1. The Magisterial Mission - The Incarnation of Monjoronson *LINK*

1. The Magisterial Mission - The Incarnation of Monjoronson *LINK*
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1. The Magisterial Mission - The Incarnation of Monjoronson

Urantia’s First Magisterial Son


Our earth, called Urantia by the universe, has no memory of other incarnated Sons before the bestowal of Jesus two thousand years ago. It was Jesus then who worked the crowds to have them hear his call to know the Father, and now comes his Brother, Monjoronson for human eyes to see and a human voice to call the people to their Father once again. Jesus and Monjoronson call us back to our spiritual roots, to our beginnings of purpose as living creatures of the Creator-Father, and in this, their missions are the same. However, time changes man, and therefore, time changes the divine missions too. Jesus represents a recent past step toward our planetary and human destinies while Monjoronson brings with him the newer plans toward some of the very same goals restated for the modern era. Bestowals, incarnations, magisterial missions, and other ways, are the processes God uses of making direct contact with the people who have signaled they are ready for a change.

Jesus and The Magisterial Mission

Two thousand years ago, the Creator Son incarnated upon our planet as the man from Nazareth, Joshua Ben Joseph, who lived the life of the average human of the time. The Creator Son, as the incarnated Jesus, wished to learn and know, to actually experience, the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual life as it was then lived on Urantia. His earth life was as the son of man, followed by the second phase as the Son of God, teaching and revealing man to God and God to man as it never had been done before.

Today, two thousand or so years later, Jesus has asked his spiritual Brother to incarnate to take up the work where he, Jesus left it. Jesus said that in his work, whoever has seen a Creator Son has seen the Father. When a Magisterial Son incarnates, whoever sees a Magisterial Son has seen the Eternal Son. Jesus was and is a Creator Son with full sovereignty over his universe of which we are part, while a Magisterial Son works under his direction, not so much to achieve the knowledge of what man is like– that he does do– but to adjudicate earth and re-assign the spiritual personnel working on a planet to their new duties as the dispensation changes.

Jesus, before he left our planet, asked Gabriel, his chief executive, to call a planetary wide dispensation to bring the sleeping survivors to the halls of justice. Monjoronson will begin his mission on Urantia by calling for another dispensation, but this time he not only calls home the sleeping survivors of an age, but he calls all Urantia to justice, the planet itself along with the living.

Jesus resurrected the planet from the blackness of rebellion, and now Monjoronson will cleanse her of the evil done for so many years. They are different actions each taken in their time of necessity.

The adjudication of Urantia by Monjoronson is not to be wrathful but done with forgiveness and mercy for all. His mission is one of divine mercy outpouring over the earth to bring correction to all of our social and cultural institutions which have run afoul of the divine plan due to the rebellion. Likewise, his mission is for each person, capable of responding to the call of the Son, who will be asked to show mercy and forgiveness to his brother for whatever cause. When man sincerely enters into communion with the Father and the Son to forgive as he is forgiven, there enters a new phase of life quite free of the vicissitudes of anger and judgment. Such is the spirit of the new age to come.

Monjoronson’s Relationship To The Second Coming

The Creator Son as Jesus has reaffirmed that he shall return. This is a unique promise that is altogether different from the coming and going of other divine actions on the behalf of our planet. Jesus, as Michael of Nebadon, the Father’s Creator Son, always watches his bestowal planet with the most keen interest and never stops acting to provide this world all that it can assimilate for its benefit. The Creator Son has seen to it that our sphere and its people receive new revelation and new teachings with as much information as he may, with wisdom, supply.

His revelation continues to stream in to us through various divine and human means, such as by The Urantia Book and the means of its activation through various modern programs that include the Teaching Mission. It is through the Teaching Mission that Michael of Nebadon, the one-time incarnated Jesus, spoke of those last dark moments of leaving his mortal life with these words to a Sarasota Florida group on April 5th of 1992:

“I wish to erase that moment in time, to have it replaced by the inexplicable joy that always is the Father\'s Plan. It is not for you to shed any more tears over the event of two thousand years ago. It is over. It is done. My return is to ease the hearts of men of the burden he has felt because of the free will of men of that day. It was never my Father\'s plan to see such suffering occur for myself or for his people. It is a burden that has been carried long enough.

“With great joy I return, no longer for anyone on Urantia, or in our Universe . . . . I wish the crucifixion no longer to be popularized with the memories of such grief. I have let it go. You, too, will let this go. (here the transmitters voice shows much feeling, and gets very soft)

“All of you will let this go. Together we shall reign in Light and Life. I say we reign, because it is to the hearts of men and women, that the Father Himself shall speak to and be, forever more. No more shall the sadness that has encompassed the life of Urantia be known. You shall experience the inexplicable joy with the current events and will no longer waste any more time or energy in yesterdays. Thank you.”

In many ways Jesus never left us for the spirit of the Creator Son continues to embrace each and every one of us. But Jesus also spoke of his literal second coming too, and while unprecedented for a Creator Son to do this, it will be done in accordance with his mandates to Monjoronson that he shall be centered upon a world ready for Jesus’ appearance any day, any time.

Recognition of Monjoronson & The Father’s Voice

Most individuals will be concerned about recognizing the Magisterial Son. How does one verify the presence of a divine Son and affirm to one’s own spiritual center that indeed, that He, who stands before us, is Monjoronson a Paradise Son?

The explanation in words appears complex, but there are only a few ways that a human can know the truth of any representation of a fact to be experienced. Jesus as the Creator Son prepared the human mind to better recognize and know the truth through the endowment of the mind with his Spirit of Truth. Human intellect is helped by this spiritual prompt to align the facts with the spiritual knowing of the indwelling of the Father in every normal mind on earth.

