2 Weeks Later

2 Weeks Later
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Saturday, March 15, 2008 12:46 pm

Well, a good friend of mine jumped on the \'Run From The Cure\' video, took a bunch of crappy, old outdoor cannabis he had in his freezer and made up some cannabis oil. No he didn\'t use the terrible method shown in the video (Don\'t try that at home!), he used a still to be safe.
He\'s an old hand logger and has had aches and pains for decades, GONE! And now that he is used to it, he doesn\'t get \'high\'. Two friends of his whom are wintering at his home went through DT\'s, with little pain, by stopping their 40 oz\'er a day habit (each). But the best is...
The two ex-drunks have a blue heeler whom had a cancerous lump on it\'s hind leg, it has SHRUNK IN HALF in two weeks! They are not using any other meds on the poor pup. Now we\'ll wait another two weeks and see what\'s up then. The dog is smart enough to eat his little dollop of the oil without the need to mask its flavour. Seems he knows what\'s good for him.