2007 Crop Circles - the Zetas Explain! *LINK* *PIC*

2007 Crop Circles - the Zetas Explain! *LINK* *PIC*
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Nancy Lieder
Friday, June 15, 2007 06:43 am

ZetaTalk: 2007 Crop Circles, written Jun 12, 2007.

Winterbourne May 23, 2007

Most of the legitimate circles laid this season are reflecting the quiesent period of late, the last couple months, while the Earth is attempting to align with Planet X in a type of side-by-side arrangement during his 270° roll, and thus not jerking back and forth in an attempt to align magnetically with the Sun. We have explained that this is temporary, a return to the wobble and lurch and a lean to the left to start, with a vengeance. Imagine Earth in the center of this Winterbourne circle, being battered back and forth between two opposing magnetic fields! The Sun is dominant, with its N Pole pole pointing up. Planet X is next dominant, and will be pointing its N Pole out. The poor Earth, who swings her N and S poles around daily to present to the Sun and Planet X, will attempt to please both masters. If you thought the wobble was extreme before, just wait! What will this mean for the plates, which have been loosened up, rock fingers along the edges broken off, so they are slippery. More quakes, larger quakes, more distance during each movement, and the stretch zones pulled upon hard. The New Madrid, already showing stress, will not hold out much longer.

Yatesbury May 30, 2007

What is immediately noticed is that this is not a hoax, as the circular lines are too precise, in a barley field, too narrow to allow for correction in a manmade circle. The second immediate observation is that this circle is an oddity, compared to prior circles. Spirals have existed, but the placement of circles like beads along the spiral is new. Where the spiral outward is regular, the placement of beads seems to have no pattern. We would point to another recent circle at Winterbourne showing the jaring, rattling effect that competing magnetic fields will have on the Earth, soon. We have long warned that the lean to the left, leading into the 3 days of darkness, would be a time of great change on Earth. We have stated that there will be Earth changes we have not detailed, deliberately, so as to knock the establishment off its equilibrium so that the coverup might crack and the common man become aware of that which the establishment has been hiding from them. What does this crop circle tell man, about the next events to unfold? That they will be increasing in severity, thus the number of beads as the spiral unfolds. That the Earth wobble will surely get worse, and be accompanied by events that will happen irregularly. That these events will have no discernable pattern that the establishment can use to plan their path.

Eastfield Jun 3, 2007

If Yatesbury was telling you that the Earth can anticipate increasing but irregular and unpredictable events, this Eastfield circle is relating the annual cycles to the Magnetic Trimesters. As we have explained, the magnetic particle flows assaulting the solar system are strongest during May-Aug, weakest during Sep-Dec, and fairly quiescent from Jan-Apr. Thus, the active period is now. As we have explained, magnetic alignments during the strongest trimester are most intense, and more violent. At present the Earth is attempting to align side-by-side with Planet X as it is pointing it\'s N Pole increasingly outward, away from the Sun. This is causing a slight lean to the right, the sun rising and setting too far to the North. At present, this has been a quiet period, as the Earth has not been lurching back and forth, attempting to align alternately with the Sun and Planet X, during this time. There are two factors that will end this quiet period. One is the steady progress of Planet X in her 270° roll, pointing his N Pole more directly at Earth and with a simultaneous rise to the Ecliptic where he will stand directly between the Earth and the Sun. The second factor is the end of the current Magnetic Trimester, which has Earth and Planet X glued more closely together, less lurching about for Earth. The lurch will return.

Abbots Down Jun 6, 2007

Night and day are clearly depicted in Abbots Down. But note that there is no tilt of the Earth present! We have described the Lean to the Left as a point where the Earth will be basked evenly, in the Sun. At this point, when the Earth is falling on her side, there will be no doubt that Global Warming is not the cause of the weather irregularities, no doubt that solar emissions are the cause of a warming Earth or electromagnetic surge on Earth, as neither would cause such a phenomena! Rotation would continue, but the Sun would be rising and setting at a radically different place, worldwide. This crop circle, so simplistic in its presentation, is most direct. What else could it be representing, but a time when the tilt of the Earth were non-existant! And as man presumes his tilt to be an ever present feature of life on Earth, what would cause such a situation! Thus, this simple crop circle is designed to get those who view it thinking, at least subconsciously, about what might be tugging on the Earth, and to start to glance up at the rising and setting Sun, for verification that all is still normal. Of course, it is not normal, and this will increasingly be noticed.

Milkhill Jun 7, 2007

Here again, the Magnetic Trimesters are depicted, showing an extreme during one trimester. One trimester is shown as weighted with a double weight, in fact, or certainly outside of what is expected as the other two trimesters are shown as equal. What will occur, during the dance going into the 3 Days of Darkness? If the pole shift itself is the culmination, it is preceeded by a slowing rotation, and a stopped rotation that will last almost 6 days. But by the time the stunned inhabitants of Earth must endure this horror, they have already been around the dance floor and are numb with the gyrations the Earth will endure. The Lean to the Left happens over a period of time, which we decline to define, and is not a lineal affair nor one where the lean is the only phenomena going on. Then the N Pole of Earth slides away to point into darkness, point away from the Sun and Planet X which lies on a line between the Earth and Sun. In her desire to get her N Pole away from the magnetic influence of Planet X, who is pointing his N Pole directly at Earth at this time, Earth over compensates and almost stands upside down for 6 days, which Islamic literature describes as 6 days of sunrise West. Then straightens back up for a side by side alignment with Planet X who by this point has likewise straightened up, North up, South down. Milkhill is stating that these dramatic changes will take place in the main during a single trimester. For those looking for clues as to timing, for when to go to safe locations, a strong Lean to the Left is the clue. At this point, clinging to your old life, paying your bills and showing up for work, is no longer relevant!