Few are aware of how they may know the truth of a certainty through the process of aligning the human will (the power to choose for the self), with the existing will and knowledge of the all-seeing Father. Man’s mind receives the Father’s spirit somewhere, on average between the age of five and six, and it is this spiritual presence living in the human mind circuit that carries the verification of truth through knowing to be transferred to the decision centers of the mind.

When on earth, Jesus was indwelt by the spirit of the Father known in modern times as the Thought Adjuster. Each person has his or her own Thought Adjuster which stands guard at the gate to affirm the validity of conscious experience and to protect the mind from abuse if allowed to do its work. The Thought Adjuster is the Father’s voice in time and he may speak clearly to the mind as one may hear a voice on the other end of a telephone conversation speaking. Jesus heard this voice of the Father to him and often went to the Indwelling for advice and companionship during the ordeal of those days in Palestine.

All Sons of God who incarnate on a human planet receive the gift of the Thought Adjuster. Monjoronson receives the Father Adjuster the moment he touches the earth with the feet of clay of man. Thus the Father is present in the Giver as well as in the Receiver, God to man respectively, to give advice and council to both. Monjoronson depends to some extent on the ability of man to hear his own Thought Adjuster to translate his good wishes into the language of understanding to each person alive now and in the future.

While each Thought Adjuster shares the nature of the Father and are uniform in many other ways, their experience with man and God allows them to differentiate their behavior in accordance with their mandate to spiritualize the mind of man through service. Each person may then accordingly offer his service to Jesus and Monjoronson with the assurance that God shall benefit from the work volunteered when the divine will of the Thought Adjuster and the human will are one in their sincerity to serve. In each and every action on Urantia, the Father is there whether through the eyes of the divine Son or through the decision and choice of the creature faith son, the Father indwelt men and women of Urantia.

Recognition of Monjoronson comes from the attunement of man’s mind with the mind of God in the Adjuster, and with the Spirit of Truth which attests to such sure knowledge, and to the eventual trust of Monjoronson through personal contact and observation of his works. No authority on earth, outside of man’s own internal review and spiritual acknowledgment of the truth of Monjoronson, may better assure the individual that He is a Son of God. Upon this bedrock of the Father’s presence in all is built the mission of the divine Sons to succeed with their intention to move us all onto the path of the golden ages of a social and spiritual renaissance.

Possible Repercussions of The Magisterial Mission

We would need the vision of hindsight– what it is like after Monjoronson finishes his mission– to write an authoritative history of the era. Obviously that is not possible and so it is that we relate what is likely to happen in certain areas of human activity with the proviso that we are guessing about some of the outcome of this mission.

The Magisterial Mission, just as in the mission of Jesus, requires the presence of a cooperating mankind to improve the world. The Magisterial Mission is not only dependent on the Father through the indwelling of man to be understood, but the mission itself requires man wanting to be spiritually uplifted, and the desire of justice for all to ameliorate the unfair burdens of an imperfect social and political system. These are real goals and they are to be undertaken by Monjoronson with the help of man.

Spheres that harbor the life of humanity are all evolutionary in nature. Nothing is in place to stay unless a previous step has been taken that let the present situation become the norm. Monjoronson has no magic wand to wave to make all things new and must work within the existing framework that nature and man has evolved. Revelation may suggest what works better, but unless man himself wishes to adopt the better ways, not even God will force the change before its evolutionary time has come. A Magisterial Mission may change the programs designed for achievement in the new age, re-assign the spiritual personnel, judge the sleeping and the living, demonstrate the values of spirit, and open centers of education, but none of this is of a lasting accomplishment unless man takes action to want it, adopt it, and to live it.

When Jesus left the world, his work spread throughout the Mediterranean basin and eventually the rest of the world. His teachings met receptive minds nearly everywhere and religions sprang up to preserve what they thought he meant to teach. Monjoronson must do the same thing. He must find the receptive minds of the world and then teach the ideal of Jesus as well as the spiritual values not yet embraced by the mind and will of mankind. Jesus did his teaching with the twelve apostles to the localized cities of Judea and beyond. Monjoronson has the benefit of man’s progress in communication evolved from the days of Jesus and he will use them in accordance with his need to be known.

Monjoronson organizes his mission to make the largest impact with the fewest divine personages as required and will let man do the bulk of the work of becoming known through electronic sites as you read now and through other means. The world will be divided into administrative centers with a divine Son to head each one and who will administer that area alone. The spiritual capital or headquarters of the world will be where Monjoronson lives as he rotates his visits to each administrative sector. The organization of the spiritual government may suggest to man, in the future, that the sovereignty of a national government is not vested in an ethnic or cultural group, but in the spiritual rule of the Universe Father first, and second to the world through a collection of states dedicated to the welfare of all.

The Magisterial Mission will end, perhaps in a thousand years, with the landscape most unfamiliar to the present arrangements of powerful and sovereign nation states in competition for resources and space. Just how the future may appear is anyone’s guess, but the Mission itself is designed to change human attitudes enough that the competition becomes, not for self aggrandizement, but for spiritual knowledge and social advances beyond the scope of what we now can imagine. The goal of the Mission is to enter Urantia into the first stages of what the universe calls “Light and Life”, where man has evolved under the guidance of the Magisterial Mission to pursue the values of the spiritual and has conquered his material needs with ease. Then the next phase that shall follow this Magisterial Mission will unfold to another generation who will be just as in awe of what is happening to them as we are with what the mission of Monjoronson promises today.