$13 Billion a day in false trades in the US stock markets (FACT) *LINK*

$13 Billion a day in false trades in the US stock markets (FACT) *LINK*
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Sunday, July 13, 2008 04:06 pm

New interview with Bud Burrell

By: AlanC
13 Jul 2008, 06:48 AM EDT
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*NEW Bud Burrell interview mentions CMKX
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New interview with Bud Burrell


Last few minutes mentions cmkx. \"no fewer than three federal criminal confidential informants involved in the deal before the stock started trading.

*From 6 Billion per day Fails to deliver is now Over 13 billion a day.

*There is More Naked Short shares in the market than there is Outstanding Shares.

*Fed Reserve stated recently there was 1.8 trillion in bonds that were Failures to deliver.

*To Launder money intentionally and to evade taxes offshore. A systemic attack.

*Gary Aguirre in the process of negotiating settlements with the government.

*Europe went from 13 days to 3 days to settle Fails to deliver. That has not happened in the US

*A Major case in April of 09 will win.

*American people are asleep at the wheel in this crisis.

*SUN Micro and Oracle were Naked Shorted offshore destroying there market share.

*Electronic settlement process enabled the counterfeiting of shares called Dematerialization.

*Markets in the USA are corrupt top to bottom, front to back.

*Jim Cramer described manipulative techniques he used to paint the tape, then he would tell journalists about it and later was subpoenad for it.

*Encourages everyone to read the decapture website. It names names of journalists that helped hedge fund shorts to profit.

*Paid Bashers paid for the # of posts they would post. The bashers are still in operation while Elgindy is in prison.

*Senator Bennet gave a speech about Naked Shorts being understated. Ex-Clearing not being stated.

*Mortgage CDO scandel dwarfs the bond scandals. Systemic risk has caused this.

*Global Economic meltdown because of the current Real Estate market.

*The Bailout of Billions for JP Morgan to buy Bear Stearns is coming out of the pockets of the American people.