Conscious Thought with Leo with Magdalena Winkler

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Talk Radio Show Program

Conscious Thought with Leo

Conscious Thought with Leo with Magdalene Winkler
Show Host: 
Magdalena Winkler

"Conscious Thought with Leo"

(We wake up from unconscious  to conscious self in Leo)

Tune in and experience the following:

- Conscious thought with Leo is dedicated to personal growth and global transformation support for awakening  global community

- An information highway helping everyone expand out to reach all those who are searching

- Becoming aware of our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, behaviors and patterns, and how they impact our bodies and lifes

- Learning why we repeat cycles of patterns and how to consciously face what is not serving US

- Learning how energies within the environment impact us

- Learning to become conscious beings without blame and aware of information overload

- Waking up the passionate heart of Leo and strong sense of self with co-operation of intellect and heart for balanced living.

Talk Show Program Host

Magdalena Winkler Global Facebook Twitter LinkedIn International Wellness Net
Radio Show Host, Transformational Life Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Reiki I and II, EOL Acupressure and EOL Intuitive Enhancement Practioner

I was an owner and CEO of a health and wellness business for over 18 years, practicing massage therapy, reflexology, and energy work. I am also a co-founder of Maine Council of Reflexology, established in 1991. I served two terms as Vice President and two more as President.

My desire to understand the human mind, behavior and emotions, guided me to my own personal development and leadership seminars. I organized and helpt organize events with others and attended many as a participant for my own personal growth that opened many new doors to holistic coaching methods and facilitated classes for personal growth and development.

Today my online business is a platform for a rapidly changing world "Consciousness for a New Paradigm" as a Transformational Life Coaching. Dedicated helping others by sharing my experience and knowledge, challenges and successes. Encouraging Sunflowers Souls to become Sun-flowers, engaging in life, becoming the drivers of their own lives, moving out of victim-hood, reactionary autopilot, to be a active participant, navigating life in a direction of their own heart's desires! Love life and love your SELF and Life will love you back This is the most important part, and from here, the sky is the limit! I also use intuitive astrology to find stuck patterns that are blocking your energy.

I love to travel! I speak English, Hungarian, German, Serbo-Croatian and some Russian... this is helping me to understand more diverse culture's and International lifestyle's.

I love to learn and take educational classes for my own development and was featured by one of the classes at " The Way To Balance, LLC ": Magdalena Winkler is the first student to complete all 144 contact hours (including both in-class instruction and practicum credits) required to complete The Energy Of Life (EOL) Emotional Release Acupressure System Level I Training. This achievement has earned Magdalena the first certificate of training for this intensive, cutting edge system. The Singletons founded the EOL Acupressure System in 1999 and began offering the Level I series of workshops last year. Using 360-degree resonance from point of contact rather than the traditional linear flow pattern, the combined workshops provide a practical yet powerful and life-changing system that facilitates the release of physical and psycho-physical tension patterns such as Fear, Overwhelm, Anxiety, Back, neck and head pain; Frustration, Resentment, etc.

Magdalena is a licensed Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Reiki I and II. Combining her skills with EOL Acupressure, EOL Intuitive Enhancement and other training from The Way To Balance, LLC and elsewhere to support her clients.