
2008 Fall Equinox: September 22, 2008 / View Chart

The Fall Equinox has arrived, the time to balance and harvest your Spring Equinox intentions, which have been maturing throughout the summer. If you have been carefully nurturing these new creations for the last six months, you can easily balance them now, which will unleash their potency.

Each one of us has come to Earth to create something special, and the most effective way to manifest our gifts is to synchronize them with the seasons; I call this process Goddess Alchemy, and it is based on ancient knowledge. New facets of your personal life\'s work emerge naturally in the spring; they become full and whole in the summer; and then you can harmonize these new potentialities with the flow of creation in the collective field during fall. So, take a moment to reflect on your spring 2008 intentions. Review them to assess how they\'ve been working out this summer. Consider dropping something or affirming something more strongly, since this fall period is very promising for the creativity of each person on the planet. The collective field is going to be very chaotic, thus working out a personal harmony within it will be quite challenging.

If you recall, the theme of the New Moon in Virgo on August 30 was to balance your self. During the Fall Equinox, the theme is to ascertain the true nature of your own personal balancing process, which has already been progressing for two to three weeks. Then, you may want to imagine how your process might contribute to the collective field, which is incredibly chaotic. It is going to intensify even more, and your personal creation is what may keep you afloat in the rising waters. It is not an exaggeration to say that during this past summer, the US lost the possibility of becoming the global empire, even though many people still believe that the US must lead the \"free\" world. However, now even the financial markets are reflecting the great loss of American power. How does this power shift affect your world, especially since many of you are Americans? The US presidential election is going to be filled with lies and distortions, because it is unspeakable to discuss the fall of \"America as Empire.\" Meanwhile there will be little attention to the country\'s significant problems; this election will not be educational. So, like being a child in a house where the parents have gone crazy, you have to wake up and figure out how to play your chosen role.

Actually this is the ideal scenario for real growth by means of intentional integrity as we all prepare to enter the Sixth Day of the Galactic Underworld (1999-2011) on November 12. [See The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind by Clow and The Mayan Calendar: Transformation of Consciousness by Calleman.] Day Six of the Galactic is when we are slated to flower-which in this case means blossoming into a new spirituality and world peace, while the old ways of the Planetary and National Underworlds finally pass away. As many readers know, we began the Fourth World of the Galactic Underworld on August 15. Within my analysis of the summer New Moons, I offered a deep tracking of the movements toward peace. The latest news on this front is that it looks like peace is blossoming right in Jenin, Israel\'s West Bank. As I said in The Mayan Code and in my column all summer, if there is any hope for peace, it must come from Israel/Palestine, the vortex region of the National Underworld religions.

Tucked away from the eyes of the West, a quiet revolution has been stirring in Jenin: Israelis and Palestinians have been working to create a new kind of security model that will be used all over the Palestinian lands. Participants comment that there are two kinds of peace-one from \'the top down\' that is a piece of paper that doesn\'t hold up, and the other from \'the bottom up\' to be created by the people who know that Israelis and Arabs have a choice of living forever in bunkers or finally making peace. According to a September 12 article in the New York Times, this process seems to be successfully moving toward the creation of a Palestinian state to function along with the Israeli state. My personal Mayan Calendar hypothesis, based on Calleman\'s dissection of the Fourth World of the Galactic, seems to be fundamentally correct; I believe the Jenin model will bear fruit during Day Six when we will see East/West tensions finally begin to abate.

So, how are you coming along with peace and harmony? What kind of progress did you make from August 30 up to the first quarter Moon around September 7 when Jupiter and Pluto went direct? If you felt intensely agitated from September 7 to 11, don\'t fault yourself, since the simultaneous forward directions of Jupiter and Pluto were about as strong as I\'ve ever seen. And, Mars squared Jupiter while it was turning direct, so even tiny little steps forward that you made are going to mean a lot. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the financial markets were unraveling because the severe lack of integrity in the market systems is being exposed and cleaned up. Uranus has turned out to be the key to the financial markets, and I am not happy with my interpretation of Uranus in the last New Moon report. So, before we get into the Fall Equinox, I\'d like to have a closer look at Uranus during this time. This is especially needed because now we are going into the orb of the Saturn/Uranus oppositions. Remember, the first one is November 4, 2008, the day of the US election!

During the August 30 New Moon, Uranus was unaspected (I do not use asteroids and minor aspects). The New Moon occurred right in the middle of the Republican Convention and Hurricane Gustav, so when I posted the analysis, I didn\'t know what was going to happen regarding such influential events. Also, there is not much astrological literature on unaspected planets during new moons, and so I didn\'t know what to think. Now I see that a new moon with an unaspected planet, such as Uranus in Pisces, can function like a jester in a crowd who confuses everything that is going on in the general scene. From the New Moon through the Full Moon on September 15, it seemed like somebody grabbed all the marbles, cards, and poker chips-and just threw them in the air.

Suddenly people were confronted with a very odd, irresponsible, hypnotic, and dizzying choice for vice president-Sarah Palin-while Gustav mowed into southern Louisiana and beyond like a plodding lawn mower. Then, two days after Hurricane Ike plowed into Galveston and Houston, the Full Moon conjuncted Uranus on September 15-and Lehman Brothers went bankrupt, Bank of America bought Merrill Lynch, and the stock market fell more than 500 points. THAT is what happens when an unaspected Uranus at the New Moon builds up to a conjunction to the Full Moon! And, THAT is a clear forecast for the qualities of the collective field during the whole fall. In the midst of all this, if you are open to a specific suggestion, one way to feel harmonious about the American election would be to support the candidates who favor your view of what to create now, while you assiduously avoid supporting somebody just because you identify with their lifestyle.

