2 Nights Out

2 Nights Out
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Saturday, December 13, 2008 12:18 pm

While I find it increasingly difficult to actually do much \'out there\', besides putter in my garden and go \'up mountain\' for wildcrafting I did actually go out twice this week.

The first time I went out was to our local Legion for our houses curry night...those old Brits simply gobble up plates of the stuff. No one seemed or expressed worry over the situation in Ottawa. Perhaps we are simply too remote to give a flying you-know-what?

Last night I went to a tapas, Solstice party (yummm, slow braised wild boar \'sloppy joe\'s\'...yummm) and the \'edge\' was a bit \'brighter. Most of the people I know have pulled everything they have out of banks and into metals, excepting those whom still need to interface with Babylon. The image I left with (after several homemade coffee infused vodkas...) was \'wheel barrles full of money for a loaf of bread.

Which side is correct in all of this?
To be honest...Canuck troops would have a hard time taking over Bloomington Indiana let alone securing Indiana itself. Now, American troops coming to Canada...they would be there ostensibly to guard the oilfields I suppose.

I don\'t know what\'s up, the alternative media in Canada has been so focused on American politics they made the same mistake as me...I know far, far more about American politics and the American political cystem than I know about my own! C\'est la vie.