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Monday, March 16, 2009 06:45 pm

Hogue: 2 0 0 9 PREDICTIONS The first full Year in the New Age of Aquarius


n 2009, humanity enters for the first time a subtle atmosphere of destiny no longer inclined towards the influence of the preceding 20 centuries of the Piscean Age. A new paradigm inches forward, slowly, often painfully towards new and unfamiliar times, to awaken emergent consciousness.

If you look deep inside your hearts you will feel the world is quickening now towards a new season of uncharted destiny. It comes like a deep and often unconscious urge arising in hearts to renew intent much like one intuits the subtle first stirrings of a new season. Sometimes you can feel a new season of History coming on like one can sometimes sense rather than actually \"see\" the light change in high hot days of August foreshadowing the arrival of autumn. Or, a new age comes at you like the intuition of a waxing sunlight ever so slightly glowing anew in the gloomy days following the Winter Solstice. The apparent exhales obvious signs much later, but to sensitive insight will press the first soft and timid dawning of a new age in 2009.
2009 is the first year in over 20 approaching centuries when the hidden and unfamiliar collective conscious and unconscious influences of the new Aquarian Age have an influential edge on the elapsing Piscean past.

Barack Obama
In this first year inclined to the advantage of the Aquarian Age, belief is so Piscean old-age fashioned. The new US President Barack Obama and the rest of us will have to find a novel qualifier to upgrade his slogan, Change we can Believe In. For in the times of 2009, change will be something not to believe in but a Change we can and must become.

. We will swim in 2009 down rapids of breathtaking historic changes:
China\'s economic ascendancy will be in crisis and they may build a Great China Wall of a subtler sort to stop it.
2. We could experience an end to the last lingering totalitarian regimes from the Cold War in North Korea and Cuba whilst a revived Cold War between Russia and America deepens.
oil crisis

3. There will be the beginning of an oil industry crisis bringing on three decades of fossil fuel detox withdrawal for human civilization.
Is 2009 the first year of the so-called Post Abundance Age, where cheap oil has peaked and energy sources forever grow scarcer to find?
Or rather, will crisis galvanize genius to shift us away from one withering abundance to something original and an as of yet taken-for-granted energy source?

Can we in 2009 audaciously hope that after all the false flags of weapons of mass destruction mongering, US invasion, a quagmire of years of occupation, Iraq in consequence of the overthrow of Saddam Hussein just might make it as a fledgling democracy?

Is the roadmap to Israeli Palestinian peace falling to pieces, or has the recent conflict in Gaza galvanized it again?
global warming

4. 2009 will bring climate tipping points of no return despite the historic snow and ice storms that blanketed the final month of 2008.

Is global warming real?
The Bush era ends with a major shift in America\'s political course, but shifting where? To the left? To the socialist (national or international)?
The free market feeling is gone but are we entering an era of capitalism by government command?
5. 2009 will be the year that saw the beginning of the end of America as a financial superpower.

Has America only to recreate its greatness again in 2009?

Can there be withdrawal from Iraq, or Afghanistan? Will Bush\'s blunder evolve into Obama\'s tar pit of military quagmires?

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