Now, turn your attention to the chart for the Fall Equinox 2008. As the Sun moves into Libra, it is closely squared by Pluto on the Galactic Center in late Sagittarius. The Moon in 6 Cancer is in a wide opposition to Pluto that is pulled by the Sun into a significant T-Square-Pluto opposite the Moon squared by the equinox Sun. This means that during the fall the public will be agitated about their security and homes (Moon in Cancer square the equinox Sun), and these deep needs will feel like a quest, a desire for a better life (Pluto in Sagittarius). Because this is the last pass of Pluto over the Galactic Center, the security desires and personal needs of the people are great, yet many will feel inspired by a much larger reality. We may witness a building revolution this fall composed of people fighting homelessness in a world in which the rich are building their assets aided by generous government support. Luckily, with earthy Saturn in Virgo trining Jupiter in Capricorn, balance can be found in the middle of the building wave of anger and frustration.

With Mars/Mercury/Venus in Libra trining Neptune in Aquarius, each person\'s contribution is so important at this time. This musical trine of three planets in Air is idealistic, spiritual, and transformative; you will feel new possibilities as the National and Planetary Underworld structures crumble. A public wave of disgust will build and build when the globally-watched elections in the US avoid the issues and obsess on trivialities. The formative Saturn trine Jupiter in Earth will cause many to see through this media circus. Even Carl Rove said the politicking is going too far!

Uranus is a player in this smooth trine because Uranus quincunxes Mars/Mercury/Venus in Libra, meaning there will be many surprises during the fall. Saturn in Virgo is now in orb to its 2008-2010 oppositions to Uranus in Pisces, and increasingly this tension will dominate the collective field. During the previous Saturn/Uranus oppositions in 1965-66, the planets were in reverse signs (Saturn in Pisces/Uranus in Virgo), and Pluto was in Virgo close to Uranus. That is, Saturn opposed Uranus-conjunct-Pluto during the wild and crazy sixties, and now Pluto has made it all the way to the Galactic Center. Back then the struggle was to break down the establishment, and this time the struggle will be to transform structures by infusing them with higher ideals.

The key to the nature of the upcoming Saturn/Uranus oppositions is to be found in their previous conjunctions in 1988. Saturn and Uranus were in orb during 1987, the year of the fabled Harmonic Convergence, and then they conjuncted three times in 1988 right on the Galactic Center. The Saturn/Uranus oppositions of 2008-10 just after Pluto\'s transit of the Galactic Center will be the full-blown expression of the 1988 conjunctions. The late 1960s was a very idealistic and spiritual time, and that vibration will return like a tsunami during the upcoming Saturn/Uranus oppositions. The first public interest in the Mayan calendar came forth during the 1988 Saturn/Uranus conjunctions on the Galactic Center amidst the global Harmonic Convergence celebrations inspired by Jose Arguelles and The Mayan Factor, and now we have the correct hypothesis of the meaning of this Calendar.

The Saturn/Uranus conjunctions in 1987-88 awakened the Galactic mind of the Maya, and now the upcoming oppositions during the end of the Calendar will cause the public to wake up. How? The public will realize that the Maya understood the evolutionary factor itself, which they tracked by time acceleration in the Calendar; we are transiting from the Mayan \"factor\" to the Mayan \"code.\" Transits to the Galactic Center are the master key into the evolutionary code. Thus, Uranus in Pisces is inspiring the full spiritual transformation of humanity, and now Saturn\'s opposition in Virgo will implant this transformation into the structures of Earth. The earth element is going to bring down galactic consciousness into humanity as this epic unfolds in the sky.

Returning to the chart, newly direct Jupiter in Capricorn trines Saturn in Virgo, so the new awakening of humanity is practical and grounded. This awakening can be counted on no matter how shrill is the noise in the collective field, which is filled up with screaming people who don\'t have the program yet! Chiron in Aquarius continues to travel on the lunar North Node with Neptune close by, and so this great evolutionary shift is very healing. Chiron on the North Node is needed because we experience great shifts in brain lateralization (right and left brain) during evolutionary critical leaps, such as from now through 2011. Chiron is the root word of \"chirality\", which is the left/right balance in our bodies at the cellular level, which makes it possible to evolve. Actually, Chiron is the jester, not Uranus, but the collective field is so crazy that it feels like Uranus is in control.

Lastly, we have to question whether the US will be so dominant in the global collective mind this fall while the American elections proceed. Alas, the craziness in the US will still be over-influencing the global mind because the Moon in Cancer in the Fall Equinox chart is right on the 1776 USA Jupiter/Venus in Cancer. So, the emotions in the US will sway the planetary field whether anybody likes it or not. Meanwhile, the changes we are experiencing are so much greater than politics, so seek a higher and more meaningful balance this fall. The divine plan is unfolding and we are evolving to the next level-homo pacem (peaceful human)-regardless of politics. We are evolving into the great spiritual beings that the Maya knew would arrive now during the ninth stage of evolution, the Universal Underworld during 2011.

Be sure to tune in next week for the Libra New Moon on September 29!