2007 is 2012 - the solstice begins the high holy days

2007 is 2012 - the solstice begins the high holy days
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Zany Mystic
Saturday, December 22, 2007 01:49 am

Will the REAL 2012 please stand up?!

This intriguing message was posted to the Kryon Group by Alorah Sky. The links are very interesting, and present another view of this event. It seems very plausible; especially since I\'ve always thought that 2012 is a misleading date, not \"the right\" one. Both links are \"thought provoking\".


2007 is 2012 - the solstice begins the high holy days

Hello dear family,

First happy winter solstice. Hang onto your hats as much change will
be ushered in before years end. This is a solstice to focus on love
and all of the qualities of the Light of Spirit. Let go and forgive
all trespasses for the time is NOW.

Regarding 2012:

Here are two websites that discuss this in further. For myself, I
have always believed the calender was wrong and that it was off by 5-7
years. The biggest proof is that the alignments prophesied for 2012
do not happen in our calender 2012, but are happening right now, or
within the next few days.

If you think about it, humanity is by far inherently lazy, not wanting
to take action until they absolutely must. Knowing this, why would
the controllers be honest about the dates of the astrological
alignments which will propel the world through great change? This is
the time of CHOICE and INTENT. If most of the world is thinking that
the calender year 2012 has not yet arrived, the temptation is to put
off giving Intent 100 percent to shift towards the new paradigms and
archetypes. By having a calendar off 5 years, and knowing humanities
procrastination, how better to take your control into the new 26,000
year cycle and trap billions of people within 3D overlays?

The high holy days begin today - tomorrow on the other side of the
world. Please go deep into your own I AM, and make your choice to
ascend and to shift NOW. These high holy days last through January
6th/7th, 2008

May we each be blessed with love, good health, good fortune and
abundant supply,