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Wednesday, October 09, 2019 (All day)

I've some thoughts..."Simplify life" and "get rid of clutter"...

I have four book cases filled with stuff I never look at. These days, all my info comes from the Internet.

Don, you said it was/is going to take some significant time to transfer messages from the old board to the new one.

Effort and time costs money, right?

Why not let the old board's contents just die off?

You would know the number of times posts were looked at in "present time" versus how often people went back weeks, months later to wander through posts.

My opinion is there has not been a lot of interest in the old forum.

There were maybe half as dozen people who checked posts and no one replied...perhaps because they didn't want to offer up their email address?

Perhaps the subject of the post was of little interest?

Then again...who says people have to respond?

Would I miss anything on my book shelves? Likely not, because I can find more up to date info easily.

Why do you choose to transfer all the old posts that very few people ever checked to your new board?

If people have questions they can search on their own or simply ask questions/give opinions on the new board.

If you let the old board die off, wouldn't a weight be lifted?

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Interestingly, none of the old information can be attributed to a particular user via code (good). Words on a page are good for search engine saturation, and just may increase eyeballs (better). Our internal searches will gear around titles, not body content for placement. Search functions will base relevancy on date of content creation, to reduce exposure to outdated material, etc. (even better).. And we can now instantly do more! We can also analyze all materials for relevancy, over time, and track them into obscurity (Bulls-eye). 

I like hanging around people much smarter then me!  :-)